Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

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    It's a good thing I carry a Mini Laptop everywhere I go; with a 6GB USB Internet Stick, because
    the dox going back and forth this entire week was incredible:)

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    David Love's blood is hotter than a NN sauna right now! I just received an email from an Ex-NN TR victim.
    What a bloody mess - literally. My God, how do they get away with this crap?

    FSM's are now in my "Cross-Hairs" - - enough is enough! Should be caught up on the next few Cases by
    the end of Tuesday evening.

    Then FSM and Fake Referral Sites - - look out, justice is hovering. (Through Legal Means only)

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    For a Dear Cherished Friend who loves the "Ocean's Harvest" :):):)

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    Just got off the phone with a well know Reporter. Apparently, a famous Magazine may be publishing quite the story on all of this:)
    AND they are introducing me to a book publisher for my book:)

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    FUCKING A ! ! !
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    Just got back from picking up a copy of the Magazine of recent issue. It's like a Maclean's or whatever;
    the type that sits around for months in patient waiting rooms etc.

    Don't want any OSA Fair Gaming, so I won't name the magazine:) Interviews are underway for quite the story,..., LOL.

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    Narconon deaths:


    Pius Keel
    Paride Ella
    Giuseppe Tomba
    Jocelyne Dorfmann
    CODY BATES(criminon)
    Kaysie Dianne Werninck

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    Pius Keel, a confirmed Scientologist of 22, ended his stay at the Schliersee tragically. He got himself into deep debt for his community. After some time at Narconon he complained to his mother about the barefaced swindle. "Narconon is only about money," he said. On September 14, 1990, after less than two months at Narconon, Pius packed his bags and threw himself under a train.
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    Thanks for this ^^^^^. I'm going over to Reaching For The Tipping Point and finish off this
    file for my lawyer. They have a ton of dox over there RE: Narconon :)

    Then I'm onto the Ontario file for next weekend in Toronto. On schedule' no problem:)

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    Jocelyne Dorfmann

    The County Court of Dijon, in a judgement of January 9, 1987 (No 118-87), condemned the assistant-director of the Narconon center of Grangey-sur-Ource for lack of assistance to a person in danger. This center, created by the Church of Scientology, proposes cures of detoxication by applying the methods of Ron Hubbard, namely the "purification rundown", based mainly on several hours of sauna per day, "auditing" and a significant absorption of vitamins. In this case, the victim was a long time epileptic and had been addressed to this organization because she wished "to be released from the drugs". The center, without preliminary medical examination, placed her in a room of "weaning". However, the medical expertises showed that the death was due to "a state of epileptic seizures due to the absence of sufficient handling in its beginning and emergency treatment during the seizures." The judgement does not leave any doubt about the responsibility of the center:
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    July 11 [2008] marked the one month anniversary of the negligent and avoidable death of a well loved guy named Patrick "Rico" Desmond who died while under the supervision of Narconon of Georgia while on their rehab program. A candle light vigil service was held and video taped in front of the Church of Scientology of Georgia to recognize this terrible loss
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    CODY BATES hanged himself at the San Francisco SBDC New Life Center Criminon facility on August 27, 2008. He'd been admitted to the facility on August 24th and began detox the next day. During the first day of detox, he had been administered medication with known side effects that included suicidal ideation to help facilitate the detox. Cody's mother thought he was under medical care and asked SBDC New LIfe Staff to provide 24 hr suicide watch of Cody because of statements he made to staff indicating he might commit suicide. The staff promised to keep a watchful eye but did not follow through and Cody was found on the 27th to have committed suicide. Apparently there was no medical personnel at the facility either.

    Here is legal complaint filed by the victim's mother. I hope she sues the hell out of them:
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    From the same page. First one about NN, rest about scientology purif.

    1990, Sept. names unknown suicide
    Reported by the October 21, 1991 "DER SPIEGEL" and reprinted in the Newkirk Herald Journal. The last two paragraphs report a drug therapist who knew of two addicts who committed suicide after leaving Narconon, where the purification rundown was done. They committed suicide just after they left the program.

    1994 Jean-Luc Barbier (Swiss) medical neglect
    After my purification programme I became very sick with my throat and the C/S gave me a lot of assists without results... In fact now I cannot continue to play the saxophone and the flute and I have a chronic inflammation because I had receive no a adequate medical assistance.

