Nashville TN Feb 16, 2013 5 Year Anoniversary lets have a party!

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anonymous, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

  2. anonsoldier Member

    So, less than a week out. Who is bringing what? I'll have a couple hundred trifolds and some blank sign sheets and sharpies. I will be self sufficient for water and noms. I plan on brushing up on my confront because there's a good chance we'll have contact with the people who are going to the basketball thing. Also, going to bring $20 to give to the basketball thing, but only to the non-cult people running things. Culties would probably try to lift my fingerprints from the bill, then pocket it for their own nefarious purposes.

    5 years later and still no C&D letter, OSA? You guys are so downstat it's ridiculous.
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  3. moarxenu Member

    Really, that is a shame. Many of us are proud of our letter of lulz trophies.
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  4. anonsoldier Member

    I guess I'm just not enturbulating enough for them to think it worthwhile to C&D me, which would mean figuring out who I am. I'm still very very careful about my identity when I protest. I think there's maybe 4 Anons who've seen my face.

    Just gonna have to hit them hard this Saturday! PROTEST!!!
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  5. MuffinKat Member


    not Mexico, JUST SOMBREROS

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  6. anonsoldier Member

    I need to requisition a sombrero. I have a selection of suits, shirts, and ties. I have multiple face covering mask options.

    But I have no sombrero.
  7. Anonymous Member

    A bunch of Nashanons were C&D'd early on, but nothing since 2009. I haven't gotten one, but we did have a party at Juche's house to watch the video they sent her parents. Ahhh, good times. We're pretty sure those that were C&D'd were dox'd because they parked in the WO Smith lot but we can't be sure. If you really want one you can give that a shot :). Seriously don't think that after the assault and subsequent support we got from the Nashville police department that they will try anything that stupid but you never know.

    We rarely get bull baited. They have sent people over to talk to us, sent people over to try to set us up. If anyone comes to talk to you make sure that at least one of us is with you or filming it. Since this raid was planned way in advance you just never know, they may have a surprise for us. But I doubt it.

    Nashanons are a tight group, at least those of us remaining are. We go out and play after the raids. You're welcome to come with, but we understand if you'd rather not so as to protect your identity.

    Dammit Muffin I have no sombrero. I will see if I can come up with one. Can't wait to see you bb, have missed you muchly!!!!!

    Also, yeah Desu! you bringing anything new for us to read?

    Ok, time to go to work or imma be late.
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  8. juche Member

    For a hot minute, I considered booking WO Smith for the lulz, but we ended up having to go with a church because of Nixon's conservative Southern Baptist family. SADDEST DAY.
  9. rickybobby Member

    Y'all-- I used to live in Nashville, and I miss it. If I was there, I would SOOOO be with you guys. YOU GO! Nashville ROCKS.
  10. anonsoldier Member

    I appreciate the advice. I'm not going to make things easy for them, so I won't be parking in that parking lot. I also appreciate the offer to hang out after but yes, I prefer to keep the mask on. Also I have to go play Dungeons & Dragons.

    I'm looking forward to protesting with you all, it'll be good to be with a dedicated group again! I already feel like dancing!!
  11. ravenanon Member

    Give them Hell!
  12. moarxenu Member

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  13. anonsoldier Member

    That is sexy. You couldn't have maybe posted this when I would have had a chance to push it to a Kinkos for printing?
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  14. anonsoldier Member

    You know what? Does Nashville or TN have any anti-indecency or anti-swearing laws that would prohibit the word "Fuck" appearing on a large poster?
  15. juche Member

    I think that Nashanons in general would prefer keeping the profanity off of our signs. This state is pretty conservative, so we'd rather anger the Scientologists rather than the people we're supposed to communicate with.
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  16. juche Member

    We have five nice posters on foam board that I made for the last protest, so I'll be bringing that. We'll also bring the boom box.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Protest day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  18. moarxenu Member

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  19. MuffinKat Member

    J/K I forgot to bring my sombrero so fuck it
  20. anonsoldier Member

  21. anonsoldier Member

    I just got here. Going to head out with my flyers. You guys better get here soon.
  22. anonsoldier Member

    That kicked ass. Thanks guys!
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  23. Jeff Jacobsen Member

  24. anonsoldier Member

    When I get back from the weekend jaunt I took, I'll get the pics uploaded that I took. Not many from my end cause I was busy yelling at Scientologists, handing out flyers to everyone I could, and dancing like a maniac. Dancing which may have gotten a little pornographic when someone showed a lot of support by honking for a solid minute.
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  25. desudesuchan Member

    godammit... they redesigned the forums... i cant find shit now!
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Well don't stay away so long dammit!

    Raid was AWESOME except Nixon decided not to show up because he is lame and too whiny to brave the cold.

    Anonsoldier made us all look bad. His enturbulating skills made the rest of us feel woefully inadequate. "Would you like a flyer? It has a cat on it." Brilliant Anonsoldier, simply brilliant. And da boy can dance. We're going to keep him. He is now officially a Nashanon.

    We had lots of horn love. At one point Juche and Anonsoldier had an entire line of cars honking, once of which honked so loud and long I was certain his horn was broken.

    I got a little video, not much, but will post a post game report later tonight if someone else doesn't first. I know
    Muffin and Juche got pictures.
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  27. anonsoldier Member

    I am the Lulz Bringer. If some part of me doesn't hurt I haven't been enturbulating right. Next month will be here before you know it, along with their little celebration and me standing outside with a big sign covered in entheta, assuming my work doesn't arbitrarily send me away temporarily.

    For the record, my feet hurt and my entire core was just aching after. It was awesome.
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  28. juche Member

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  29. Expected sombreros, got a hula hoop. I am OK with this.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Well done Nashville.
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  31. MuffinKat Member

    Sombreros, hula hoops...they are the same
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  32. moarxenu Member

    I think we need a dance off: Sanfagcisco's Moog vs Nashville's Anonsoldier.
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  33. moarxenu Member

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  34. MuffinKat Member

    And there ya go.
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  35. moarxenu Member

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  36. juche Member

    So Nixon and I got our engagement photos back. We weren't able to get to the Org for pics, but we did manage a few mask pics including this:


    Aw yiss.
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  37. anonsoldier Member


    Also, in sad and terrible news, I will not be able to enturbulate the clams on the 23rd. This brings a great sadness to my heart, that they're going to have their little party without me.

    But juche and Nixon look adorable!!!
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