Nation of Islam to Clear the Planet

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    blog talk radio program
    Dainetics:The Science of the Mind

    Brother Haleem is speaking (not Louis Farrakhan)

    Louis Farrakhan is going to announce his move towards Scientology on Saviour's day in Chicago Feb 27th

    ALL of the Nation of Islam will study Dianetics not just Laborers

    Louis Farrakhan aledgedy said "Hubbard is a aider profit of God an Aider a helper to them" he also said that either Hubbard

    he(Farrakhan)is convinced that "Hubbard personally met thie NoI Savoiur Master Fard Muhammad and was taught by him Or he came in contact with the body of wisdom of Master Fard Muhammad."

    Haleem discribes the Scientology Orgs as an oasis of peace.

    Louis Farrakhan has been looking at the CoS for a long time.and examining Dianetics for a long time

    Minister Tony Muhammad and Dr Alim Muhammad were the first to drink the kool-aid year ago

    Brother Hakeem raves about Dianetics

    Scientology came from Master Farrard Muhammad and he revealed as a revelation it to Hubbard

    Brother Hakeem says its the mission of the Nation of Islam as Saviours to CLEAR the planet.

    goes into detail SELLING auditing and Scientology

    final call image

    Louis Farrkakhan sAVIOURS DAY speach is Feb 27th

    the message will be

    to be Saviours on a mission to clear the planet in order to save black america (with Scientology)
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Nation of Islam is powerful enough to take over Scientology. It would be a lovely thing for them to have that super special tax exemption. An intelligent person might see this and not want this coupling to happen, but when you're a scotch swilling high school drop-out with delusions of grandeur, little man complex, and evil to the core? You don't understand wolves in sheep's clothing. This messy and ridiculous merger might just be the end of the cult as we know it in record time. I just wonder how NoI will handle having slaves?
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  3. xenubarb Member

    Insanity. Like Jews For Hitler or somethin. When they,re handed the scrub brush, will they clean the org floors as His
    flubboness assured us they are born to do?
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  4. RolandRB Member

    Nah, they'll probably be talking to hats someplace.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Oh so exploitable.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Nigga stolen my church! *lol*
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  7. OTBT Member

    Jews for Hitler,

    NOI for Elron

    NYC Anons have a hilarious video somewhere of them trolling the Hebrew Israelite fucktards near Times Square.

    I really look forward to youtube of anons trolling NOI extolling Elron
  8. Triumph Member

    this is topic you'll see on Twitter soon:

    Nation of Islam tried to sell me a bean pie and give me a free Scientology stress at the intersection on the Highway WTF?!!
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  9. NOI and LRH.......A Match made in Heaven........

    Let the Regging for Fixed Donations (The RFD) begin with kickbacks to Brother Haleem, Louis Farrakhan and Company.........forever and ever...........amen.
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  10. NoI is declining, and is estimated at about 20k to 50k members. CoS is annoying and declining, and estimated at about 50k members. They both believe in weird UFO shit, and the superiority of their race. While they disagree on which race that is, I think their common beliefs will likely provide just enough glue for them to stick together, until their vast differences shear them apart. The NoI had a chance to moderate their beliefs, step closer to the mainstream, and survive in the marketplace of ideas. They chose otherwise, and it will be amusing to see them meet the fate of the Aryan Nations and White Aryan Resistance. Besides, they already have the body count to complete the parallel.
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  11. Since there's plenty of suckers to go around, and the media loves a good train-wreck to market to it's audience, it look like Louie Farracon is extending L. Con Hubbard's cult, a professional conman's courtesy. I wonder when the Westboro Baptist Church will be invited to tour with this circus freakshow.
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  12. OTBT Member

    WBC + NOI + CofS = massive lulz

    please oh please ^ ^ ^
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  13. Triumph Member

    "Scientology came from Master Farrard Muhammad and he revealed as a revelation it to Hubbard"

    and the first thing Hubbard did was squirreled the Tech!

    it will be an eye opener when a member of the Nation witnesses DM whip his staff like its a plantation in the "old south"


    once the Auditing starts it never ends...its more courses because your never really there yet.
    theres always something that needs fixing. each step costs a little more, and more. and more.
    and you never ever get to where they say you are going.

    the NoI has alot of average incomes without deep pockets
    and they will feel the financial strain from the constant regging.
    wait till they see long time members are bled dry and begin dropping out because of debut.

    there will be a percentage who see it for the BS it is and drop what kind of rift that causes in the NoI.

    there are alot that already think Louis Farrakhan and his followers have lost their minds..
    this will add fuel to the fire.

    and they will have this guy crashing their parties and stinking up the dance floor.