    1988 Kelly (?), Patrice Vic suicide
    "The European," August, 1990 reports on a Scientology-related suicide which occured two years ago. "He had spent thousands of francs on self-improvement courses but had despaired when the Scientologists demanded a further Ffr35,000 ($7,000) for a special 'purification' course."

    1983 McCann, Terry Purification Rundown - death
    Terry McCann had his retinas detach while on the purification rundown from all the sweat outs and whatever they were putting him through. He went blind from this. He went into a depression from this and died or committed suicide.

    1983 xxxxx Purification Rundown - injury
    I nearly died on the Purif at the Boston Organization. I didn't know it at the time. I had a heat stroke in the sauna, stopped perspiring, teeth started chattering, and things kept blacking-out on me, visually. I put on all of my winter clothes and went back into the sauna (I was by myself at this point, as there was only one other guy on the Purif with me, and our schedules weren't quite the same), and I still felt freezing cold. I climbed from the basement to the second floor (lots of stairs) where the D of P told me that "the way out is the way through," and that's what came back from the CS, too. If the Admin who was supposed to see that I got back into the sauna, hadn't violated orders and forcibly pushed me into a cool shower, I might well have died, "just following orders."

    I had another heat stroke, or at least heat exhaustion (I had different symptoms, and the diagnosis varied between the two), in 1990. My last doctor suspected that I have hypothalamus damage - which can be neither tested nor treated. He checked my electrolyte reports from the last heat stroke, and he said that they didn't seem in a low enough range to have caused the damage he suspects. I've been too embarrassed to tell my doctor about the Purif heat stroke - it may be where I started having these problems - but I can't do a whole lot about it anyway.

    When I had a heat stroke on the Purif, the D of P was Jeannle Scoglio, the C/S was either Ken Serino or Rick Siegal (spelling?) at Boston Organization. The Admin who pushed me into the shower/saved my life was Rich Gerard. Otherwise, I'd have died all alone in that sauna in a lonely corner of the Boston Organization basement. I believe that all of these people are still in Scientology, and most are still at the Boston Organization, Day staff

    1977 xxxxx multiple sclerosis
    I pleaded with my seniors and the crew C/Ses for auditing to address my condition [M/S], but I was refused. Instead, two C/Ses, Russ Barrigan and David Ziff ordered me to do the purification R/D - twice. So I spent endless hours sitting in the sauna. Unfortunately, extreme heat affects people with M/S adversely and I didn't get better - I got worse. I didn't know this fact at that time, but I feel that those in charge should have known.

    ????? Roberts, John Purification Rundown
    John Roberts became comatose and died while on the purification rundown at East Grinstead.

    ????? Seffers, Van Purification Rundown - death
    Van Seffers died on the purification rundown. This is a new report since the Jan. 3 mailing that reported Van died at Flag or on his return to Europe.

    ????? Vilinsky, Phil purification rundown
    1) Phil Vilinsky died at the La Quinta in Florida. Actually during auditing, the auditor didn't know what to do. Apparently, Scientology failed to relate exactly how he died to the family; they created some sort of shore story. But, he was on the purification rundown when this happened. xxxxx is aware of this situation, and it is believed that xxxxx is aware of a lot more deaths and situations like this.

    ??? name unknown purification rundown
    A woman given the protective pseudonym "Allison" by Corydon in his book tells of almost dying on the purification rundown.

    ??? name unknown purification rundown
    A Scientologist named Christopher (last name unknown) died on this rundown. Scientology (Western Division) was reported to have quickly settled a wrongful death case with his family. An ex-GO/OSA member recently reported that he stole all the court records from Portland Oregon's 3 counties to cover up this case.

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  21. Sorry, I inadvertently and prematurely posted the above fees anonymously.

    All of these programs have no verifiable proof whatsoever of curing drug addiction.

    The above post shows the prices to become a fully functioning owner/operator 'drug counselor' for Narconon.

    It's all Scientology programming and it does NOT work for the treatment of drug addiction.

    They falsely claim over 70% success rates for this scam and charge approx. $30,000.00 payable upfront for this non-medical 'treatment' program.

    Studies have shown that over 75% of paid enrollees in the Narconon program quit or leave it before 'graduation', so in truth for every 100 participants who pay a total $3,000.000.00 (in advance/ non-refundable) to enroll in this Scientology-Narcononon program, well over $2,000,000.00 goes into Scientology/Narconon coffers for people who got absolutely nothing.

