Nashville miniraid: 2/28

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Elbynonamous, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Elbynonamous Member

    Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    Lol, we fucked up their world by showing up unexpected.

    I got my pictures taken by a cool guy with a SCN soopur sekrit club jacket. He actually stopped and we posed for him! They were from New York. I guess they're helping out with the new AWESOME IDEAL ORG!!!

    We got lots of honks and I passed out some of my awesome new YFTCs. Little mini fliers! We had a lulzy conversation with an old guy about his son's LRH books.

    We had a great time. I left early because I had flip flops on. :C Some guy in a car asked me about it, and he was like, "You have your mask and sign, but no good shoes?" Lmao, good point. ;D

    I'm glad I could come. Juche, 44, and Nixon will be home soon and they can give you the rest of the update. :)
  2. juche Member

    Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    It was awsm but fucking cold. By the time we'd left, we'd been standing in the freezing rain (as in actually freezing, not in some metaphorical sense) for like twenty minutes. The construction workers and a couple of random scns watched us from their stoop at the Ideal for like ten minutes but then I guess they got sick of hearing how many people think Scientology is a cult (HONK HONNNNNK). Talked to a random guy who had seen the permit for construction pulled but didn't know where they were actually doing renovations -- he was PISSED when he found out it was Fall Business School because that shit is a Nashville historical landmark.

    We had four people stop and talk to us then of course that car full of scns taking our photographs when their mad lame 'THANKS FOR SMILING HUR HUR HUR.'

    They have taken down the big 'CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY' sign and the Dianetics pyramid plaque at the front door -- no clue why. I'll post a photograph of the missing sign when I, you know, get around to it.

    Great fun, lots of honks, good amount of win. I went after the raid to get some bubble tea -- Elby had gone earlier to get hers and spoke to the owner about our loltastic night when the scns called the cops to say we were breaking into Fat Straw -- and the owner was loling pretty hard and talking about how hateful the scns are. As I was leaving, he laughed and said 'stay out of trouble.'

    Good fuckin' times.
  3. subgenius Member

    Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    Love from Detroit.
  4. Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    vids and pics comming
  5. Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28


    Jewtube uploading... will edit when avaliable.

    and I fail at cameras, apparently

    [ame=""]YouTube - CHANOLOGY Nashville Mini-Raid pt.2 2/28[/ame]
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    Way to go guys! And extra points for doing it on such a terrible day!
    Sorry I had to miss it. So you went to the new org? And they were working
    on a Saturday?

    Neither rain nor snow or whatever that shit is its doing now will keep the Nashville
    anons from kicking a little Scilon ass!
  7. Stutroup Member

    Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    Epic win, Nashanons! :D
  8. Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    I didn't catch it, but some of the construction workers inside the org were waving at us, and some outside did a quick dance party with us from behind their gates. I just think it's hilarious if those workers are talking about how crazy a cult it is, while inside there :D
  9. juche Member

    Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    We started out at the old one. There was A LOT of movement in and out -- we saw at least a dozen different people which is a huge amount of traffic for our org u kno. After about forty-five minutes, an hour, we went to the new org where we got sleeted on T_T.

    We stayed out longer than the scns, and they were covered. WHO FEELS MORE STRONGLY ABOUT THE CAUSE, EH? Anonymous, that's fuckin' right.
  10. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    Will cross post this for maximum coverage. Some of the artfags along with myself are going to make some durable, reuseable, plastic(or tape, or laminate, or whatever) covered signs. That way we don't have to keep hastily remaking ones everytime.(or course, we can still make others on the fly, but this can be our foundation) I'd like some input on what to put on the signs.

    I'm willing to make as many all purpose ones that we need.

    Elby, I have your big one that we had today, and we can make a carbon copy of it, since that one is in its death throes.

    So we have:
    1)Scientology is a cult. Eductate yourself. (That one was the big one)
    2)Honk if you think Scientology is a cult.
    3)The great big o banner one.(Warning: entering cult zone)

    Any other ideas?
  11. ravenanon Member

    Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    Nash FTW
  12. Elbynonamous Member

    Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    I have plans for that epic corner wall.

    It will be claimed as Elbyville.

    Oh, yes. I have epic plans for that epic corner. 8D

    I also have a "HONK IF YOU THINK SCIENTOLOGY IS A CULT" v2.0 sign in the works. I just have to get some foam board.

    Also: construction paper and ModPodge? THE FUCKING SHIT. ModPodge is a type of craft glue that comes in a jar, and it glues glossy. <3 I've been cutting the letters out of construction paper and gluing/sealing with MP. They look wonderful. ;w;
  13. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    I'd like to subscribe to this modpodge's news letter. Where might I go about acquiring some of this?
  14. Elbynonamous Member

    Re: Nashville miniraid: 2/28

    Walmart. :)

    Also Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.


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