Narconon Trois-Rivieres is CLOSED! :-)

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. peterstorm Member

    Emilie made a mistake. It should read Mauricie, not Montérégie... and Anonymous, not Anonymus...
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  2. Thx for the translation. :)
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  3. Clamosaurus Member

    Mr Love(OMG how fitting your name is),

    You have shown what one person can set in motion an investigation, that can have a devastating effect on these hucksters preying on the vulnerable and weak.
    You my friend are a true Warrior.

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  4. moarxenu Member

    Since then, with the support of the Anonymous group that campaigns worldwide against the activities of the Church of Scientology, Love has filed multiple formal complaints with the College of Physicians, the Human Rights Commission and the Canada Revenue Agency.

    God bless Emilie. She is the first journalist I have seen in recent memory who did not describe Anonymous as "a hacktivist collective."
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  5. Anonymous Member

    They have a place in Hastings. David Love can tell you more since he's got some stuff on it as well.
  6. Anonymous Member

    In regards to this case
  7. peterstorm Member

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  8. Intelligence Member

    I think she was rushed a little:)

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Are we really not able to recognize a scitroll any more? Anon, I am disappoint.

    Missed this scitroll? Don't worry, another will be along shortly I am sure.
  10. Intelligence Member

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  11. Intelligence Member

    Yes, formal complaints have been submitted to UK Human Rights Commission
    and Health Ministry - - same format as here in Canada.

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  12. GuyFox Member

    This was filmed just a week ago, shows the inner parking lot (hidden from street view) was crammed full of cars. One person in a black jacket was caught on the drone cam, entering the male dorm / withdrawal building (not in the published cut of the vid).

    It will be most interesting to see if there's any change next time we scout the place out. Should give us a good idea if they're still keeping the place staffed.
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  13. BigBeard Member

    Since they've 'officially' closed, and there's on going investigations and litigation, it might be a good time to get the government (or a good lawyer) to lock down the NN TR accounts before they transfer the money out of the country. That is, the money that hasn't already be siphoned "up lines".

  14. Anonymous Member

    Bet that ship has already sailed.
  15. Intelligence Member

    Media just called - - rushing out door now,.., LOL.

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  16. AnonNoxMetus Member

    Mr. Love said staff wasn't paid in seven weeks:

    Was there money around to be transferred?
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  17. (Scientology Site)

    This is the promotional advertisement showing today 04/17/12 that Narconon puts on their websites to defraud addicts and their families out of millions with lies and false promises for their 'Non-Profit, Humanitarian' scam which is nothing but medically dangerous, unproven LRH Quack-therapies and Scientology courses.

    The scam continues unabated in the U.S.

    I hope this victory in Canada will be a huge catalyst in stopping this scam everywhere before more people get hurt badly both physically and financially by the unscrupulous cult of Scientology.

    Narconon is 100% Scientology.

    That's a period after the above sentence.

    Ty David Love for your tireless campaign, as a member of a family that has been ripped apart by Scientology and Narconon (we try to pretend otherwise) you've earned my deepest respect and heartfelt gratitude.
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  18. Strixcoil Moderator

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  19. Anonymous Member

    CBC Montreal radio report by Catou MacKinnon

    A health agency in Trois-Rivières will give details about its decision to shut down a Scientology-based rehab centre in Trois-Rivières. CBC has an exclusive interview with the family of a young man in rehab left stranded by the closure.


    Ontario mother: I'm just so angry with them. There's no way that they should be able to walk away from all these students the way they did.

    Catou MacKinnon: We're not identifying this Ontario mother in order to protect her son's identity. When the center was shut down, he'd just started the sauna detox portion of the $25,000 treatment.

    Ontario mother: We got no apologies down in Three Rivers.

    Catou MacKinnon: In a letter obtained by CBC News, the Health Agency in the Mauricie gives a dozen reasons for shutting Narconon down, among them: untrained staff, no evaluation of the severity of addictions or suicide risk, taking away medicine not related to the addiction, and, finally, using an approach not recognized in Quebec, that of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The young man's uncle says, for the family, Scientology isn't a problem, but he says the center was supposed to treat addiction and, instead, it abandoned its clients.

    Narconon TR patient's uncle: They got very hostile and they just kept saying they're doing everything they can.

