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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Mar 9, 2012.

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    On or about March 7, 2012, I viewed a Formal Complaint drafted against Narconon, Scientology, and Executives of each Entity RE: “Exploitation of Disabled/Handicap, Discrimination and other degrading abuses.
    Victim has a diagnosed disability, plus a Human Rights Commission recognized disability of addiction disease. Specifics determine extent of disability/handicap as prescribed under the Act.
    Formal Complaint to UK Human Rights Commission, with numerous attached evidence documents, to be filed early next week.
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  2. Malory Member

  3. Intelligence Member

    Thank God for this - - makes for an easier comparison for documents and any possible twists the COS may attempt to invoke.

  4. Sponge Member

    Thanks David.
    If you need any background info from the Narconon dox obtained via FOIA very recently from the Charities Commission for England and Wales, check out this OCMB thread:

    There are 3 Narconon registered charities for which batches of FOIA dox were obtained serperately.
    Narconon Trust (1112230).
    Narconon London (1098004).
    Narconon (267386).

    The OCMB thread is reasonably well laid out so you should be able to see from the main descriptions of the PDF file contents for each of the 3 charties whether anything is likely to be of any related interest.
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  5. Intelligence Member

    Hi Sponge - - yes I do some help with this Case. The UK Commission will be harder to convince than the Quebec or Canada Cases. I'm still researching (for days now), for a Case Precedent like we have here. Still have a very STRONG Case without it though.

    Also, what I need right now for the attached dox to the Formal Complaint, is any dox or info on
    the Cult's mind control tactics on victims, without victim even knowing what's happening. I've contacted
    E. Lerma - - he may have some.

    I should be able to post some of case details soon - - victim on a gradient process with me right now.
    Pretty overwhelming what they did to this person. DISGUSTING!!! And we have the Medical dox to
    prove it :)


  6. Anonymous Member

    Scientologists not recognized as Religious Workers by UK Border Agency

  7. Intelligence Member

    Sponge, can you please tell me in a couple sentences what is going on with the UK Charities Commission
    concerning NN and/or the COS?? Tx.

  8. Intelligence Member

    I don't want to state on the Forum which NN it is yet, to avoid any "Handling" by OSA before the dox
    are even filed OR after:) - - just need a few days (early next week should have UK Media on this).

    Any UK Anons have Media contacts???,..., LOL :)

  9. Intelligence Member


    A "Team"??? - - more like just "Anonymous people who CARE" - - not an organized Team;
    "much better", for we are FREE from any Leader - - free to be who we are :)

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  10. Sponge Member

    Nothing is going on at all really. If they were running something like the operation in your neck of the woods then it would have been an issue here for sure.
    From reading through some of the communications in the FOIA dox it seems that something might "go on" IF Narconon in the UK was actually intending to run a rehab. So far, the cult appears to be making claims that its entities are only for drug awareness/education including the Criminon "way to happiness" correspondence course. There is one facility in near Hastings on the south coast of england which is, in theory, geared up for rehab (it has the sauna) but there is no evidence of it actually being used for rehab and is actually quite unkempt from outside appearances. That facility lost its property tax (Businesss Rates) relief from the the local council (the discretionary part of the relief, because it was not seen to be providing any LOCAL benefit.. i.e. no rehab.) It still gets the mandatory part of the Business Rates property tax relief simply because it is a registered charity.
    That's the problem. i.e. Proving that there's any rehab going on. I really don't think there is (not anymore). So the cult claims it is only doing drug education and the charity commission can't do anything. Also the CC redirects complaints about the effacy of Narconon to other agencies responsible, or rather they don't, and they expect you to refer your own complaint yourself to wherever is appropriate.
    So, if you have evidence that they have been doing rehab in the UK recently and scientology is telling the CC that they don't to that (as seen in the FOIA dox) then that may cause problems for the cult if it now conflicts with the charitable purposes as laid down in their submissions.
    I don't know what threshold counts as "rehab". If they don't to the sauna/niacin thing and there's no resident patients and instead did just one-on-one counselling then is that rehab?

