Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

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    LOL...they won't. But if you swallow a bone, eat some bread. That should shove it down the rest of the way. I've nuked salmon before. I prefer to wrap it in foil with butter, lemon and dill, and cook it in a frying pan. But that is not frying. It comes out moist and delicious. ALL HAIL KING SALMON!
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  2. Intelligence Member

    I feel like I've fallen into another "King Tuts Tomb" of dox - - incredibe :)
    Still just scratching the surface on the legal issues and drafting an outline
    for submission, but I have BIG smiles right now:)

    This ^^^^^ is forbidden for charities to engage in:

    "...we may consider that the charity is operating to achieve a political objective that is not stated in its governing documents, and it will consequently risk revocation."

    The leaked email between the COS and NN TR in reference to "handling" the government because
    of pending new legislation, is one of the leaked dox I will use.

    PeterStorm or??? - - didn't the Politician resign, then go to work for their Scilon law Firm
    Heenan and Blaikie?

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  3. Intelligence Member

    Narconon STUDENTS:

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  4. Next time, if you see some bones in your filet, pull them out with a tweezer. Salmon steaks, I am not sure about. You may just have to deal with it. But this works with both filets and steaks...

    -Toss the filet or steak in seasoned flour in order to get a very thin light coating.
    - In a cast iron pan, heat a small amount of butter until the butter starts to turn brown and smells "nutty"
    - Put salmon in the pan. Brown one side and turn over to brown the other side
    - Take the pan with the salmon and put it in the oven at 350 to 400 degrees F for about 10 minutes. The temp. all depends on how efficient your oven is. 350 should be good in most cases.
    - At the nine minute mark melt some more butter in a pan until it turns light brown and nutty. A tablespoon or two of butter should do
    - Take salmon out and put in on a plate and squeeze a couple of wedges of lemon over it.
    - Sprinkle with chopped parsley or chives (optional)
    - Pour the brown melted butter over the hot salmon. ( It should foam up as soon as it hits the salmon. It's kinda cool. )
    - Enjoy
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  5. Intelligence Member

    You're making me hungry,..., LOL. There are two Anons who know my taste for seafood - - we've gone
    to several seafood buffets:)

    I was born and raised on a Floathouse as a young lad. Then migrated to a home on the ocean front. I worked on a Cod Boat and Salmon Fishery and spent two years on the West Coast with First Nations.

    The best salmon ever, was done over open flame on the beaches:


    Used to string out Prawn traps, dig clams, and roast salmon over open flames and invite friends over for feasts. Geeeze,...., now I'm really hungry,..., LOL :)

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  6. Just in case you haven't noticed, I added an edit to the post. I forgot to mention about melting some more butter for the final step but you probably already figured out what I meant anyway.

    Yeah I like seafood too. I like my steaks too but fish seems a little healthier. Crawfish, shrimps, clams, trout, pike, cod, etc.
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Intelligence Member

    Salmon is very rich in Omega 3 Brain Food. This may sound a bit fishy (pun intended), but when I know
    I have a meeting or interview in a few days, I will eat lots of seafood, vegetables, and lean poultry for
    several days beforehand. AND even B Complex vitamins,..., <LOL - - never thought I would ever
    take another vitamin after NN, but in proper, recommended doses, they help an Ol' guy like me:)

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Vitamins got their name (and reputation) because they ARE essential, vital nutrients. However, vitamins absorbed and processed as they occur in foods tend to nourish better than consumed as a pill, in a dietary supplement.

    Vitamins taken in isolation, and way out of proportion to the levels in food, while being "prescribed" by a businessman selling you a spirit bridge.... not so good.
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  10. Intelligence Member

    Well, I think NN TR will soon be facing some more Federal and Provincial government scrutiny.
    Because ALL concerned entities are still "in business" and operating as such, there are no
    Statute of Limitations concerns. Mmmmm,..., I guess this may be the reason I left Revenue Canada
    and Quebec Revenue chatitable issues until now; as well as a couple other reasons.
    Leaving the Provincial Property Tax Exemption aside for now and focussing on the Federal NN TR

    issues of meeting the governments "Public Benefits Test", required to retain charitable tax status,
    indeed NN TR may be challenged the monumental and difficult task of PROVING "Public Benefit."
    In reveiwing government requirements RE:
    After several hours of reviewing Revenue Canada's requirements, and comparing aforesaid with
    documents we have concerning financial issues and qualifying as a charitable organization as opposed to being a business with specific beneficiaries outside claimed purpose, in my opinion
    charitable status could be short lived.