    The scope and scale of this world-wide scam is breathtaking.

    Somehow, Narconon operates as a NON-PROFIT..........

    This suit in Canada will go a long way towards ending the scam and the many abuses associated with it.
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    It's all about Money! New Scientology Expose: Sunday, November 13, 2011 - Former Scientology insiders describe
    a world of closers, prospects, crushing quotas and coercion.

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    Indeed. The Patric Vic suicide referred to above was all about the victim being made to believe that his life was forfeit if he couldn't pay for the purif.

    So, it's a case of suicide caused by hard-regging, not by medical neglect.

    That said, the original verdict in French is on

    Best Regards

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    I over looked some of this last week, but when putting it together with other data that just
    came in and the new NN Purif Thread, another "Practicing Medicine Without a Licence" submission
    will be directed and forwarded to the College of Physicians Quebec in reference to the Quebec City
    ORG First Step Program and the Purif. May as well throw in the kitchen sink too:)

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    Now we're getting VERY serious indeed.:):):)

    Just received a "Summons" to begin giving evidence for two full days in December. Awesome!

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  27. Not sure if you've seen this one, David.....

    It's an interesting video made on the inside of a Narconon program in Spain.

    It's 'secular' from Scientology, LOL, I guess....well.... except for the Scientology aspects without which there could only be an empty building.

    It shows the sauna operator personally dispensing the insane vitamin cocktails required to meet the batshit insane LRH specifications........

    Based on what????.......

    Sheer unadulterated LRH Quackery.......
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    Would a swing coat be appropriate? Also, David. You know. <3
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    Sylvain Founier's "Hissy-Fit" over, "I've had it with David Love - I can't take it anymore"
    AND intimidating his Friends on Facebook by threatening them with disconnection should
    they continue to be my friends, has cost NN TR and the COS more grief and $$$$$$$$.

    One is very pissed at Sylvain and filing a complaint to government,..., LOL.

    OSA can't seem to get their message accross to their rogue staff - - STFU; too many
    stupid foot bullets:):):)

    Sylvain is not the sharpest pencil in the box and neither is his replacement, Marc Bernard.

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    Pete, I think we should do a morning protest in Quebec City, then on the way back to Montreal,
    do a Flash Raid at Narconon Trois-Rivieres??? You know the date I'm talking about:)

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    Excellent! - - of interest to Revenue Canada and The Canada Justice Department, will be the Swedish
    tax scam when I file documents with them in about six weeks. Just waiting for another Case to proceed
    to where I need it first, then onto this ^^^^^.

    Also will work with some people in Ottawa with clout and influence concerning NN charitable status etc.

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    LOL,..., I woke up yesterday morning after dreaming I was at a protest in Clearwater - - watching
    all the Robotic marching on and off buses of alien scilons,..., LOL:)

    Must renew my Passport.

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    "At the November 19, 2011 protest in Toronto, Adam’s father walked by his son. His son said, "Hi Dad - - Dad, hi", and his father did not respond nor even look toward his son."

    All because of this sick junkie fuck, and his son-of-a-rapist dwarf cameraman.

    I want to see this fucking cult buried, dead, kicked to death, bled dry, and the remaining execs jailed.

    However long it takes, whatever it takes.

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  37. Does anyone know if this moment was caught on video?
    I hear you bro.
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    Yes, it is on video:

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  39. Thanks, my bad, guess I missed it.
  40. Time to say the obvious and put it on the record:

    If there were no PTS/SP "tech" or disconnection policies; then this cult would have been finished long ago. Only the lunatic fringe would have stayed. People would have left in ever more increasing numbers years ago.

    It is really quite brilliant what Hubbard did. It all starts with getting a common cold and getting the first "ethics" interview. You discover that SPs are most likely to be responsible for your cold. It is a startling thought and what makes you buy into it is the fact that often the cold symptoms disappear and you feel relieved. It happened to me that way. The only thing is 3 hours later when I was at home, the symptoms came back with a vengeance. I was never really cured. You may even tend to blame yourself for this failure and think that you did something the wrong way.

    The truth is even that illusion of relief from illness never ever happened again the next times that I got a cold or the flu. And so they delve even deeper into your life to see what can be done and you may even have to handle or disconnect from any "SPs" that you might have named. By that time a few days have gone by and the illness has gone too. The only thing that hasn't gone is your "certainty" on the "tech".

    Without disconnection Scientology would never have gotten this far IMO.
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