Narconon Trois-Rivieres is CLOSED! :-)

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Wouldn't lack of just mean diarrhea?
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    In the interview, the mother of one of the patients slips in the idea that it was a few bad apples at Trois Rivieres that were responsible for the place shutting down. We know that it was in fact Scientology's Narconon that was responsible, and that blaming the local staff is a common ploy used by the Scientology corporation whenever it gets caught red-handed doing something abusive and illegal.

    Scientology's Narconon cannot be allowed to claim that they are not responsible. Scientology's Narconon is responsible, and the Scientology corporation must be held accountable.
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    The Mauricie and Central Quebec Health Agency says it will never grant a Scientology-based rehab centre permission to operate.

    by Catou MacKinnon
    6:07 PM April 17, 2012


    Catou MacKinnon: The Narconon center has been in operation in a Trois-Rivières suburb for seven years now and, during that time, Marc Latour [sic: should be Lacour] says at least four clients had to be taken to hospital. He's the head of the Mauricie regional Health Agency. And he says those clients got sick specifically because of some of the practices linked to the shutdown of the center.

    Latour [sic] says part of Narconon's treatment was to have people take fifty times the recommended quantity of some vitamins and spend six non-consecutive hours in a sauna every day. He says that caused an imbalance which had to be treated in a hospital. Narconon also has a strict no-drug policy that includes methadone, which is a drug given to ease people off heroin. That also caused some trips to the hospital.

    The Narconon center charged $25,000 for its treatment and Latour [sic] also questions the ethics of the administrators because, he says, people who want their loved ones to be treated for addiction are usually desperate to try anything.

    Catou MacKinnon, CBC News, Quebec City.
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    Is there some way we can use this in the UK? I know they don't actually treat anybody in the UK anymore (I believe) but are they preaching something that could be dangerous to health? Are they giving out some sort of harmful advice? Is there some way somebody could write to the Charities Commission to get their charitable status revoked? There might be some more mileage to get out of this.
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    UK and Canada are both part of the British Commonwealth. That might help.
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    Exactly, so it will carry a bit of clout. :)
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    I don't know but, is it a SEO thing so people can find it easier?
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    You mean we won the Battle of Hastings too?
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    You need to pay closer attention. It is being shut down because it is a FRAUD that employs unmedical quackery cooked up by a friggin pulp fiction writer!

    Too bad for your person, but we just read that inmates are being relocated elsewhere; how is that "stranded?"

    Your parents should have done some research before throwing their money down the Hubbard Hole. Sorry, but it's true. Narconon is a scam with a 2% success rate. Compare that with the statistic of addicts who quit on their own, 10%

    Your parents paid five figures for a 2% success rate. Too bad they didn't see this first. Maybe you should look at it. You know how to think critically, right?

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    Any chance of the government report(s) being forwarded to the FDA & FTC in the USofA?? In particular the 26 serious failings, anything related to the use of the e-meter as a tool in a medical (rehab) situation, and the fraudulent success rate advertising?

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    Maybe something like that. Do we have the material they use when they go round schools or whatever else they do? This will get into the UK press soon (I hope) and then would be a good time to bring up concerns with the Charities Commission for England and Wales. Don't forget that they use this Narconon thing to give them respectability and that enables them to gain recruits. If we can stop that then it would be a good thing.

    Google "narconon uk" to get to their web site. Is there any stuff on that we could use against them and inform the CC E+W ?

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    1112230 NARCONON TRUST Registered
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    Don't squirrel my Tech, bro!

    HCOB 3 Jan 1980RA - Purification Rundown and Atomic War
    HCOB 11 Feb 1980R - Illegal Pcs, Acceptance of, Addition Regarding Purification
    HCOB 14 Feb 1980R - Research Data on Nutritional Vitamin Increases on the
    Purification Rundown
    HCOB 29 Feb 1980 - The Purification Rundown: Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding
    HCOB 7 Mar 1980 - Diet, Comments Upon
    HCOB 13 Mar 1980RA Conditional Step after the Purification Rundown

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  16. anon walker Moderator

    I wonder if the guards Second Chance failed to pay in Albuquerque have been recompensed by Jewelry Joy yet?
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    Shocked that she told you she was a large, destructive RODENT?

    Porcupine = heavily armed rat.
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    At least she didn't say she's a hedgehog, because then she'd be a yiffing furcandy-assgot.
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    Also see: Purification Rundown series
    also claims that Niacin at these doses can cause skin cancer, but is ok because Niacin also cures skin cancer.

    I've never seen that one before.
    Is there a case to be made that Scientology is aware of and fully recognizes medical danger and risk from these treatments, and knowingly provides them anyway?

    It's different from "willful ignorance" or "denial" which I had assumed was the case.

    It might be helpful to scour through "The Tech" and find examples like that. If Scientology has documented that they are aware their treatment causes medical injury, it would be nice if they were held liable for it.
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  21. Intelligence Member

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  22. Xenu Is Lord Member

    This really encapsulates the whole argument !
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  23. DeathHamster Member

    Here's a fucker that I've love to see behind bars, or at least lose his license and have "Not a doctor!" tattooed branded on his forehead, David E. Root, M.D.:
    He seems to be as much to blame for the Purif as Hubbard, and either heads or is on the board of several of their front groups which give each other circle jerk "scientific" praise with fake papers.

    On the list of quacks who should have known better, he's doctor zero.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Criminon uses the same detox routine and is sold to governments and private prison corporations all over the world.
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  25. Intelligence Member

    Quebec Human Rights Commission are in meetings right now.

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  26. anon walker Moderator

    So does Second Chance. And the 'New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project.' And the Utah 'Meth Cops' program.

    And now, I heard a few months back that they'd approached the Pentagon with a proposal to detox active duty personnel. The Pentagon told them to try it on veterans first.

    Scientology will lose a lot more than Narconon income if the Purif is banned as a treatment outside of Scientology "religious practise." Just like the e-meter was. You know, the one they still use illegally at free stress test tables.
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  27. Intelligence Member

    Health Officials Say "Scientology Rehab" Preys On Vulnerable And Desperate

    Published on Apr 18, 2012 by Intelligenceplus
    April 18, 2012 - Quebec Health officials have ordered a private Scientology drug rehabilitation centre, Narconon Trois-Rivières to shut its doors. The Narconon Addiction Recovery Centre's methods are based on the theories of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The local health agency says some of the centre's practices posed a danger to health and safety. Health officials say Narconon preys on the vulnerable and desperate.

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    Criminon is usually more of a correspondence course, since they can't go in and set up the whole sauna and vitamins thing inside a prison. (Not that they wouldn't if they could. i.e. Second Chance.)
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    WTF! April 18, 2012 - 2:31pm
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    The price of fame I suppose. At least they openly treat you as a real threat to their bogus setup.
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    OMG!!! - Their Narconon Arrowhead is beginning to leak like crazy,..., LOL:)

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    The most difficult part of knocking down a row of dominoes is knocking down the first one. Afterwards the rest fall one after another with little to no effort.

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    Great news, I knew they would, once the fear wears off and people know they can speak their minds the cult is fucked!
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    Gazette is Doing a HUGE story:)

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