Nashville Nov - 5, 2009?

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anonyb615, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Re: Nashville Nov - 5, 2009?

    Would it be legal for me to bring a small, handheld iPod/speaker combo loaded with the sound byte of LRH himself telling the Xenu story? A fairly significant portion of the Scilon footsoldiers tend to ask for "hard evidence", so I'd be curious as to their response to something so concrete. They listen to this man's voice day in, day out, so they'd recognize it as being legitimate. I was also considering printing out some of LRH's handwritten dox regarding disconnection, etc.

    I've been a hypnotist for a few years, and these people have ALL of the symptoms of having been slowly and effectively hypnotized. They are trapped in a recursive loop of lies, aggression/stress, and reinforcement. There has to be a way of kindly and humanely bringing these (at least some) people out of it. I feel like bringing real evidence to the table may contribute.

    Have any of you tried this, and to what result? What do you think?
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    Re: Nashville Nov - 5, 2009?

    Most of the scilon footsoldiers (in Nash) employ curtain tech, and hide tech. Having some audio on hand cannot hurt, however. The recent news reports may prompt them to be more 'confront'.

    That said, we primarily interact with the public. (Regular public not scin public.) The most effective materials you can bring will be those that target the general public such as flyers and cards, and of course nice big signs.

    As far as what I think: The Xenu story has no magic powerz for getting scin's to blow. There are plenty of scn's in that know all about the alien crap and persist in defending both Scn and LRH. The rest of them just run from it or laugh it off.

    Frankly, if they want to believe in the Xenu story, I have no more problem with that than if they want to believe the Great Green Arkleseizure sneezed the universe into existence, and that the Coming of the Great White Handkerchief will happen in 2012. I'm more concerned with schooling them on forced abortions, SO beans and rice, medical mal-practice, the RPF, staff beat-downs, disconnection, harassment of Ex members and critics, etc.
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    Re: Nashville Nov - 5, 2009?

    I completely agree. I just wondered if it would serve a purpose. But you're right: the blatant crimes against civil liberty and privacy that the CoS commits are the vital concern.

    (by the way, nice Hitchhiker's reference, haha)
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    Re: Nashville Nov - 5, 2009?

    No harm in asking. But as I said before, the Nash CC has had no confront, and neither did any of their previous incarnations. The best they have mustered so far apart from their speshul grand opening event is to draw curtains, bawwing to the police who in turn laugh at them, and bawwwing about the lawsuit on youtube.

    Could that change? Possibly. In the mean time, I would say focus on the general public.
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    Re: Nashville Nov - 5, 2009?

    i think its funny that the "fattest" cells are the ones with alot of wins and activity.
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    Re: Nashville Nov - 5, 2009?

    what are nashville's wins, again? some guy got arrested and they dropped the charges?

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