    I'm more certain about this^^^outcome than I was about the College of Physicians decision
    and the faulty wiring dangers at the Vancouver ORG:)

    So off to bed now and rest up - -

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  11. Intelligence Member (stock shares valued over One BILLIUON dollars)
    Could this Robert Duggan (a Scientologist) - - (Pharmacylics Inc), be the one who supplies the worlds Narconons with the hundreds of gallon jugs of Vitamins. I have searched for months trying to track down the lucrative company who supplies the Narconon vitamins, but to no avail?

    Duggan donates millions to the COS.

    We will find out sooner than later,..., LOL.

    It's important to know if the supplier is a COS related entity - - thus tying in additional flow of funds up the food chain.

    This is why we need a Federal Government "Forensic Audit" of Accounts.

    I have oodles of financial dox on NN TR, but the more the better:)
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  12. Intelligence Member

  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Intelligence Member

  15. Intelligence Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Predictably, the same way he always does, stay connected to the money, find somebody to blame for the fail, and spin a colourful web of lies for the sheeple.
    Expecting rationality is irrational. lol
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Geeeeze,..., just looked out my frozen balcony door (2 inches of ice on door), to see
    a friggin snow storm/blizzard, with wind chill temperature of below minus -20 degrees!

    Me has NO LOVE for &quot;Siberia-North-Pole&quot; LOL:)

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  18. Intelligence Member

    This is the frustrating part of pecking away at what I have/am doing and then see
    muti-millions being donated by just one single person. Sure, we may cancel out Narconon in
    Canada, cost the Canada COS a few million, but their phoney referal web sites, will simply
    re-direct the vulnerable to other Narconons in other countries.

    But then again, if we didn't push forward, their Scam would turn into a "Run-Away-Freight-Train"
    of conning and exploiting.

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  19. Intelligence Member

    PIQUE, there is nothing to "Like" in the above weather. It brings me a vision of
    2008 when Montreal was nearly shut down due to a total of over 12.6 feet of
    snowfall. That'e over over one and a half stories high.

    Appraently, lots of patients were jumping out detox, 2nd floor windows into nice
    soft snow only a few feet below,..., LOL:)

    The weather is so unpredicatable here in Montreal......

  20. Pique Member

    Au contraire mon cheri!

    It keeps the poisonous snakes away and if we didn't have the winter, we wouldn't have the spring. :)
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  21. Intelligence Member

    Well, in reality, there are NO snakes and they never returned to Ireland after Midlandian Ice Age, so your analysis is moot. Honestly, I've never seen a snake in Montreal or Trois-Rivieres; guess they froze to
    death too,..., LOL. And even if it did warm up in Montreal, they would have to be good bloody swimmers;
    Montreal is on an Island; didn't know that till I moved here:)

    I'm not from Quebec, don't speak French, but do admire some of the beautiful culture and architecture.

    But putting this ^^^ aside, I think about 20 of the first 28 colonists to arrive in Quebec died either
    of starvation or cold. Many had to eat their horses and boil their leather boots to eat. Aweful.

    Seriously, I'm from a climate where I spent over 50 years of temperatures that rarely freeze, the occasional
    year with snow for one day - gone the next.

    However, yes Spring does follow winter; although very short lived, followed by blazing hot, high
    humidity, where you step out of an airconditioned building and soaken wet within minutes.

    But still, putting all this^^^ wonderful climate aside, Montreal is a cool place (no pun intented) to
    experience and live for a time. :):):)

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  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. Intelligence Member

    Thanks Jacky - - I have a few batches like this, which are great when combined with the NN TR leaked emails and dox I have for Canada Gov; to be submitted within days, followed by a very important meeting:
    We're going for an extreme big win on this one Jacky - - indeed what's going to happen over the next 15-30 days in Canada, will dwarf alol past wins. I''m so pumped, I can't sleep - - aweful, but delicious:)

    If you've been jumping around on the Threads I've been posting/searching on, you probably know, but there is some sweet, sweet ICING on this Caek.

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  24. Intelligence Member

    I hope I'm not out of line here for posting this here, but if I am, I apologize - - seriously.
    Don't know where to post it?

    This is NOT "Wrecking-Ball" - - this is "Patriot Missile" stuff,..., LOL :) - - especially when
    compiled with the other dox we have - YIKES!
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  25. Intelligence Member

    Lying con artists even con and lie to their own,. New building?,..., LOL - - It was built in 1857
    and is NOT 1/2 hrs drive from Montreal, it's 1.5 hrs! It's a delapidated, bug invested disaster.
    They even tore up the Pre-Firte-Inspection Report and thrtew it in the garbage when it was a FAIL!