    Edit: Sorry, I tried doing it in a couple of sentences but it turned into a bit of a ramble with some repetition.
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  11. Sekee Member

    There has been an interesting Narconon press release today which I think is relevant to this thread.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    They seem to be offering free training. The Scientology corporation never offers free anything, so it means they have a hidden agenda or are just lying. I suspect this ad has something to do with getting/keeping charity status?
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  13. Anonymous Member

    They offer free stress tests. Free is a marketing ploy to get people buying Scientology.
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  14. Intelligence Member

    UK Victim went into Narconon end of November 2011 near here: East Grinstead
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  15. Intelligence Member

    Narconon Hastings


  16. Intelligence Member

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  17. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^^^ looks like what many places do. Testerday and today we were dealing with a reporter who thought there was a NN in Vancouver, Canada. In fact there is NOT! It is a phone number only, with
    no NN there at any address. Basically, it is a referral number to refer "Reaches" to NN TR
    at a ten percent of $30,000 = $3,000 commission fee. (FSM's).

    Is NN Manchester the same thing? I don't know yet?

  18. Anonymous Member

    Scientology ‘ethics’: Deviance, identity, and social control in a cult-like social world Roger Straus, Symbolic Interaction, 9(1), 67–82, 1986
    The Use of Mind Control in Scientology Monica Pignotti, 1991
    Social Control in Scientology Bob Penny, 1991
    Toward a new model of “cult control” Robert Vaughn Young, February 21, 2000
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  19. Intelligence Member

  20. Intelligence Member

    Thank you. Also just off the phone to USA for tons of this ^^^^^ awesome!

    Margaret singer - - mind control advisor:

    Ralph Slader

    Patricia Greenway
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  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Intelligence Member

    Reads like the "Duplication" "Control" AND most of all the "GRADIENT" processes at Narconon!

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  23. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^ is (excuse my Irish), ***Fu_ _king*** AWESOME!!! By the time we are done with all
    these Human Rights Commission cases, the investigators, lawyers, and Judges will never be the same:)

    (I know I won't be) :)
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  24. Intelligence Member

    Hey Fox, you're sure about this ^^^ eh'? - LOL :);-):)

  25. strobe Member

    Narconon Manchester

    I remembered in 2008 there was a residential address for Narconon Manchester -
    9 Haydock Avenue, Sale M33 4GG
    0161 969 8251

    After a quick search:

    Narconon Manchester seem to have a new Facebook page this year:

    Can't find a trace of any new Manchester centre, just their ambassador 'Peter Dwan'
    He apparently has a weekly show on Salford City Radio, and has used it to promote Narconon****:

    His page on the 'free training':

    Below are Narconon Manchester links, remove the spaces:
    Main: www.narconon
    Ambassador: www.drugrehab

    ****OH SHI-, who also has a slot an hour later? Anthony Brinkman, Head of CoS Manchester!
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  26. Intelligence Member

    Yes, it was a Narconon in a residential "House" that this UK victim went to.

  27. Intelligence Member

    Now we're on our way to Caek:)
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  28. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^^^ is what I needed desperately:) The Exploitation should be easy once I find a Case Precedent or two like the following one in Canada which made our Cases strong:


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  29. DeathHamster Member

    Scilon Pirates attack! Warden of the Cinque Ports to Hastings!

    (Kingmaker humour.)
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  30. Intelligence Member

    This is ^^^^ confirmed.

    2 Albany Road
    East Sussex
    TN38 0LN

  31. Intelligence Member

    All Data I had assumed yesterday, has been confirmed by Victim today:)

    Narconon London - Hastings Branch
    Caple Ne Ferne
    2 Albany Road
    St Leonards on Sea
    East Sussex
    TN38 0LN
    Telephone: 01424 420 036

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  32. Sponge Member

    Possibly a key document from the stuff I mentioned up thread from this OCMB post: ....

    Annual Return 2007
    Charity Number: '1098004
    Submitted on 25 February 2009


    Specifically, the tables on PDF page 3 & 4 Under "A8 - CHARITY CLASSIFICATION" i.e. I am talking about what they have and what they haven't ticked with regard to the possibility that they have been operating as a residential rehab when clearly they only specified 102 education/training but did NOT tick 103 Meedical/Health/Sickness, nor did they tick 104 Disabiltity, or 107 Accomodation/housing.
    That doesn't sound like a description of a rehab. Check out the rest yourself because i don't know what is or isn't important to this case.

