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  1. Table 9

    ^ members of the control group perceived themselves more able to resist pressure to take drugs than members of Narconon group - yet the written part of the study says the opposite.
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    I <3 this thread, please do carry on.
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    This could be chopped. It's an awkward coat-rack for a dead site.
  4. ABLE also funded the study discussed above, which might be worth mentioning. It's declared at the bottom of the study.
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    Funding? Please elaborate. I only saw:
  6. That's what I saw too - I don't see what other kind of 'support' they could have provided.

    I accept that could be seen as a little thin. :)
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    Like, ermm... execute the program on test subjects in the first place? ;)
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  8. Isn't that


    Anyway, no matter. Surely the fact that one of the authors is a former Narconon director, and the write-up doesn't match the data, ought to be enough to sink it ....
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    Guys, be bold. No mercy on deleting. Whales knows that he is on shaking grounds. Wiki is still alive because it is useful, to spammers, to us. It it stops to be useful, someone will kill it, or hurt it. Edit wars is the least wikipedians are worrying.
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    I could imagine what they did was also just give questionnaires to narconon inmates before and after "treatment" and base their facts off that.
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    i love this thread.
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    From their (ABLE) 2005 Form 990 PDF page 33
    ABLE International researched and finalized several studies and white papers, including:
    Drug Storage in Adipose Tissue – Literature review: This is a paper reviewing the scientific literature on the storage of drugs in fatty tissue and the implication of this for health matters.
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    Every thread on WWP should be of this high caliber.
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    ^ Scientology courses that she's completed.

    I think it would be fair to say that she was definitely a Scientologist at the time the study was done.

    ^ Does this mean she's a major donor?

    Anybody know what 'Patrons' means?

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    That is not this study I believe. Any facts establishing the study "" was funded by ABLE?
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    Gentlemen, most impressive. &lt;3

    I hear this is healthy, enjoy

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    The best thing is that OSA is working at full capacity due to the fallout from Debbie Cook's letter. They can't do anything about it right now.
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    I bet that they had to fill out a positive questionnaire in order to pass their course--just like the Big Win stories.
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    There were a couple rounds of hunting down and debunking Narconon/Purif references on ARS years ago. It might be worth searching names and papers there.
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    Quite. However, it is used as source for the statement: "Though still being examined, clinical experience with people exposed to environmental chemicals, as well as experience with drug users, indicate that the program of exercise, sauna therapy, and nutrition is helpful".

    It can be used as source for it being tested, it can be used as source for it being tested on people exposed to different things, but it can not be used as source for any indication it might actually be helpful.
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    AFAIK, "success stories" are compulsory at the end of the treatment.

    Possible additions to WP (I can help find the sources):
    - Harmful level of niacin used in the purification rundown,
    - Biological impossibility of some substance in the sweat,
    - No more narconon centers in France.
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  26. Another possible addition to the WP article:

    The ruling itself will be on the Advertising Standards Authority website.
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    This is DEFINITELY usable.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Moar references to quote from if they aren't already in the article:

    Outline For Recovery House Evaluation - Narconon New Life Forest S. Tennant, Jr., M.D., Dr.P.H., Jane Thomas, R.N., Mike Reilly, and Joseph Shannon, M.D., M.P.H. California State Department of Health, 31 October, 1974

    Findings of the accompanying state inspection of the activities of Narconon Wolfgang Heckmann, 1979

    Findings of Fact regarding the Narconon-Chilocco Application For Certification Oklahoma Board of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, 13 December, 1991

    Expert advice regarding Narconon's treatment program Prof. Folke Sjoqvist, Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, June 2, 1998

    Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program Evaluation Deborah Wood, Ph.D, California Healthy Kids Resource Center, January, 2005

    Narconon Credibility Investigation Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, July 25, 2006

    A brief summary and evaluation of the evidence base for Narconon as drug prevention intervention Rigmor C Berg Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services ISBN 978-82-8121-214-5

    Health Insurance claim denied for Narconon "There does not appear to be a clear structured therapy process orientating the member to recovery resources.", Asuris Northwest Health
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  29. I'm pretty sure the UK Home Office assessed Narconon (because they applied to be used in prisons) and found it "not fit for purpose". I'll try to dig up the report.
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    From the Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program Evaluation Deborah Wood, Ph.D, California Healthy Kids Resource Center, January, 2005:

    Is this somehow exploitable? It basically says the theoretical background of Narconon is woo-woo.
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  32. "Drugs burn up vitamins and nutrients" is one of the questions in the dodgy study:

    It's interesting because it shows the biggest difference in the table (6 months later - 73% versus 50%) - so their own study shows they have succeeded in convincing the kids of this incorrect 'fact'.
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    Strictly speaking, wikipedia is not supposed to publish research results. If a journalist in a reputable paper or an academic/professional in a journal reviews that research, only can then the review be summarized on the wiki. The research paper can only be presented and linked if somebody "reliable" reviewed it. That self promotion in the OP can be safely removed. But all wikipedians who remains have their own agendas, and they resort to use underage virtual slaves to patrol for vandalism, who doesn't know anything.
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    An excellent example from that:
    The program, Narconon Drug Prevention & Education, "often exemplifies the outdated, non-evidence-based and sometimes factually inaccurate approach, which has not served students well for decades," concluded Steve Heilig, director of health and education for the San Francisco Medical Society.
    In his letter to Trish Bascom, director of health programs for the San Francisco Unified School District, Heilig said five independent experts in the field of drug abuse had helped him evaluate Narconon's curriculum.
    <ref>{{cite news | first = Nanette | last = Asimov | title = Church's drug program flunks S.F. test / Panel of experts finds Scientology's Narconon lectures outdated, inaccurate | url = | work = San Francisco Chronicle | date = 2004-10-02 | accessdate = 2009-12-20 }}</ref>
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