Narconon Trois-Rivieres - July 17, 2011 Protest

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Intelligence, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Major Boyle Member

    Le telejournal is French language CBC. Not CTV.
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  2. Intelligence Member

    My mistake; you are correct, CBS:),..,
  3. Intelligence Member

    My friend Arlene, passed away recently. She was a dear Friend at NN TR.

    She did not complete the NN Program for reasons I point my finger at the Ethics Officer
    who is now a Patient at NN TR.

    Her Sister Cheryl just sent me two messages after I posted the NN TR Protest Videos on
    my Facebook Wall:

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  4. RightOn Member

    thank you David
  5. tippytoe Member

    Pure, unadulterated WIN!!!
  6. Anonymous Member

    WARNING! Cultists may soon attempt to shut this video down. Please backup and execute Streisand Effect if it ever happens.
  7. LocalSP Member

    David Love showing how it is done right.
  8. Intelligence Member

    After spending two days protesting in extreme hot weather, I was trapped in
    a hot elevator last night. It was extreme hot and humid and hard to breath.

    Oh' well, I guess there's a reason :):):)

  9. Intelligence Member

    Credit goes to Montreal and Quebec Anonymous. Without Anonymous in general, I would have
    had to 'Pack it in" a long time ago. But thank you for the kind words:)

  10. Intelligence Member

    There was a comment posted on Guy Fox's Video, "do you realize you had no right filming the clients here???"

    In Quebec, the Quebec Human Rights Code grants all humans the right to their private life. For photography, this broadly-worded right allows each individual person in Quebec control over the use of their image (meaning, a photo of them).

    The Quebec Charter States:

    However, there are exceptions to this:

    We ran into a problem similar to this in Quebec City by the Police telling me
    I wasn't allowed to photo the ORG or people going in and out. I told the
    Police I would NOT stop because I was protected under the Charter. The
    Police backed off.

    Events that are News worthy or in the Public Eye in Quebec, are fair game (no pun intended). :)

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres were well aware that we would be there and that News Media would be there.
    That being said, they had a resposibility and duty to protect the indentity of their Patients who were
    in the back ground images of filming Narconon Staff members who approached and communicated with us.
    They were well aware of being filmed and did not object.

    It was a news worthy event, and when one of the Patients was asked if he objected to having his photo
    taken, his negative reply was respected and blurred out in the Video.

    There was no intention to violate any right to privacy under the Act.

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres could be liable in Law Suit, by not taking prudent measures to protect
    their Patient's confidentiality and privacy. A senior Staff Member, Andre Ahern, who is being investigated
    by authorities for physically detaining a Patient against their will, was standing by several people who
    were in the back ground of some filming. He did nothing except laugh and try to humour them.

    Good luck OSA, taking this film down and keeping it down or harassing anyone; when the fault points
    directly at the Narconon Trois-Rivieres Staff for once again, FAILING to be Professional Care Givers.

    On the contrary, the Narconion Staff are but, brain washed and controlled puppets, who care more about
    money, than the well being of Patients.

    Furthermore, the Staff and Patients have acres of property and inside area to be out of view of them being in
    any back ground images, and chose to be where they were; with Senior Staff permission.

    Enough said:)

  11. Intelligence Member

    The Volunteer Army Is Increasing Big Time.

    This July 17, 2011 Protest at Narconon Trois-Rivieres, has brought forth
    about 12 new supporters who are ready, able, and very willing to join the
    battle. Some are ex-Patients, and many are Loving Family Members of
    their Loved Ones who were Exploited and Abused.

    I am blown away by the support that is increasing daily.

    A FaceBook message to this person's Friends:
    There is dozens of these all over the place in the past few days. It's amazing:)
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  12. Intelligence Member

    LOL, this video is causing quite the stir with the NN Staff and OSA. Friends in Ontario are re-posting it all over their Facebook Wall. The hornets nest is buzzing huge. They're not upset over the filming, they are livid about broadcasting the OT3 :):):).
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  13. Because I don't wear a tinfoil hat I will assume the whole elevator thing was just an unfortunate event and not the result of nefarious behaviour on the part of persons unknown.

    How long did it take you to get out? :(
    Yay Fire Dept.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Reposting on facebook is nice, but it doesn't make the video any safer. Facebook posts simply link to the original, if it was down, so would be the resposts. What you need is - download in 1080HD (you want to keep the quality in order to preserve any details that may be important) and reupload as needed on any account... yours, your friends', whatever
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  15. yoshiyoyo Member this song will suit ya dave from a sauna wooden box in narconon to a steel box sauna in montreal. no more boxes and boxes stacked all over!! hahaha
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  16. Intelligence Member

    Have another video of NN Staff apartment complex, with story. Will try to post asap:)
  17. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I understand. We have the Original, plus there have been copies downloaded and saved on various hard drives and external drives,..., just
    in case we need them:)

  18. Intelligence Member

    Only took about 45 or so minutes? The first few seconds, I thought about what you are referring to,
    so I turned on my voice recorder, video camera, and went to a secure web site using my cell browser.
    I was one click away from releasing a whole ton of dox if I needed to. They would be released anyway,
    should I meet an untimely demise, but why not get er' done right away, eh'? Someone else has my password
    to these dox, but it may have taken a couple days.:)

    The whole ordeal was just an unfortunate event. The entire area was a black out from a Transformer blowing.

    But while inside the hot box, horrible memories of being illegally and physically detained against my will in a
    room, by Andre Ahern at NN TR. It's hard to explain the feelings of being held captive, through
    no fault of your own. Your freedom, liberty, and human rights, stripped away. They will stand accountable for
    this in due course indeed.

    A good dear Friend, Arlene, used to say to me, "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff, David" :)

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  19. GuyFox Member

    Replaced my original video! David, can you get your friends to update their facebook links of it and all?
    The original upload had horrible audio in some places, I have boosted it as far as it would go whenever voices were too quiet.

    And I've blurred the "students" some more. We see the public staff just fine, but I think some extra consideration for their victims is in order.

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  20. GuyFox Member

    Also, can we please give it as many views and ratings as possible to get it back up on the first page of results for "Narconon" in youtube?
  21. Anonymous Member

    If I play it over and over all weekend will Kitt give me a ride around the block?
  22. moarxenu Member

    Come on people, it's been only three hours and there are only 19 views and 2 comments. We can do better than this.
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