Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. He takes it one step at a time and makes sure he's protected? Sounds good.
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  2. Brenda's a tool as well as a fool, move on, David, GL.......
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  3. Stealth Member

    Both Brenda and Tammy seem like fools and mostly a waste of time.
  4. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., well protected for sure:) Yes, one step/move at a time on several chess boards.

    Preparing now for two full days of testimony at the Human Rights Commission. NN TR still
    has Andre Ahern as their in house legal handler - - I dare say he's stressed and working long hours
    with not much substance to a recent Sworn Afidavit. Very lame and poorly written - - with a couple
    costly foot bullets. The dossier and dox on this scilon will bury him in cross examination.

    Andre (OSA) thinks they are just going up against me and their goal is to attack my credibility.
    They are very mistaken as we will see very soon.

    Surprises on their way:):):)

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  5. Intelligence Member

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  6. Intelligence Member

    "...A person shows what he is by what he does with what he has..."

    An Old Irish Quote" You look at things and say why, but I dream of things that never were and say, why not?"

  7. Intelligence Member

    Each and every person who contributes in any way, no matter how big or small, is
    having an affect on the demise of a dwindling, evil cult.

    Tick-Tock, Davey Boy:)

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  8. peterstorm Member

    Is this filmed?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Even an audio recording would be nice!
  10. Intelligence Member

    Won't be filmed, but perhaps audio?

    Just woke up after umpteen hours of sound sleep:)

    Will be releasing about 88 pages of documents later today, (along with published article), that could shake things up a wee bit:)

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  11. Intelligence Member

    Preparing additional dox for Federal government and three provincial government agencies.

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  12. Intelligence Member


    Amazing how much "Insider" Intell is coming in that substantiates our dox:)

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  13. Intelligence Member

    Wow! - - Converting 1.5 gigs of sound recordings (actually stripping the sound track off
    hours of videos that I recorded recently), to something I can use and post. Didn't realize how huge some
    of these files were,..., LOL:)

    Then will use a voice Morpher and put together a Youtube video. - - having fun with this,
    but it's sad what's on these recordings :-(

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Short 3.25 minute clip from 45 minute interview with concerned loved one
    trying to remove relative from Narconon Trois-Rivieres. Voice has been Morphed
    to conceal identity.

    ".....Narconon is a confusing place....." LOL :)

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  15. anon4eva Member

    Much LOVE to u Mr. Love!
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  16. Intelligence Member

    Narconon Police Investigation UPDATE:

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  17. Intelligence Member

    This is Part One of about 15 videos I'm putting together from several radio shows.
    The new Youtube format has been causing me a few delays:)

    This one touches on the False Success Rate at Narconon.

    Part One:

    "Narconon Trois-Rivieres - Tom Smith Interview - David Love"

    Just finished Part Two - False Success Rate and Money Flow

    Processing now - hope to have posted tonight:)
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  18. Intelligence Member

    Part Two - False Success Rate and Money Flow

    "Narconon Trois-Rivieres - Tom Smith Interview - David Love"

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  19. Intelligence Member


    Just a simple Google "NARCONON" search.

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  20. 3rdMan Member

    Thanks for keeping us updated on their tumbling down the mountain of fail.
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  21. Intelligence Member

    New Video Youtube Upload - just finished:)

    A brief Xenu Story of OT III - and Body Thetans: What Scientologists and many Narconon Executives believe and practice.

    For my friends on another Forum who don't know about Xenu and Thetans,...,LOL.

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  22. Intelligence Member

    Part Three - David Edgar Love - Interview on The Edge Radio Show with Tom Smith July 2010.

    Exposing the Narconon Sauna dangers at Narconon Trois-Rivieres. The enormous amounts of vitamins and toxic doses of Niacin. Is Scientology-narconon practicing medicine without a licence?

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  23. Intelligence Member

    I just Registered my new Web Site Domain Name as:

    Don't worry about clicking on it,.., it's mine:) - - Narconon has web sites with "org" "ca", but nor "com" :)

    Just building the new site now. Having a bitch of a time getting the "Editor" to SPACE the paragraphs?
    What a learning curve this is on my old brain,...,, LOL.

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  24. Anonymous Member

    WTG D.Love! Bookmarking your site for great justice :)
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  25. Intelligence Member

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  26. Pique Member

    I love the site.

    And I know plenty of folks younger than you who would do well to have a brain as functional as yours, Mister.
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  27. Intelligence Member

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  28. Intelligence Member

    Oh' my - - had a very nice past few days. Wrote several new artcles.

    But this next one is one that I've held off on for many months. The harms from the NN
    program had many facets - - many suffered from debilitating emotional and traumatic
    experinces before they were lured to Narconon. We had an anorexic near death (had to leave),
    bulemics, cutters, and even a puffer who would use the cars in the parking lot to inhail gas fumes.

    It wasn't just the Purif that was dangerous; it was also the lack of professional care, so desperately
    needed to address patients on an individual basis; not cookie-cutter scientology Pseudoscience.

    This is ^^^^ where the Ministry of Health and Social Services needs to step in to protect the
    vulnerable, ill patients from being exploited for their money and future value as a recruited staff member.

    This MUST stop.

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  29. Anonymous Member

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  30. Intelligence Member

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  31. Intelligence Member

    Peterstorm - - you asked me if I had anymore "Inside Narconon" pics? Well, since I'm delivering them
    in about 7 hours from now, here is a "small sample" :)

    And a big pile more on this disc AND stored online. Images of Patients doing manual labour etc.

  32. Anonymous Member

    David, all the work you have done is most awesome. And so much appreciated. If you evar make it to San Francisco we have a stack of bacon sammiches for you. )
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  33. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  34. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  35. xenubarb Member

    The good one is on a boat during a bad swell?
  36. Anonymous Member

    I hope you don't mind a newcomer adding a thought. My brother had a heart attack a few years back and takes a prescription called Niaspan. The active ingredient in Niaspan is slow released niacin. Here are some potential side effects of Niaspan:

    "The most common side effect of Niaspan is flushing of the face and neck, which occurs in up to 88 percent of people taking the drug. Other common side effects include headache, diarrhea, and nausea. Potentially serious side effects, such as fainting spells or dizziness and yellowing of the skin, should be reported to your healthcare provider right away."

    My brother takes this Rx under the guidance of a cardiologist. From what I've been reading, Narconon serves megadoses of niacin to all of its clients with little to no medical supervision? Unbelievable.
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  37. xenubarb Member

    What is the amount of niacin your brother is taking? Here's what the Purif administers:

    Dosages Hubbard 100mg-5,000mg
    RDA *14 mg
    Upper limit *35 mg
  38. Anonymous Member

    Levels above 2000 mg. daily of Niaspan are not recommended, per the Niaspan website. And that is under the monitoring of a cardiologist, including regular blood tests. I'm not sure how much my bro. is taking.
    Here are the dosage guidelines of Niaspan from the Niaspan website:


    • NIASPAN should be taken at bedtime with a low-fat snack. (2)
    • Dose range: 500 mg to 2000 mg once daily. (2)

    • Therapy with NIASPAN must be initiated at 500 mg at bedtime in order

    to reduce the incidence and severity of side effects which may occur

    during early therapy and should not be increased by more than 500 mg in

    any four week period. (2)

    • Maintenance dose: 1000 to 2000 mg once daily. (2)

    Doses greater than 2000 mg daily are not recommended

  39. Intelligence Member

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