    They had nearly $600,000.00 in their Building Fund (easy since their revenue was 15.8 Million),
    but was syphoned off up into COS coffers by various means when Missions were brought in from California,
    (NN INT), ABLE Canada (Brad Melnychuk), and four from NN Canada - - all doing missions, directed by the COS. ALL of them wewre there at once - - all four entities, ay huge sums per person, per day, plus expenses.

    Bye, bye building fund and the beginning of NO paydays for staff, many quit. Patients were then Exploited to work as Cooks, Dish Washers, Kitchen Help, etc.

    One Reg was bringing in up to 4-5 or more oper week at $2,300 per client or split 50-50 if there was an FSM involved. 10% of $23,000.00 at 4-5 per week at the peek - - Not cxhump change.

    Where did ALL the money go? Stay tuned for Revenue Canada Chapter:)

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  26. Intelligence Member

    I LOVE this:) - - just read over ALL the leaked emails for a fourth time; it's like casting out a fish net for small fish that may have escaped first glance. Must remember, some small "fried fish" are tasty, and NOT
    forget that the little bastards grow up to be BIG fish and make more fishes,..., LOL.

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  27. Intelligence Member

    Then the following two tie in with these^^^^^^.

    Now, because we're going after ABLE Canada in some Cases, ABLE must be tied into the COS
    as the Controller of Narconon INT >>> to NN TR.

    These below are some old archives I had stowed away for contributing to this purpose.
    There are over 60 pages of dox that combine with these below - should have posted here:)

    Then ALL of this mish mash has to paint a "CLEAR" picture for Gov. - - So far all has worked well
    over past 20 months,

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  28. Intelligence Member

    This one shows exactly what we had to Report Uplines before 2:00pm every Thursday, without fail.
    Stats and Condition and use the Condition Formulas.

    The next post after this will show NN Canada ESTO Officer, appoited by Uplines
    after Marc Bernard was removed as NN TR ED. The ESTO had ALL power at NN TR - - until,..., LOL - - another issue:)

  29. So if someone does make:

    Well it sounds nice but since the Scilons who hired you know exactly what your expenses are and and exactly what you make; doesn't that make you an easy target for Scientology reg's?

    I would think so. So not only are they ripping off the students they are also trying to rip off their own staff for the greater good of Scientololgy. That is if they really do pay that much to those people. All the money gets recycled back to Scientology.
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  30. Intelligence Member

    Short answr for now is yes, we were targets. Will lay out the financial issues and flow asap.
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  31. That formula is applied to many WISE companies as well.
    Scientologist A starts legit looking WISE company like FAS (Foreclosure Assistance Solutions) in FLA.
    Company uses Scientology employees and/or pressures non-scientologists to take required management courses which are Scientology courses, trap is set.
    They can over pay their Scientology employees, say 70 grand a year for office jobs knowing that 50 grand will be spent on Scientology crap which WISE owner gets kickbacks from, multiply this by many employees, sell shit with bogus promises of dealing with foreclosure problems for 2 grand (FAS collected more thatn 11 million dollars, 2 grand at a time didn't answer complaint calls, did little if anything for clients but lie to them) and guarantee they won't lose their house, do not deliver, simply sell, sell, sell, make church 'donations', start 503 charities, etc, ad infinitum and eventually declare bankruptcy using a WISE bankruptcy company, ffs and start a new 'business' or 'non-profit', declare bankruptcy after sucking people dry, rinse and repeat.

    Google: Herb Zerden who is an ot 8 and 'They' say has been involved in over 24 such companies was co-owner of FAS scam. Herb's a patron meritorious in the IAS....Soooo..........Theta........and Upstat...........
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  32. BigBeard Member

    To paraphrase, 'Can get away with murder as long as the $$$ are coming in.'

    But watch how fast he gets "unpersoned" and "disappeared" from ever having been part of the Cof$ because of "his unethical behavior" if the money stops, or he says anything critical of lil' Davie or the Cof$.

    And what's with you heathens, cooking salmon at all?? Ugh! Thin sliced sashimi, with a bit of shoyu poured over some wasabi and a bit of shredded daikon radish and pickled ginger on the side to clear the palate, is the only way to go.

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  33. moarxenu Member


    WWP: Anonymous Declares War on Snow
  34. Intelligence Member

    WOW! Incredible video - - very sad and boils my blood. I'll be using this video, along with many
    other Quebec dox, when addressing Canadian matters at hand, with similar scams in Quebec.

    Thanks for posting the info and video - - ALL of this data builds a room full of canvas on which
    to paint a credible and exposing picture of the scientology scam structure.

  35. Intelligence Member

    Yes, they sure are good at side-stepping, avoiding, and denying the issues. It;s time to drag these
    con artists in front of the Judicial System under oath (not ensuring truth, but penalties if not), and
    judge them accordingly. AND mark my word, ("You can write that down in big bold letters, LOL), we
    will NOT stop in Canada until this is accomplished - - and it WILL be.