    Catou MacKinnon: Narconon in Trois-Rivières is not commenting, and no one at the head office in California was available for an interview. The Health Agency will be giving more details about its decision later this morning.

    Catou MacKinnon, CBC News, Quebec City.
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  20. Tin_Foil Member

    Next to Miscavige getting arrested, the closure of TR is the next best and most tasty victory. David Love deserves major public accolades or a Nobel Prize for Fucking Awesomeness.

    I saw an earlier post that Canada is now Narconon-free? Trying to find confirmation using the search function here isn't helping me confirm this. Intelligence, can you confirm?
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  21. Xenu Is Lord Member

    It looks like the actions they are now taking can only hurt them worse. The arrogance is so overwhelming that everyone can see it. If they do file an appeal this behavior wont do them any good.

    I truly love the reasons given as to why the were shutdown. I can't see them ever reopening and being able to KSW. They won't budge on the medical drug issue and that alone will cause a conflict with professional medical standards. They would have to change so much it would no longer be Narconon.
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  22. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Oh it is coming, I am looking forward to the Tony Ortega exclusive interview :)
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  23. AnonNoxMetus Member

    He already stated somewhere else in the thread that there is one other small 5-6 (?) bed facility in Canada, and he's already begun to introduce himself to them as well. Too lazy to dox.

    Edit: Boredom > Laziness

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  24. Pique Member

    Alberta... www.narconon-edmonton(dot)com
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  25. jensting Member

    OK, I might have overstated this. My memory was that a spokesclam had successfully been corrected on this issue.

    But the most I've managed to dig up is that following a death in 1984 narCONon France never re-opened a treatment facility. They operate a would-be indoctrination campaign "non a la drogue, oui a la vie" but that's not the same as selling actual treatments.

    Best Regards

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  26. DeathHamster Member

    This is the best Oh Snap! for Narconon since Tom Cruise had his period!
    Bless Spiegel for having the balls to immediately call a celebrity on his BS!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Can't wait until Miscavige brags about unprecedented scilon expansion at the next scilon gala.
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  28. mnql1 Member

    Translation of a French article posted on April 17, 2012 on the website of the Trois-Rivières daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste:
    Narconon: l'Agence de santé craignait pour la sécurité des résidents
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  29. BLiP Member


    Oh, how sweet the scarce nectar of juicy, fresh, and glorious WIN! Thank you David Love. Canada has been made safer today thanks to you . . . savour your moment

    . . . back to work Monday, eh? There's the US still to go, remember? Ta.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    . . .

    Also . . .

    Hi "Shelbluc", remember us? We do not forget. How's Brenda
    Herzog who, until recently, was a Scientology FSM, still affiliated with and recommending Scientologist-owned services working in similar fields? Is that "Ex-Narconon" founder still on staff? You still using Scilonese in your promotional material? Still listing naturpaths as "doctors", are you? Hope not.

    Be seeing you.

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  31. peterstorm Member

    Sorry no time for the correct translation, so here's google translate

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  32. Pique Member

  33. Tin_Foil Member

    Thanks. I saw the Alberta facility on Google Maps but it is good to know that this facility is in the cross-hairs.

    I'm glad that Tortega is finally putting up an in-depth story on DL. It is long overdue.
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  34. AnonNoxMetus Member

    I hope the title is "Love shuts down Narconon."
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  35. So long, Narconon! Formidable, Dave!
    Anyone told Nick Xenophon about this?

    Oh, and in case this hasn't been posted ITT yet...

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  36. Herro Member

    So if they change their claims and practices to the satisfaction of state regulatory agencies are they able to get accreditation again?
  37. Anonymous Member

    ...Well, yeah. As long as they get the approval of a medical regulatory agency (which means leaving their vitamins and supplement cocktails, for example) they can pretty much get back on it.
    But it has to be then approved by the government and that can get rough there. But, we all can move mountains, doors and your mom's underwear.

    But I always try to believe the best of everyone.

    If it does get back, it will be less the Narconon we know and love/hate and more controlled. Probably safer. If not because of the government nuzzling it, it would probably be by fear of having them smelling under the dead horse. God knows that a name change solves anything, though...
  38. Anonymous Member

    The new program will be called WooHooCon.
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  39. Intelligence Member

    "Squrrel the Tech" - I doubt it?

  40. Anonymous Member

    Don't they need passports to be transferred to the US?

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