Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Narconon - Threat to Public Health

    New Article - November 9, 2011


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    Apparently Narconon has refused to allow investigators onto their property without being accompanied
    by their law firm lawyer! (also other expected resistance to investigations)

    I guess the battle is about to begin - - BIG TIME?

    I smell FEAR!

    I knew November and December would be contentious months. My Irish nose was twitching,.., LOL.

    I think these Human Rights Commission cases of Exploitation of the Patients, is shaking
    their scientology-narconon foundations in Canada. Like my lawyer said when he read one
    of the formal complaints, "This is brilliant!" - - with the strong "Case Precedent", which
    evidence dwarfs in comaprison to the exploitation at Narconon, I'm hanging on tight for
    this roller-coaster ride:):):) - - Geeeeze!

    Case Precedent:
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  3. nobodyshome Member

    Outstanding news David, your work and stories are the things I look forward to most. Keep up the great work and Godspeed to you and the lawyers both.
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    I am going to do something I haven't done in a very long time!

    I'm shutting off all three computers and give them a rest,..., AND I'm going to
    bed NOW,..., instead of my usual 4am or so:)

    I'm all caught up on paper work and on schedule for pending actions - - in due course:):):)

    Thanks everyone for all your support and Love.

    Good night.



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  5. Intelligence Member

    Just had a lengthy chat with investigator. Looks like same status quo stall tactics by
    scilon lawyers representing Narconon.

    Will keep increasing pressure till their bubble bursts:)

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Without revealing anything that should not be, what more can you tell us about the investigation?
    I'm dying to know who is investigating, and why. And why is Narconon able to block the investigators from visiting?
  7. Intelligence Member

    Investigators? The Quebec Human Rights Commission investigators have been investigating
    NN TR for several months now for at least five separate formal complaints. (expect more complaints - pending
    in due course from other victims.)

    NN TR has not actually blocked, but their lawyer did put a stop to a visit last Friday by the investigator. The investigator will be alloed to visit, but apparently not without NN TR's lawyer present. NN TR is also resisting handing over our patient files. Their lawyer wants to read them over first. This is just a stall and
    legal tactic that we did expect.

    NN TR has more legal problems coming their way in the near future, as well as the Montreal COS, Yvette,
    and ABLE Canada.

    Their attacks on me using their usual PR campaigns continues and the investigators see it for what it is.

    The Quebec College of Physicians has made a huge difference, following their investigations over the past
    eight months and the College is continuing to move forward on new formal complaints.

    The COS, OSA, and their "Cash-Cow" rehab, is feeling the pressure. Will the pressure increase?


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  8. Anonymous Member


    Re Ontario problem
    There is a thread under media, Scientology recruiting highschool students re an ad they posted to get kids to do their required-to-graduate 40 hours of community service at Co$ / front groups. I feel sick to my stomach and have to try to stop this.
    Do you have any dox that might help convince the Min of Ed to not allow this? They can be a very sticky bunch and will be hesitant at best, if they even manage to allow their ears to open.
    Sorry to derail, but youse the man of knowledge all things Canada!!! Goodbye Narconon!

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    Yes, I have dox to probably prevent this? Don't know who you are? PM me. I will be in Toronto on Nov 19-20th, and will be at the ORG protest. Will also be addressing issues of concern with gov agencies.

  10. Intelligence Member

    I really don't know what they justify their concern as being for giving my patient files to the Commission?

    Except for stalling and probably not wanting to be seen as 'pompus-asses' when authorities read the files:)
    They are probably going to start reading and say, WTF is this rubbish and WTF has it to do with addiction treatment,..., LOL!

    I already have some important parts of my patient file and there's nothing they can do about me being in possession of my
    own files concerning me. It's stated Under The ACT, from the Ministry of Health and Social Services:)

    So if they have shredded any of my files like they say they did with my 8 program books, they better hire a bunch
    of people and strart pasting the shredded pieces back together.

    I can't believe how dumb they can be. They disposed of my 8 NN TR program books so I couldn't do what I AM DOING
    with them. No, I never did get my books back from them, but did find ALL 8 books online in PDF Format, which is even
    better. Now I can send certain pages that incriminate them. It's so much easier than having my actual books.

    My point is, I never would have searched for the online PDF version if they would have given me my books. I would
    have just photo copied certain pages; taking me much longer and much more work:)

    I don't know what some of them are smoking, (well, yes I guess I do), LOL, but everytime they attack or resist or speak
    out against me, it turns around and bites their ASS. :):):)

    And of course their tactics only perk my Irish blood to counter with more tenacity than ever. They are very fortunate
    my Irish Dad is not still alive on this earth; he was much more tenacious than I:) - - however, he was my inspiration and mentor.

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Everyone could use an Irish dad once in a while.
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  12. N. Ron Rubber Member

    I like what I see.

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  13. jensting Member

    That's how seriously they take your privacy and doctor patient privilege! It only appears that they're covering up!!

    (pantomime mode)

    Oh, no, they wouldn't!