    By the way, Accounts for 31 Dec 2010 are 131 days overdue and the Annual Return for 31 Dec 2009 is 496 days overdue. ( ref: ).
    So, in theory they could react to you what you are posting in public and alter the charitable purposes whenever they do get their arses in gear and submit the latest Annual Returns. Not that it would remotely help them in a complaint (which is precisely what they've been trying to avoid by indicating that they are not a rehab except as far as education).

    It seems to me that the cult is indicating to the Charities commission that they don't do actual rehab yet often hint at it in their literature and PR, perhaps filtering people into a covert rehab(meaning recruitment) which possibly breaks laws.

    Of course I defer to sound professional legal interpretation and advice.
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  33. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^^ is BEAUTIFUL!!! I know what you mean about them reading what I'm posting - - it's cleared by Victim and they appreciate the Thread. I am only posting what I need to post for specific reasons. Much more is in PM's:)

    Being a Residential Treatment facility has stringent guidlines. This is why NN TR will most likely be shut down accross Canada. But it seems they are preparing for this in the form of Narconon First Step program in Quebec City ORG, etc. Even in Vancouver and other Provinces, the promote "invisible Narconons". These are simply referral scams to forward to actual Residential sites. If they are (when), shut down in Canada, which I am expecting, these other Narconons in Canada will keep running (and legally).

    It seems to me, on the surface, that this UK Narconon (which IS/WAS operating as a Residential), may in for a Shit-Storm in due course. In fact beginning next week, these clouds WILL appear over their head. I'm just running some Security Checks right now on certain people - - just to cover my ASS and NOT put our cases in Canada at risk. I must be care of my Credibility - - which their COS Law Firm has adivsed me they will be attacking me HARD! For me, it's not an issue - - attack away, there are sharp teeth at ready to bite them back on their ass:)

    Had another "Brunch" meeting with my trusted Monitor/Advisor and another good friend last night on Skype for quite some time concerning potential OSA Intelligence OP's on me and others involved. It looks like we are fine for now and have increased Security in ALL directions. NO paranoid at all, just being VERY cautious. I am AMAZED at the INCREDILE talents of Anonymous!!!

    They always react to what I do and say and I usually hear about it quickly,..., LOL. I think they need a bigger gun for all the "Foot-Bullets":):):)

    On another note: The UK Human Rights Commission website has some lovely Case Precedents I found. I'm pretty well done with most of the digging. Need a few more critical details and we're off to the races.

    I want ALL concerned (and save your breath OSA), I don't in any way whatsoever, offer legal advice; nor do I write ANY complaints for others OR encourage them to do so. My only advice to abused victims (in writing), is to simply tell their story; do NOT exagerate in ANY way whatsoever; do NOT embellish ANY facts; and be as detailed as possible with everything. The Law of the Land will do the rest:)

    Footnote: Many decades ago, the Irish took the English off their Christmas card lists. My forefathers had quite some time with the English. It's nice that things have calmed down now and their is loving peace between our countries.

    My Irish father, landed on the East Coast near New York when he was a young Lad. Thousands of Irish children were sent to America - - Potatoe famine & hard economics in Ireland. He grew into a strapping 6' - 4" bold talking man. When he spoke, people listened; especially me. "David" he said, "If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well!" - - And so, I push on with many of his words in my mind. He would be proud :)
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  34. Intelligence Member

    This is very good, Sponge:) - - I think what the Victim may do, is send a Copy of their Human Rights Complaint to the Charities Commission. I am preparing to send my evidence dox to the Canada Commission to prove the far more harm than good criteria in the Commission's "Public Benefits Test" to determine such.

    Handling these both at the same time, (same Common Laws), is a caek walk.:)

    It's time the COS learns, that the Laws are NT made to be "bent", but "obeyed" by ALL!

  35. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^^^ is from a 66 page WORD document!!!
  36. Intelligence Member

  37. Intelligence Member


    Clearly "Residential, with Sauna - everything (the complete Narconon Program) - (even the Quack is a Scientologist that the patients see). May be a College of Physicians case here :):):)

  38. Intelligence Member
    Will post Video later of Coucillor.

  39. Intelligence Member

    Narconon in the UK

  40. Intelligence Member

    In my opinion, Narconon in th UK is in HUGE trouble.

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