Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Intelligence Member

    I do have some additional Intel coming in with another name and Company - - we'll see?

    Affidavit In Support Of A Citizen Complaint
  2. grebe Member

    I don't want to click on your link, but wtf, why would Scientologists give someone Thorazine?
  3. Anonymous Member

    wtf would Scientologsts give someone Vistaril?
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  4. Intelligence Member

    CORRECTION! I apologize (will delete Reference>Gaiman>Thorazine) had to dig deeper:)

    > Dave Voorhies, in Seattle, Washington, became psychotic on OT3 and was gi
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  5. Intelligence Member

    This IS WHY

    I never watched this video before,........, ***TEARS***

    They will use whatever substance and method available - - Self-Serving-Brainwashed, Culties!

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  6. Anonymous Member
    Narconon Trois-Riviers Grads and Staff–-one-dead.64976/#post-1305422
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  7. jensting Member

    G & G are certainly cited as source for vitamins in the Paris 2009 verdict of guilty of organised fraud and illegal practice of pharmacy.

    Best Regards

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  8. Just like L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology; "Narconon works and it helps people."

    Narconon 'works' drug addicts and alcoholics over and it 'helps' people relieve themselves of 30 thousand dollars worth of batshit insane LRH Quackery that does absolutely NOTHING to help treat serious drug addiction.......

    Narconon staff and 'Graduates' doing the Hubbard Shooter-Tech process........

    Dressed up in LRH style pinks and grays, doing shots......

    That's soo hot, sooo uptone and soooo theta, U go bitch, yeah.....

    There has to be a matching Pink and Gray Swing-Coat for that Canadian Chill.......

    To LRH......Hip........Hip......
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  9. GuyFox Member

    Really hard to say if we've seen him, I'd need a clearer picture...
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Could this man's last name be Kirouac? On LinkedIn, Charles Kirouac is listed as "director of clinical services at Narconon Trois Rivieres". The Scientology Service Completions has an entry for Winnie Kirouac, who might be his wife. There don't seem to be any online photos of these two persons.
  12. xenubarb Member

  13. xenubarb Member

    You got something against pink and grey?

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  14. Chipshotz Member

    David David David, you are the best of the bestest, the awesome of the awesomest(lol) YOU ROCK!
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  15. David vs David, I'll go with our David, gotta LOVE the guy..........
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  16. LRH was a do as I say, not as I do type, whatever evil deed can be done to protect his evil organisation from bad press was/is and always will be not only acceptable but fiercely encouraged and expected of the dauntless, defiant and resolute crowd.
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Winnie M. Scherer - Charles Schwerman

    Thanks Montreal for digging - - here ^^^ are the married couples names.
    Drives/drove a newer model Jeep (dark with Hard & Soft tops)

    - Used to own Cigar Shop in Florida
    - COS Montreal
    - Winnie acted as C/S at NN TR and worked in WD Unit
    - Charles in WD Unit, some Qual and ran me on full day of Tone Scale
    - Charles supplied patients with COS books as well as the Anti-Pharmacutica Video from COS.
    - Charles also read my Overts/Withholds while I sat in front of him (burned immediately afterward)

    There is much more to this^^^, as well as many others at NN TR are being investigated and
    possibly Summoned to Trials.

    We are compling dossiers on EVERY staff at NN TR, as I'm sure our Adversary is doing on
    me and potential witnesses.

    The current wherabouts of each person is crucial in moving forward as fast as possible, as
    was indicated to me by government investigators.

    That's all I'm permitted to say at this time:) - -

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  18. Intelligence Member

  19. Intelligence Member

    More "Insider Intel" in today - - the Yvette ship is leaking x 10:)

    This one below is an old one from another Lad/Lassy:)
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  20. Intelligence Member


    Back on target and focussed today. The next two weeks will be "Hard-Hitting"
    on the Cult's "At Cause" status - - may very well sink into "Effect".

    Fairly quiet as far as Intel from our foes camp. Their law firm received a letter and
    evidence dox from QHRC concerning harassment (Dead Agenting) and intimidation
    of potential witnesses. QHRC is holding off proceeding to Court for any kind of
    Restraining Order for now - - they need to concentrate all attention on main case.

    But NN/COS have been put on notice that we will NOT tolerate ANY further actions
    against me and others. Any single incidence could be the last straw:)

    Perhaps this is why there has not been even one further comment by the Cult - - everytime
    they open their yap, they feel the Foot-Bullets.

