Nation of Islam in Haiti with Scientology

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    This Needs its own thread because of the mother load of info I have found

    The Nation of Islam representative Dr Alim Muhammad Ministry of Health
    accompanied the Volunteer Ministers in Haiti

    Scientologist Claude Reginald Jean with the Travoltas before leaving Haiti
    Claude Reginald Jean handed over his Orphanages to Scientology and moved his family to Florida
    The Nation of Islam was represented by Dr Alim Muhammad during the Scientology mission to Haiti as a guest on John Travolta's flight

    Brad Kugler Photos

    Nation of Islam Health Minister Alim Muhammad with VM at the cult orphanage
  2. Anonymous Member

    Haiti Now Conference Saviours Day 2010 - Part 7 Haarp Earthquaked Haiti Haiti, Dr. Alim Muhammad

    Nation of Islam Haiti Conference Saviors Day 2010 Dr Alim Muhammad
    with slide show
    First Dr Alim starts off saying the earthquake was Man made..(moonbattery)
    makes refrence to Reginald Claude Jean and his daughter Marie
    Volunteer Ministers in slide show
    Mentions Pat Harney at 6:40
    talks about Scientology tent Orphanage.
    and tetanus shots from previous video

    Haiti Now Conference Saviours Day 2010 - Part 8 Haarp Earthquaked Haiti Haiti, Dr. Alim
  3. OTBT Member

    Volunteer Ministers administering injections of Tetanus shots? Can't Touch Assists cure Tetanus?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Dr Alim Muhammad HAITIAN JOURNAL
    The Future Orphanage of Haiti February 4, 2010

  5. Anonymous Member

    This just noticed by the Anonymous Intelligence Directorate Analysis Branch Media Section:
    The caption in the photo states the plane is on a"flight to Haiti". However, the images visible out the windows on the right of the photo indicate that the plane is stationary on the ground. The passengers are not even buckled into their seats, so the plane is not even preparing for takeoff. Brad Kugler's OT Powerz in action.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Scientology Propaganda
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Is this yet another instance where some Sci front folks are practising medicine without a license?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    what an utter dork

    Pictures of Travolta cozy with the NOI in his plane?
    hey National Enquirer!
  11. Anonymous Member


    is why Scientology used the red cross associations during Haiti
    Peter Teahen wasn't representing the red cross in any way in Haiti

    Dr Alim Muhammad is a Nutritionist
    Peter Teahen is a Funeral Director
    Haitian Officials (Scientology used its connection with GWHRC) through the Haitian embassy
    along with Travolta's star Powerz.

    not much of a medical contingent - it was enough to get them In Haiti ahead of much needed supplies and real doctors
  12. Maybe there will be a sighting of Stuckenvall Thing Bitch Flyer Miss
  13. Does this plane have a two man steam room ?
  14. Yes, interesting. I assume the NoI didn't actually do anything to help, otherwise the blog would have mentioned it?

    Correction of myth: Travolta was not deliberately allowed in ahead of other flights. When the US Air Force started running the airport no priorities had been worked out so they were cycling planes through as fast as they could. The bottleneck was parking space. It took time to get organised.
    In any case I'd have let him in for publicity purposes.
  15. Anonymous Member

    how many costumer have the Nation of Islam ?

    The number of members of the Nation of Islam is believed to be between 20,000 and 50,000

    but the funny thing is

    the noi say:
    the blacks are moar importen en white ppl

    how this fit to scientology?

    they dont know, that l ron hate niggas?
  16. Triumph Member

    I see you thar Dr Alim

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