Narconon Vista Bay (Watsonville) 2009 Financial Report

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  1. Anonymous Member

    IRS Form 990 Filing by Narconon of Northern California for 2009
    doing business as Narconon Vista Bay of 262 Gaffey Road Watsonville CA 95076-9731
    Also identified as Narconon International of Watsonville at
    Tax Identification and Employer's Identification Number 77-0275827

    From $10,108.056 in Revenues reported for Narconon in Watsonville in calendar year 2009,
    payments were made to:

    Daniel M Manson
    $248,902 + $9800 deferred/retirement

    Angie Manson
    Vice President
    $230,575 + $9223 deferred/retirement
    President Daniel Manson and Vice President Angie Manson are married

    Mathew Guernaccini
    Senior Director of Production
    $148,766 + $5951 deferred/retirement

    Dana Guernaccini
    Public Registration Supervisor
    $157,301 + $9,749 deferred/retirement
    Matthew Guernaccini and Dana Guernaccini are married

    Michael DiPalma
    Chief Intake Counselor and Student Intake Counselor
    $ 23,634 + $242,159 bonus/incentive
    + $9,225 deferred/retirement

    Jeffrey Panelli
    $123,521 + $11,649

    Juan Carlos R Ubillus
    Senior Director of Expansion
    $120,365 + $4,598

    Nathan W Tuddenham
    Senior Director Administration
    $112,727 + $9,531

    Helena Kobrin
    $14,250 Retainer for Legal Counsel
    Related to Trustee Michael Kobrin

    Trustees are Chuch Koch, Laura Blush, David Puliafico

    Directors are Jerry Nemier, Justice Edward Panelli, Scott Friend, Mary Jane Elliott Pase, and Lora French

    Director Justice Edward Panelli is the father of Jeffrey Panelli

    Kathryn L Horton
    3233 Valencia Avenue, Units A2-A3, Aptos CA 95003 800.556.8885

    David Puliafico
    Tax Form Preparer
    Fees not disclosed on 990 form
    1630 Tennant Avenue, Morgan Hill CA 95037 408.778.1345

    Drew Hubbell
    General Contractor
    P O Box 8650, South Lake Tahoe CA 96158 who constructed New Rehab Facility

    Stephen M Stein MD
    Medical Doctor Services provided
    140 Pineridge Road in Santa Cruz

    "Return to work program" participants, 47 students, received $50 per week for a total of $18,900 in 2009

    "Narconon Vista Bay delivered 227,100 hours of drug rehabilitation services and 2,169 life
    skill courses to 386 individuals. As our final product, we graduated 195 Drug Free Lives
    Services ...there were 32,118,960 hits to the organization's internet web sites during
    the year..." (Note: 195/386 = 49%)

    The facility reported gross revenue generation of $40,034,108 for years 2005 through 2009
    ($5,114,736 in 2005, $6,330,498 in 2006, $9,778,008 in 2007, $8,723,463 in 2008 and
    $10,087,403 in 2009). An additional $50,376 in income derived from interest and dividends.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Fiscal Year Starting: Jan 01, 2009
    Fiscal Year Ending: Dec 31, 2009

    Total Revenue



    Total Expenses $9,576,681
  3. RightOn Member

    who the HELL at the IRS read this financial report and found it to be "normal"?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Stephen M Stein MD
    Medical Doctor Services provided
    Steven Stein, MD's Overview

    • Executive Clinical Science Liaison at Takeda Pharmaceuticals
    • Clinical Science Liaison at Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America
    • Saba University School of Medicine
    As an Executive Clinical Science Liaison, I provide improved service and support to the medical and research community by acting as an extension of the Medical and Scientific Affairs Department. Also, I am working with sales, sales training and marketing to enhance disease state knowledge, review new training modules for accuracy in scientific content, quality control and assessment of proper training of national field liaison team.
    I am looking to advance my career in the pharmaceutical industry by looking for opportunities not only as a field based employee but also a home office based position. I would definitely be open to various opportunities that arise within medical and scientific affairs.