    Witness list is expanding and may include experts from accross Canada, Australia, and the USA.
    The Commission is being quite diligent - - they will also receive another unexpected and very
    serious addition to their stack of Cases next week with another victim filing complaint.


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  21. Xenu Is Lord Member

    David, it is when they are the most quite, they are the most dangerous. I have seen it before. Expect a desperate move in the next few weeks. Be on guard and communicate your concerns to those investigating this matter. Please remember, when the cult has had their back against the wall they have been known to do the following.
    Kill pets
    Destroy proerty
    Threaten lawyers
    Breaking and entering
    Make false criminal allegations and have a large number of members willing to lie to back up the claim.

    I am glad you are doing what you are doing but with all respect, sometimes I get the feeling you are riding a little to high on kicking their ass. Stay grounded and on guard. You are reporting the abuses to people that must stay objective and don't know the cult like you and the rest of us do. They are most likely not going to give you 24 police protection unless things get really out of control and by then it could be to late. Keep focused my man and stay safe.
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  22. GuyFox Member

    ^^^ This.

    David, after the fire incident, I must insist you get a fireproof safe. Seriously.

    In the end, was it an accident or arson?
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  23. Intelligence Member

    I know exactly all the you have referred to and yes, it may "seem" like I ride high sometimes, but that's only because of what I "do" post; how I word the post; and reasons why I post certain things can be questionable to some. Please trust me when I say I have qualified advisors and monitors in Quebec, especially, and other places. Anons and such, monmitor EVERY post I make on more than five different Forums - - some private and secured, but most are public. I am notified immediately if a post might affect the outcome of my intent and I delete or modify. WTF is Dave talking about,..., LOL :)

    Some things or videos I post here, I will copy/link over onto Facebook, let's say, and it may be intended for a specific group or person. The video may seem insignificant until the end when the Tags bring up other vids for them to click. Or a story I puiblish over on the Examiner will link up with COS/NN.

    The government investigators ans I know absolutely for sure that OSA is monitoring EVERYTHING I post.
    I post, knowing this and try to post accordingly. WTF did Dave post that for??????

    Next week, much of the above will come to light. I can not allow OSA to "Kmow" some things that I am about to do - - sometimes when I say I'm going to Trois-Rivieres, I do go there, but on my way to another City.

    OSA has tried to "handle" all I do and prepare ahead,..., but many times, I suggest is in vain.

    My priority is to stay safe, keep dox safe, make an impact, and examine by playing devil's advocate, what the hell "they" are up to and planning. I, as well as they, have good Intel. Unfortunately, some of their's is what I intend them to have.

    Yes, sometimes I am too "cocky" - - I go threw many emotions each and every day. I still suffer from PTSD at times, but mostly have it under control.

    I live and breath all that I'm doing right now; unfortunately I do dream and occasionally still have nightmares about the experiences of mine and others - - it is what it is.

    PS. - - I don't like their "Silence" right now - - slight concern indeed:)

    Anyway, I'm in a grocery store right now, with my laptop on top of my buggy and I'm shopping for supper,..., LOL :):):) - - will post a photo when I get home:)

    But I try to have fun, smile and laugh in all I do - - hopefully those around me will too.

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  24. Intelligence Member

    Ok, one more post on my shopping buggy - - (((GREAT BIG HUGS) to you my trusted Friend
    Mr. Guy Fox:) <3<3<3<3<3<3

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  25. Intelligence Member

    Also,.., I think a few things I've posted about some COS and NN execs and other staff, probably
    resulted in a few &quot;Can&quot; sessions in Sec Checks.

    Finished shopping - - home now - - blizzard today - snow everywhere - - going to a friggin cold protest
    this Sat at -17 and 20kmh winds,..., Brrrrrr:)

    Must economize time and read posts while I ride buses and shop,..., LOL:)

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  26. Intelligence Member

    Taking care of the red hi-lited this and next week. Have had interviews with Intelligence Police
    and others about my safety,..., and other people's safety. I don't, for a minute, think those in COS
    who have been (excuse my language) "MIND-FUCKED" to the point where they would do
    CRAZY shit to "Keep Scientology Working". Some of the events I told investigators, had to be
    backed up by dox, emails, and witnesses - - it was stuff they couldn't imagine - - but then again,
    stuff that Cults/Sects do, are unimaginable until hundreds lay dead after drinking coolaid or
    burned to death in an FBI stand-off. History does repeat intself - - perhaps not the same, but the
    COS causes untold psycological, long-suffering damage to thousands - - never to be quite the same again.

