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    Thank you OP.
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    Some plaintext extractions (mainly the complaints stuff) which I've put up on OCMB.
    [you can in fact just use the first link and scroll down since the rest are in the same ocmb thread]

    Plaintext copy of a complaint letter dated 1st Nov 2007 and the action taken by the commission....

    Plaintext of another complaint 25th Sept 2008.....

    Another complaint from 25th Nov 2008.....

    The cult, via Peter Hodkin solicitors, makes an FOIA request 10th April 2007 to see previous complaints on file at the Charities Commission......

    Horsham Disctric Council complaint to Narconon about unlicensed street collecting (donations) 16th Sept 2006. The complaint was CC'd to the Charities Commission.

    The following is the plaintext of correspondence from the Charity Commission to the Treasury Solicitor 10th July 2003, showing that they are well aware of concerns about the efficacy or Narconon's rehab programme and the possibility of recruitment into the cult of scientology. However, back then, they are saying that Narconon wasn't actually carrying out this programme (in the UK) and were doing mainly drug education.
    [PDF page 38,39,40]
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