    Cardio-Metabolic, Hematology/Oncology, American College of Physicians, American Society of Hematology, American Diabetes Association

    very interesting!
    looks like Stevey went to a Caribbean university
    Saba is an island in the caribbean

    looks like Helena had her mitts in this too?
    Held on retainer?

    Helena Kobrin
    $14,250 Retainer for Legal Counsel
    Related to Trustee Michael Kobrin
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  5. Anonymous Member

    David Puliafico- Tax Form Preparer
    listed in COS completions as well as Daniel or Dan Manson - the President and Kathy or Kathi Horton- as the treasurer
    And we all know that Helena has represented COS many times before

    Good thing Narconon has nothing to due with Scientology! eh?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Chuck Koch listed as a trustee is also in COS completions
    although mispelled as "Chuch" on the report
    Jerry Nemier, Mary Jane Elliot Pase is listed as MJ Pase in COS completions

    Jeffrey Panelli - listed on 2007 director of external affairs. Earned $130,088.
    and 2006 Senior director of expansion. Earned $78,141.

    and Drew Hubbel listed on as possible COS connection

    Lora French- a Narconon grad and writes articles on Narconon called "Narconon Myths Revealed"
    www. dot. the free (destunked this link) among other places on the net
    she wrote:
    "Myth #2 - Narconon is Scientology and was started by Scientologists. This is not true. "

    Nathan Tuddenham- listed in Xenu directory
    in 2007- Senior director of administration. Earned $124,269.
    in 2006- Senior director of administration. Earned $67,738.
    Michael G. DiPalma-
    Chief Intake Counselor and Student Intake Counselor
    $ 23,634 + $242,159 bonus/incentive
    + $9,225 deferred/retirement

    listed in Xenu directory
    2007- Intake counselor. Earned $172,363.
    2006- Public registration. Earned $124,590.
    2005- Public registration. Earned $98,414.
    2004- Registrar. Earned $63,120.

    Matthew Guernaccini- listed as "Matt" in
    The Auditor Issue 325 June 2005 - alt.religion

    There is a Rodrigo Ubilis listed as senior director of expansion in 2008

    And it looks like that Mathew's wife Dana used to be Dana Rebasti listed in Xenu directory
    2007- Intake counselor. Earned $140,797.
    2006- Public registration. Earned $101,585.
    2005- Public registration. Earned $100,125.
    2004- Registrar. Earned $61,665.

    much more stuff on Narconon Northern California here:
  7. Anonymous Member

    hey IRS!
    all this info found in minutes?
    Its called the INTERNET
    maybe use it once in a while when you see returns like this?
  8. anoninoob Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Thanks OP!
  10. DeathHamster Member

  11. RightOn Member

    its one big vat of clam stink
    totaly amazing that they get away with this shit.
    Lora French saying that Narconon has nothing to do with Scientology pfft!
    she is a comedian
  12. Intelligence Member

    This looks likea Reg`s commission. Minimum wage plus HUGE Commission incentives.

    Half million dollars!!! And how much goes up lines into COS coffers for ``Banked Auditing Sessions``

    The Scams of Scams!!!

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  13. RightOn Member

    The Scams of Clams aka Clam Scam
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  14. Intelligence Member

    I didn`t realize Vista Bay was such a going concern.Wow!

  15. RightOn Member

    thats a lot of clams coming into that Clam Scam
    serious cash they were taking in.
    I wonder if their profits have dropped off since 2009?
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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Intelligence Member

    So, NN California is a different one from NN Vista Bay???

    Me neeedz to not be so ignorant of the USA NN Scams!:)

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  18. anoninoob Member

    WARNING!! $ci site so proxi up!!!