    and wait till the Fruit of Islam's behavior resembles these guys
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  14. Anonymous Member

    uhhhh yeah.
    Diantetics will save Black America. lol
    more like Fleece Black Amercia
  15. There are two types of cattle the cult targets, the first is the type of cattle that have the means to pay for their "whateverthefuckitis" they claim to be providing these days, and the second type of cattle they target are the ones who they can use as slaves to operate their meat processing plants. When it comes to the Nation Of Islam, I believe they are targeting them for the latter, just as they are target unsuspecting victims from third world counties for the same reason.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    in another thread I said,
    Ask the NOI members to ask a Scientologist what steps they had to take to become a Scientologist. Or if COS members won't discuss this, find out for themselves.
    Then ask them to compare the steps that those people took to what they are doing now in Scientology.
    They will see they are one in the same.
    This should be pointed out to members

    But I really don't think Farrkakhan or the other ones pulling in all the dough would care.
    The ones fleecing the black community with this COS mumbo jumbo are all about green. I don't think they care about anything else.
  17. OTBT Member

    I politely disagree.
    NOI are the new staff for CofS.

    Undeepaid, working 90 - 120 hours a week for way less than minimum wage, because god didn't invent minimum wage, but since good ol Loius says it, fuck it, we live our lives in poverty to a different cult because good ol Farrakhan gets commissions.

    < big grin >

    bow down before the one you serve
    you're going to get what you deserve
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  18. Props for the old school NIN quote, and that's an interesting perspective. After all, it's not like they have the numbers anymore to rely on their own members to act as staff.
  19. Triumph Member

    Heres a minister Rodney Muhammad speaking about Dianetics

    the original title of the video was Rodney Muhammad &quot;On the lies Against Farrakhan and Dianetics&quot;

    when they discovered that people were watching it they didn't want to watch it they retitled the video
    to On the lies against Farrakhan and his Help&quot;

    the content of the video didn't change

    mid way through Minister Rodney talks about how the white devils came down from the mountains and were put into chains to build Solomons temple

    around 5 minute mark the put up a graphic that says &quot;God uses Devils and demons to Help his servant to build his temple&quot;

    how does dianetics fit into this sermon you might ask?!!

    Well the &quot;Devils and Demons&quot; are the Scientologist helping to build the Temple!

    he goes on to say :today Farrakhan is using Scientology to rebuild the mind...The OWE US SOMETHING!! I'm talking about the Caucasians people FOR WHAT THE HAVE DONE TO US!!

    then he goes into Dianetics

    and they show a picture of Dianetics and the Book of Supreme Wisdom
    what is the Duty of a civilized nation
    its the Science of the mind BS.

    then he talks about the NoI meeting in the 60's with the Neo-Nazis
    and they show a pic of the Nazis!

    Minister Rodney talks about the separation of races.. and how the nazi were right..about race separation..

    then he talks about Dianetics again... and how Farrakhan knows how to deal with em.. (white Devils)

    you need Farrakhan the last thing you need to do is be trying to attack him

    end of video

    its pretty clear what Minister Rodney thinks of Scientologists (White Devils to be used)

    both screwball groups deserve each other
  20. OTBT Member

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  21. Forget "trying to attack him". All you have to do is somehow get on his bad side, even if that involves becoming a decent human being. Just ask Malcolm X.
  22. Triumph Member

    in that same video Minister Rodney talks about a conspiracy of people out to get Farrakhan..

    showing a picture implying theres some plot against Farrakhan with a picture of a Gun site.on a map targeting the star and crescent

    look on the bright side they say Scientologist like to dress up like Nazis


    dressing up as Nazi's dosen't fit- Brother Haleem Muhammad's assumption that the CoS is the picture of perfect mental health
  23. DeathHamster Member

    This will end well, but not for them!

    /popcorn, with garlic butter.
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  24. CarterUSP Member

    I want to see a boxing match between Miscavige and Farrakhan for control over the hybrid cult combo.
  25. Triumph Member

    this video was posted elsewhere but its a good companion piece to the Rodney Muhammad video above

    Message To Those Who Slander The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan!

    its a Brother Ilia Rashad Muhammad

    He rails on those that spoke out about the NoI and Dianetics as Hypocrites and Imps.
    they seem to be having internal problems.

    he says than Farrakhan has exposed Satan (by using and pimpin Dianetics)
    and thats why there is criticism.

    and talks about Magoo 44's video being from a white woman who knows nothing about the nation,,

    what he purposefully disregards,is shes talking about her Scientology experiences

    He uses the same analogy Brother Rodney uses about the NoI and the Nazis.

    for those that want to criticize Louis Farrakhan for using a technology started by L Ron Hubbard
    we had Nazi first!