    Oh, yes, they would

    Tee hee

    Or find someone to blame who has conveniently left the country.
    You must have gotten some of the inspiration bit from him, because you are one yourself :)

    Take care

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  14. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ Too many colours. It can't help the content, but at least the WordPress framework saves it from looking like some raving nutter's page from the 1990s.
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  15. xenubarb Member

    You'd make him proud of you, I'm sure. Being the one guy who doesn't pussy out (Hi montalvo you gutless twat) when Scn drags out its checkbook and gag orders...he'll, I'm proud of you too!
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  16. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., who is "montalvo"?


  17. The Wrong Guy Member

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    NN TR will feel even more pressure following the Toronto protest on November 19th.

    Formal complaint to Ontario College of Physicians will be in their hands early next week.
    Same format as the one in Quebec, banning phycision from associating with NN TR.
    Only this one will much more comprehensive, with additional evidence documents.

    NN TR may have a very difficult time finding a quack to see their patients after this next
    investigation. The two Ontario scilon quacks are in our "Cross-Hairs."

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    UPDATE JUST IN:) - - November 11, Remembrance Day.

    I'll never forget this day; both for the fallen in previous Battles and for the lengthy talk
    with my lawyer a few minutes ago.

    I will be attending a meeting next week with my lawyers to review documents RE: Quebec Superior Court Motion

    &quot;Medical Malpractice - Negligence&quot; - - and NOT just against the NN TR Physician and Medical Manager who was
    recently banned from associating with NN TR because he &quot;.....was associating himself with a drug detoxification center
    administering treatment not recognized in current medical literature.....&quot;, we're going after ALL of them:):):)

    Am I HAPPY PANTS today?

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  20. Intelligence Member

    Some tasty Intell coming in about our Montreal ORG OSA Jean Lavierre. Seems he
    was in Calgary on or about 1974, reading the same book that was given to me when
    I was a patient at NN TR, &quot;Dianetics, The Evolution of a Science&quot;.

    Lots more to this^^^^^, but will not post until after Courts/Hearings:)

    Our Intell Dossiers are fattening up nicely. Keep em' coming - - our lawyers need all we can muster.

    Must get ready for day job now - - cheers:)

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  21. Intelligence Member

    $ching - $ching!!! Just received copies of documents that a government agency has sent
    to NN TR Law Firm. I guess ALL communication with NN TR goes through the Law Firm first now,..., $$$$$


    Maybe all this "Heating-UP" will melt the snow coming on Saturday and we won't have to shovel,..., LOL

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  22. humphrey Member

  23. Intelligence Member

    What - What? Snow? Yup, forecast says some snow tomorrow - - YUK!

  24. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for all the popcorn, David!
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  25. Intelligence Member

    You're most welcome. I'll be serving "sauce" (carmel), for the popcorn over the
    next two months,..., LOL.

    Will post the Superior Court Motion as soon as it is public record.:)

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  26. xenubarb Member

    O NOEZ....SNOSA!
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  27. Aurora Member

    Couldn't like this post. Not with the snow prediction in it.
  28. Intelligence Member

    My goodness govenment is certainly active today. Preparing
    a subpoena - - documents back and forth all through the day.

    Going to be another busy weekend,..., LOL:):):)

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  29. peterstorm Member

    Heenan Blaikie again?
  30. Random guy Member

    Just remember to sleep and eat, Dave!
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  31. Anonymous Member

    I love you David Love!
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Yes, Heenan and Blaikie again. Turn your Skype on tonight - - need
    to chat. TV Documentary Report is underway - - Geeeeze!

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    I had lots of sleep all this week, but all this weekened and next week is going to be
    a few all nighters. There's no friggin way I can meet the Targets and schedule without
    this next HUGE push.

    Like I said, November and December will be months like no other:):):)

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  35. Anonymous Member

    As always, anonymous is here to help in whatever way you deem appropriate.
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    What I need by Monday morning is a shit load of dox for my lawyer. I have most of them, but
    perhaps I could use a little help in compiling the Purification Rundown damages to health and Sauna deaths.

    Right now I'm going over the sticky thread one page at a time and pulling out the sauna ones only.
    Whether it was Narconon or thge COS Purif, doesn't matter. The courts will see it for what it is.

    Pete, if we could find the dox on Genoveese who died in Quebec in 2008, that would be great. Even nthe ORG where she went into the sauna. Her exact Name so my lawyer can have their investigator pursue this would be good too :)


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  37. Anonymous Member

    best forced meme ever
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  38. Intelligence Member

    NN TR Book 2 - the Sauna Purification Rundown Book is being scanned right now and will
    be sent to me shortly:):):)

    What a TEAM!!! <3

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  39. Intelligence Member

    This email just in today. Even the Police have spoken to some witnesses.
    Now I'm beginning to feel more confident in our Judicial System; it's taken
    nearly 20 months of slogging in the trenches to finally see some tangible ACTION:)

    I'm seeing the bigger picture now and I sure wouldn't want to be in our adversaries shoes.

    November is going to end with a HUGE WIN and the middle of December will be delicious:)

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  40. Intelligence Member

    My reply to their question of my willingness to settle out of Court?

    I did receive a "Thank You" reply and dates set for preparations for Hearings/Trials (government).

    I guess they have spent a generous amount of time and money on these cases and just wanted to confirm

    I'm going ALL THE WAY with them and will testify for days, weeks or months - - however long it takes:):):)

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