    We shall press on until their fraud, scams, and abuses are "Sleeping With The Fishes."

    Cooking fish? How the hell else are you going to warm it up,..., LOL. I too, love Sashimi and Shushi;
    cooked or raw, salmon is delicious.

  36. Anonymous Member

    Random post in this thread:;p=545584&amp;viewfull=1#post545584

    I'll keep it short now, but if you want to hear more, I'll write the extended version for you one of these days.

    You are right; I have a personal connection to Narconon Holland. I was there as a &quot;student&quot;, longer ago than you were, lured in under false pretenses, lied to about money and succes-rates, the program, housing conditions and, worst of all, the connection to scientology. And I asked, clearly. They denied, with the well known humbug about the technology being developed by L.Ron Hubbard, who happened to be, purely by coincidence, the founder of scientology too.
    But no, they swore they were totally independent, religiously neutral and all the crap. Believe me, they're not.

    I'm glad you've had benefits from the program, and hope you stay clean and/or sober and happy, but Narconon didn't do anything for me, except for endangering my health with ridiculous doses of vitamins and a lot of unscientific baloney about toxins and sauna's.
    I was smart enough to get the hell out of there before the indoctrination took its cause, but they ruined a good friends life by(I must admit) getting him off drugs and straight into scientology.
    He was wealthy, so they took every cent away from him, and kicked him out on the street when done. He's probably dead by now. That pisses me off, truly. angry.gif

    The translated &quot;win-story&quot;, from JK's website(you know who I mean), was part of a longer series on Narconon Holland, but you must agree that the story makes no sense.

    Maybe my anger makes me irrational sometimes, but please, keep in mind English is not my first language, and -even when irrational- I don't lie. Which is more than can be said of some institutions. Ah, no. They don't lie, they tell acceptable truths.

    Which is something completely different, isn't it? I'm truly appalled to see this scam spreading to a country in Eastern Europe that's devastated by war and poverty and the after-effects of years of communism. They don't need our Western creepy cults to rob away what is left there. They have of plenty problems of their own.

    And the Dutch don't need to be framed into giving their money to scientology while thinking they are doing good for the people of Croatia.

    Well, it's gotten longer than expected. To end this post;
    -yeah, I'm (still)angry,
    -yeah, that anger might make me irrational sometimes, preachon.gif
    -yeah, despite irrationality I stand behind every word I've said, in short:

    Narconon is a scam and a scientology frontgroup!

    Despite all of that I suppose some people do get better there. However, statistical evidence proves that 25-30% of addicts stop without any help. So probably you would have gotten off on your own too.

    Succes in the rest of your life, and stay clean! That's not sarcasm, I mean it.

    In respectful disagreement, hat.gif Sekh.

    EDIT:(link added) For another cute story about Narconon on this forum:

    Also check out the threads started by AnonyMary and Intelligence. yes.gif
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  37. Intelligence Member

    PeterStorm or any Montreal Anons


    - I need some current Intel on this guy, Charles (wife is Winnie).
    - Was/Is emloyes at NN TR; member of COS Montreal
    - perhaps our photo friend in Quebec City can identify
    - only looking to see if he's around the QC or Montreal ORGS
    - should have other info coming in this next week

  38. Triumph Member

    its safe and warm Inside the bubble of Happy fun club. *LOL* know the saying "misery loves company"

    Hubbard created a prison planet ....its like a prison gang..the Wog rules only apply to those outside the walls

    its ok to "shank" each other..or WOGS and steal their commissary as long as they KSW..and supply their gang leader MisScabbie with his tribute...

    they just side step the corpse *LOL* ....and retreat back to their cells....

    Cook fish> how else do you know its dead....
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  39. grebe Member

    I thought the Purif stuff came from G & G Vitamins in the UK, run by the Gaiman family.
  40. Intelligence Member

    I have many of their videos and web site data downloaded and image captured and archived
    on my main computer. So I was looking for some info on one of their video sites and I
    was blocked due to "Private Only." (a little late now for them to do this),
    We're still putting together interview and witness lists for a Gov Agency (they want about 40 - random & specific).
    We have a list of over 800 and now searching those who view their video and web sites leaving comments.
    A nice little Silver Mine:)

    whats funny about narconon is that i got expelled when i was on my rpec's because i was " mouthing off" so i never graduated but i bet i am doin better than half the ppl that graduate
    Comment removed
    niccageca 2 years ago
    This comment has received too many negative votes showse28mtl 2 years ago[/QUOTE]

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