    I hate Illinois Nazis
  26. I like the fact that Nazis in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest make the South look a little bit better in comparison. Brb. Haley Barbour has something to say about Nathaniel Bedford Forrest.
  27. OTBT Member

    LMAO. So Anonymous can add "Synagogue of Satan" to its list of titles?
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  28. Triumph Member

    its on the list under
    beelzebub's house of bean pies

    one word you'll notice NoI members use alot is Tricknology

    this is from the urban dictionary
    mind games, usually from an authority figure
    "the police used they're tricknology to make an innocent man confess to a crime."

    *edit* "David Miscavige used his tricknology to make an innocent man confess his crimes."

    1. A conspiracy to commit fraud on the masses by introducing ideas not based on scientific fact or substance.
    2. Professing to use technology that does not really exist.
    3. A word used by conspiracy theorist who have trouble grasping the concepts of new technologies and ideas.
    4. Often mistaken for fakenology.
    A conspiracy theorist tried hard to convince me that the Lunar landings were all tricknology.
    Religious zealots believe dinosaurs, evolution, and the big bang are all tricknology.
    That OJ DNA evidence was all tricknology.

    Tricknology sounds like Scientology to me.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Tricknology => LRH Technology

    Not like anyone will ever make that connectin
  30. Triumph Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    So this Mothership has been around for ages and ages, has all sort of cool stuff, and yet their solution to the "white devils" is to kill all of them.

    What the hell.

    From current observations, it's not like there aren't a whole lot of Goldilocks planets in other star systems that could be terraformed.

    So why not another exodus to somewhere else rather than genocide?

    Like Scientology, NOI doesn't just suffer a ufo mythology, but from a STUPID ufo mythology.
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  32. Triumph Member

    their hanging around just long enough until "Super Powers" project is finished.
    then once its finished they will "collect" Hubbards space cootie removal machines ..load them into the mother ship-and off they go..
  33. Anonymous Member

    OK, if this was corporate America, they'd call this a merger. Actually, they'd call it a desperation merger.

    And in a merger, the richer company buys the more desperate company. Only one CEO emerges victorious. The other CEO gets paid off and goes to live in retirement glory and plays golf. The biggest shareholders get paid off and are happy.

    And as in corporate America, the merger would sure in about three or four years to be declared a big fat failure. But by that time the large shareholders who got paid off could give a shit. They got their money when the getting was good.
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  34. This is really crazy when I was inside the cult I was put on a project to travel to citys around dallas where there were nation of islam mosqes(churches) and help deliver dianetics siminars and sell them all dianetics matrials the ep (end phenomina) of my project sent from up lines was to get more black people into scientology and since im part black they sent me. Its so crazy how all of this religon got suckered into the cult at once 90% of my stats was coming from nation of islam on the average week. inside of history of man in the dictionary they mention islam as part of the definition of cult yet I was told by my seniors to go to there services and become good friends high up in there religous clergy. At the org so many staff would smile in there face and then talk shit about there belifs behind there back including myself (which im not proud of but is true) I also know that though they claim that luis farrakahn is only using dianetics and not scientology (as if there was a diffrence) I know for a fact that he was just about to finish trs and objectivs(scientology hypnitizeing communication course) and already paid for his basics and scientology auditing which im pretty sure he started by now. most of the nation of islam dont even no this and think they are only using dianetics which they belive is not contraditory to there religon at all if they only knew maybe they would stop but luis farrakhan has alresdy been brainwashed eith there policys about scientolgy critics. He is currently on lines at cc int. also they built a scientology type org board with a section on it called the dept of dianetics and a ethics dept using scientology ethics bullshit. heres a video where l ron hubbard says what he thinks about the nation of islam its could be hard to understand if you dont speak scietology cult lingo
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  35. I think I should make a youtube video on this I have alot of inside info on this subject I'll post it here when done
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  36. Just send them a copy of that photo representing Scientology ahead of Christ, Mohammed the pedobear, and other major religious figures. Even if they're fake Muslims, that should pretty well piss them off.
  37. Is Da WWF next?

    They sound like Delphi graduates.

    How many clams to blow all of those body thetans on Yokozuna alone?

  38. COS + NOI make strange bedfellows, this could be their theme song.....

    cept that Larry David better not be filing no Knowledge Reports Nshit on Krazee Eyes Killah........
  39. I miss Yokozuna, back before the WWF (now WWE) started to suck. He died in 2000 just three weeks after his 34th birthday. Look at him, and you can easily guess how. I bet they had to bury him in a piano case.


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