    Drug Rehabilitation - California


    Narconon Vista Bay
    Drug Rehab Center
    262 Gaffey Road
    Watsonville, CA 95076
    Phone: (831) 768-7190
    Phone: 1-800-556-8885
    Fax: (831) 768-7194
    Website: Narconon Drug Rehab Northern California
    Narconon San Diego
    Drug Rehabilitation Center
    35025 Highway 79
    Warner Springs, CA 92086
    Toll-Free: 1-800-405-8409
    Phone: (760)782- 0471
    Fax: (760) 782-0695
    Website: Narconon Drug Rehab San Diego


    Narconon Drug Prevention
    and Drug Education California

    13850 Graber Ave
    Sylmar, CA 91342
    Phone: (888) 800-8331
    Websites: Narconon Drug Education California
    Narconon Drug Rehabilitation California

    Friends of Narconon
    622 E. Villa Street
    Pasadena, CA 91101
    Phone: (800) 882-6862
    Fax: (626) 796-4302
    Website: Narconon Drug Education -
    Website: Friends of Narconon
  19. anoninoob Member

    we should googlebomb and top the list with Narconon Warning site yes?
  20. Intelligence Member

    SHIT!!! California is plagued with Cult-Sect, Scientology Rehab Centers! I like California - - been there
    several times. When I'm done back in Eastern Canada, I will be moving home back to British Columbia,
    just a couple inches on the Map above California.:) - - AND I'll have a new Passport in hand.

    Can hardly wait:):):)
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  21. Intelligence Member

    When all the numbers are approximated from ALL global Narconons, the money
    machine revenue is staggering! And when the patient recruit spin-offs and revenue
    into COS coffers is added in, it's quite unbelievable.

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  22. Anonymous Member

    If you want to see the narconon locations that belong to narconon Southern California go to narconons site
    Plus South Central Outreach Center (narconon sites) and Harlingen Outreach Center
    To view all of narconons that file a Form 990 go here: and type narconon in the search field.
  23. DamOTclese Member

    A good money making fraud for these shitting goat-fucking Scientology criminals.
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  24. anoninoob Member

    now I wouldn't encourage a takedown of any of these websitesmind you...
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  25. RightOn Member

    L Ron sporting a NOI tie?

    I guess these clams get paid from the hard earned money of desperate parents and families trying to get their loved ones better.
    Is the pay they receive tax exempt?
    Then do they make a big donation to Scientology every year? Or several small ones?
    And do they write off these donations off their taxes ? And COS doesn't pay taxes on donations?
    Is this the way it goes down?

    Would be nice to know the "charitable donations" of these workers to COS every year then?
    Yes I know people can do whatever they want with their money, but this helps to show even more that Narconon is connected to Scientology. Well is Scientology.

    I would like to ask Lora French about the articles she writes and claims that Naconon isn't Scientology?
    I would like to ask her why is the tone scale is used and the Purif and why does Scientology have/had the Narconon logo at the bottom of their website?
    yeah I know she would say that they just use the teachings of COS. right?
  26. RightOn Member

  27. RightOn Member

    these people were not very pleased with Vista Bay
    Feb 2011
    posted on Ripoff Report

    here is a snip
    "We received a phone call, from one of the "councilors" that our loved one had left the facility. I was shocked because they went willingly and asked for help. They started in on what sounded like a scripted speech, stating that are loved one would tell us that Vista Bay was a Scientology cult. She said that they were not religious in any way, and that the program was based on a few principals that were started by L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Red flag!

    My loved one later made it to a pay phone and called for help. During the first days at the center, our loved one told us that he was forced to sign paper work that agreed to a no refund policy. There was never a Dr. present at any time in the facility. All belongings were removed and there was no outside contact of any kind. The patients were subjected to 7 hours a day of reading from the book Alice And wonderland, and staring at another student for an hour without moving. They were forced into strange repetitious exercises. There are no certified councilors on site. It is run by graduates of the program that have had their own struggles with addiction.

    I hope they report this to someone else and not just the rip off report!
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. anoninoob Member

    WTF!?! "The facility reported gross revenue generation of $40,034,108 for years 2005 through 2009"

    $40,034,108 in four years?!?
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  30. Astonishing, isn't it?
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  31. RightOn Member

    yes and evidently the IRS does not find it astonishing or worth looking into it :confused:!!!

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