Narconon Trois-Rivieres is CLOSED! :-)

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Intelligence Member

    With what I stated above ^^^^^ it really doesn't make sense why a "Clear" - high up
    COS, saluted member from California, would hire such a Rebel??

    Then again, not much did make any sense there; especially the "Porcupine' that hired me - ROFLMAO:)

    "David, you're in another Velence!" she said. I responded, "WHAT! I'm me, nobody else
    and me is PISSED off big time."
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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. Tin_Foil Member

    David, typically one experiences Stockholm Syndrome only when they are held against their will without the possibility of escape/release. Thus, the syndrome is really only associated with kidnap and hostage victims. Cult members fall into a different category because they willfully become their own victims and subject themselves voluntarily to abuse or abusive situations.

    Although some of the aspects of Stockholm Syndrome can be seen in cult members, it really is a different 'syndrome' entirely because there typically isn't a voluntary element with kidnap and hostage victims. It probably can be argued that Narconon patients really do not have much voluntary choice in entering the program due to their 1) diminished mental capacity (not being sober) 2) family pressures for treatment or 3) being pressured to stay against their will when they figure out what the fuck they just got themselves into.

    I think the reason why people stay and suck it up to finish the program and those that stay on staff are slowly indoctrinated (aka 'gradients') into the development of a cult identity and group-think. If you read "Combating Mind Control" by Steve Hassan, you'll get a better sense as to why people stay. It's the same reason why people spend thousands of dollars on the Tech and stay with it for decades. Getting involved with these leeches is very easy and people who ask, "why did you stay", simply don't understand how susceptible even they are to these parasites.

    You are a rare breed, Mr. Love, because not only do you create awesomeness with every breath but you had the intelligence and courage to wake up to the con and devote your life to fighting it. You were one of the rare ones that could not be fooled into spending decades committing crimes against others. If people ask you that question again, they speak from a place of ignorance and need our help to educate them.
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  4. Intelligence Member

    I like this^^^^^:)

    I think what the doctor and I were referring to, was those being captive - - working for ZERO wages
    or only $2.50 per hour. And being continually monitored and followed by Security with two-way
    radios and clip boards. It was like a prisom camp in another country that we couldn't understand
    the language. One could not leave because only French in TR. No money - far, far away from home.

    If we spoke out, we were sent for an ethics cycle and pts interview.

    I was lucky - - many were not! Some spent quite some time in what seemed like sex slaves
    and slave workers - always in great fear. Even guns at the apartment complex resulting in
    one death. Makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo ANGRY!:) (but controlled anger).:)

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  5. Intelligence Member

    Hey' Narconon Arrowhead - Narconon California - you should be scared:)

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  6. Intelligence Member

    Whoops - double post - me bad:)
  7. Incredulicide Member

    Stockhold syndrome is like Stockholm syndrome but with more wrestling involved.
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  8. GuyFox Member

    Can someone please link me to a video, or radio recording, of a someone claiming Narconon is secular.

    Bonus points if it's Andre Ahern.

    I desperately need it for my next video.
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  9. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I can can , just a sec.
  10. Intelligence Member

    The one and only Jean (OSA) at Montreal ORG - - give me a sec and I'll find another.

    Jean at 7:30>.Min>>.

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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Intelligence Member

    Start at 10:15 min - NN TR Sylvain Fournier - - NN TR ED.

    Give me sec, I'll see if I can find another,..., LOL :)
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  13. Intelligence Member

    Yes, it could be here ^^^^^ AND it is our Pal A.A. >>> :)

    If Ahern does say Secular, send then clip you need to our Dear Montreal Anon who does
    Awesome Subtitles:)

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  14. GuyFox Member

    Thanks, this will do.

    Not enough time to watch the whole Andre video, though. lots of preparation to do for tomorrow.
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  15. This expose was done a few years ago in Australia on Today / Tonight.......

    I hope this one can be of help, Norita James, the director of a Narconon program in Melbourne, Australia starting at the 4:00 mark pretty much denies any Scientology religious connection.

    A certain ex-Scientologist:) does a real nice job of disclosing the facts about the connection throughout the video having been a director herself of a Narconon program........

    It's clear who has more credibility by a long shot.......
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  16. Intelligence Member

    The ONLY thing 'Secular' about Narconon, is how the COS pushes their doctrines
    into the "Secular Community" - - it's called eeping Scientology Working through
    "Expansion" into the secular world. Meaning, numbers of raw meat in the shop
    and start having them do "Scientology Light Objectives Auditing" within one
    hour of arriving at Narconon.

    And within a few short weeks, the vulnerable victim is doing ALL these Scientology Processes!!!

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  17. Intelligence Member

    I'm Sooooo pumped about tomorrow!!!!:):):):):):):):) - - "Well you get the idea, eh'?"

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  18. Pique Member

    Actually no. Could you be a little more precise. ;)

    Have fun and BE SAFE everyone!
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  19. Anonymous Member

    There is not a word about Narconon's connection to Scientology in this video. The interviewer just accepts everything that Ahern says and tells him to keep up the good work.
  20. GuyFox Member

    Well duh, the whole thing seems to be edited in a few places. No wonder, it's narconon's own upload, it says only what they want it to say.
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  21. GuyFox Member

    This is superb. Thanks!
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  22. Intelligence Member

    Now don't go to sleep, "Sir Guy Fox - - work threw the night. You can sleep Sunday night AFTER
    you upload the HD Videos? Well, I guess it would be Monday morning sometime??? LOL :)

  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. PresidentShaw Member

    Raid was fun, we had quite a lot of people, sammiches, cake and music, a megaphone to mock the few narconon employees that showed up and were mad and yelling at us. They called the cops, the cops said lolno and let us be.

    There was wrestling, dancing. Gentlemen swordfights and some questionable art.

    Good times were had by all and I finally was able to shake David Love's hand.

    Pics and videos to come later when the montreal faggots manage to upload them.
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  25. Pique Member

    Thanks Shaw.
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  26. peterstorm Member

    Thread hereères-closing-party-raid.102104/
  27. Zak McKracken Member

  28. peterstorm Member

    Nuns won't approve lol
  29. failboat Member

    French article, posted in the last hour.

    copypasta'd from mnql1's post in party raid post-game thread:
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  30. DeathHamster Member

    How's those stats doing these days eh?
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  31. Intelligence Member

    Their Time is Nearly up for Appeal - will Release more Dox ASAP:)

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  32. Anon_With_Fro Member

    My body is ready.
  33. anon walker Moderator

    What else you got?
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  34. tools

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Has the date to appeal past?
  36. Intelligence Member

    Not yet I think, but getting close?
  37. Stacy Dawn Murphy

    23 years old found dead in narconon facility. 3rd person, in the same facility in oklahoma(narconon Arrowhead) to die in under a year. sherrifs office officially filled an investigation of the facility. support them however you can in stopping these people at this facility from taking another life
  38. Pique Member

    Welcome guest. We already have a thread about this young lady's unfortunate death

    And yes, many of us are already doing whatever we can to stop the loss of life.
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  39. Intelligence Member

    NN TR executives and OSA are in for more Canadian troubles right accross our great ation
    into Alberta and FSM country on the West Coast etc.

    Tv Cameras and Crew are rolling into Montreal over the next few days and we're going
    have some serious footage to air ASAP.

    This one WILL be a doozie indeed:)

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  40. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Yes; Narconon in the USA pulled it in by putting their HQ in Canadian, OK. Never tempt fate like that, kids. At least, not if you want to have nice things.

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