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Discussion in 'Anonymous Iran Archive' started by ahs, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. ahs Member

    The Place to Be:
    The statue in front of the Parthenon

    2600 W End Ave
    Nashville, TN 37203

    Date and Time:
    June 19, 2009
    4:30 PM


    * Yourself and your friends! Friends of friends! Family! Coworkers, neighbors, anyone who wants to come (except the local nutcases), anyone else you can persuade, bribe, or blackmail (if you do the latter 2, we don't want to know about it!)
    * Signs and/or sign making supplies
    * Flyers - We have some opportunity to hand out flyers.
    * H20 and other non-alcoholic beverages
    * Good spirits and a cool head
    * Cameras, still and video
    * Comfortable shoes

    Parking: All around Centennial Park.

    Other miscellany:
    * Please contact media! especially if you have any personal connections.
  2. MuffinKat Member

    Let's do it!
  3. grokitt2 Member

    Maybe not 'arrange for'. (or is that just ambiguous wording?) Would be glad to provide some /b/lackup. :)

    Am looking on forums to see what the buzz is in Nashvegas.
  4. why not?

    i support this idea! if any plans are made or if anything gets set in stone can you post it here and on twitter?? wanna make sure i know!
  5. ahs Member

    So where do we want to do this? Centennial Park? War Memorial?
  6. Centennial Park is always a good place. Nice open spaces. But which ever.
  7. ahs Member

    How about we go with Houston's timing?

    Centennial Park, Friday, 19 June 2009 from 11 to 4?
  8. Coming from KY in the North about 3 hours away if nothing else comes up. Wish we had one local, but I'll gladly show if possible.
  9. ahs Member

    Awesome! Hope to see you there!
  10. I'll be there~
  11. Oh Sahar!!! Member

  12. demosthenes Member

    If you're coming, go to the event's Facebook page (here) and indicate that you'll be attending. Having more "confirmed" people, and thus showing that it'll be a decent-sized event, makes others more likely to show up.
  13. how are we gonna spread the word about this??????? i'm gonna post on twitter but what about local mags?? are we bringing signs? gathering? wearing green of course...what else?
  14. can i suggest pushing it back to the 20th cause i can only get a babysitter that day and i REALLY wanna attend!!
  15. got excited..didnt mean local mags..meant newspaper..the tennessean, radio stations, someone can alert the media when we get there..just ideas...
  16. let me just stop being stupid and read ALL the posts before i comment..sorry guys..
  17. ahs Member

    We might have other rallies, but we really wanted to dive into this immediate since the need is now. We've been trying to spread the word as much as possible, but everyone needs to make an effort -- if places are contacted more than once, so be it!
  18. ahs Member

    About 100 people came to today's rally, most of them Iranian expats. Pics and video later.

    There's another rally on Sunday at 6PM in Centennial Park.
  19. Video from the rally

    I'll have some photos up soon!
  20. And now, photos!

    Nashville Rally Photos

    (I was trying to add the above link to the wall messages for the Facebook event...but somehow or other, Facebook decided it was "abusing features" and "warned me repeatedly" and then "blocked" me -- all with a single attempted post!

    If someone wants to share the above link on the Facebook wall for the event, I'd appreciate it.)
  21. demosthenes Member

    Here's another video:

    [ame=]YouTube - Nashville Rally for Iran 6/19/09[/ame]
  22. Ayelmar Member

  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Another Protest?

    I did not know about this rally until too late. I heard rumors that where will be another peaceful rally held sometime this week downtown. I would love to attend. Does anyone know any information about this?

    Please let me know..
    Thank you!
  25. i got a message on facebook that there will be a nashville march again on tomorrow, sunday 28 june, in front of the metro court house at 6pm. have not been able to confirm this but the message came from the facebook group who messaged about the last one so i hope this is true.
  26. Does anyone know where I can get one of those green armbands that says support Iran locally? I ordered one but it is taking forever to get here

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