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  27. Intelligence Member

    "Who knows what tomorrow will bring - - the road is long; there are mountains in our way - - we have what is here and now" - - - BUT I believe in this old Irish saying: “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”

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  28. peterstorm Member

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  29. Intelligence Member

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  30. Intelligence Member

    Leaving Quebec within two weeks, but promise to return quickly with Caek - - covered
    in delicious, creamy icing:):):) - - ALL is confirmed - - Agenda is set.

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  31. Intelligence Member

    Quite frankly, I'm pretty sure it was an accident fire, caused by carelessness - - will have
    more details once the repairs begin - - have established good rapport with contractor.

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  32. Anonymous Member

    And bugs (insects). They can be like intensive precision bombs, drive you mad, and out of your castle.
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  33. Intelligence Member

    David responds to Posts by Andre Ahern on Facebook (Andre was my supervisor at NN TR) - - Andre
    is now the Legal Liason who is "trying to handle" all of this. He called me a "Big Mouth" and not able to
    confront,..., LOL. Because he was respondible when I BLEW (and blew whistles from mountain-tops),
    he became ill - -couldn't sleep or eat properly; and resigned. His Superior, Aline Proulx, "ran for the
    hills in Ontario" and NN Canada went under. I think OSA was a wee bit PISSED at how STUPID they
    they were by putting me (a rebelious WOG) into such a high office position, with access to yummy files
    DUH! - - all unfolding very nicely now. Sylvain Fournier (Ex-NN TR Director) lost control and intimidated potential witnesses: - - Here is Sylvain's "Rant" :

    This one from Sylvain^^^^^ back-fired soooo HUGE on little angry Sylvain - -

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  34. Intelligence Member

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  35. JohnnyRUClear Member

  36. Intelligence Member

    Narconon Tr's Chicago

    Chicago - Scientology Objective's Auditing Sessions

    Narconon Sauna Pics - Oh' boy, they sure look like addicts eh'? NOT!

    OMG - - SO PHONEY - - Hard Core Addicts for sure! (Narconon - Sunshine Summit Lodge)

    Should have some "REALITY" videos of "Inside Narconon" Tr's and Objectives - - very soon!

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  37. Narconon® Addiction Treatment
    Drug Rehab Hotline (877) 503-9581
    Since 1966 the Narconon Program has consistently produced success rates of over 76% – Over 8 Times the rest of the Industry.
    • Narconon Programs are State Licensed and Nationally Accredited Drug Rehab Programs
    • Narconon Centers Accept Insurance and Financing is Available
    • The Narconon® Program Handles All Aspects Of Addiction
    • Where Traditional Programs Have Failed Narconon® Succeeds
    • Drug Rehab Hotline (877) 503-9581
      Success Rates

      Over the last 40 years the Narconon program has consistently achieved Success Rates well above the rest of the industry.

    ^^^^^^If that isn't FRAUD, then there is no such thing as fraud and the crime should be removed form the law books.

    These scamming vulture ministers of Scientology's Narconon program just won't stop advertising these outrageous lies that suck unsuspecting addicts in for nondisclosed quack Scientology courses, medically dangerous overdoses of niacin and other LRH quack vitamin/mineral concoctions and 5 hour daily saunas for months.

    Once they've scammed addicts and their families of $30,000.00 for this 'last chance of real help', most addicts end up penniless in relapse and no hope of more financial help from their fucked-over families who blame the addict for Scientology's scamming of their hard-earned money to help.

    $30,000.00 that could have been spent on legitimate, trained counselors and properly monitored medical treatment.

    Narconon offers no valid medical oversight and offers 100% LIES, the highest rate in the business.
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  38. Intelligence Member

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  39. Intelligence Member

    Oh' Geeeezzzze, just woke up, getting ready to take buses to Protest and kick some......
    What did I miss while sleeping - - any interesting posts?

  40. Pique Member

    Stay your own course Intelligence. Don't waste energy with the drama of others. :D
    Whenever I need to restore some of my faith in humanity I have a look at one of your threads.
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