Nation of Islam to Clear the Planet

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 20, 2011.

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    look how farrakhan is hanging on to those white women for dear life. interesting factiod--'good' muslim men (like orthodox jews) are not supposed to touch women who are not mothers, sisters or wives.

    but then, the noi is as much a "real" branch of islam as cos is a church. that is, a cult is a cult is a cult.
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    I'd like to think the many contradictions between NOI beliefs and Scientology would mean that the two cults ultimately won't blend. But when you regularly force your brain to believe six impossible things before breakfast you burn out the bit that notices cognitive dissonance.

    I'm guessing a few of the less damaged cult members will leave while the vast majority play-acts its way forward, as if reality were like a food court at the mall --suit your taste in restaurant depending upon the day.
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    That is mixing with other practices which is not allowed unless you're NoI because then you are allowed to mix with other practices even if you are a Scientologist NoI and therefore not allowed to mix practices. But then they are both barmy UFO cults so they are both the same (but different).
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    To say we are bigots for speaking the truth is your right, but know this yes the church may have funded many scientific projects, but it soon turned its back when it hares what it doesn’t want to. To even suggest that Religion walks hand in hand with scientific research is a big error on your part. Religion is often filled with bigotry and corruption at the top levels and people walk blindly into this. We say to you Do your research properly before talking about such things.

    Do not Fear the few, Fear the People
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  7. RolandRB Member

    I've got it now. DM knows he is going to double the number of Scientologists through this by absorbing all the members of the NoI. Because at some stage they will be told that they are not allowed to mix practices so they will be Scientologists and no longer NoI. Then DM can RPF them and call them CSN's like he is used to.
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    Just joined to support opposition to Scientology. Come on Muslims ! You don't want to associate yourself with this criminal organisation who in the past have as an establishment approved criminal action against anyone who opposes them (see the "Fair Game" policy). Raiding government offices - attempted murder - fascism in its various manifestations (particularly aboard their ship) - this is what you are supporting
  10. grebe Member

    How to mix without corrupting standard tech:

    If I were an evil greedy bastard running Scientology, I'd play up the "many faiths; one path" meme. I'd promote the "New Thought" in a range of flavors for the raw meat near the front door --NOI, gay friendly pagan, Warrior Jesus, Kabbala, pentecostal, gnostic Christian, whatever. Any feeder group would be useful to me provided that it emphasized discipleship or submission to another individual somehow farther along a path of spiritual insight or power.

    Once I'd groomed a target market of various semi-friendly spiritual communities, I'd hint at a hidden world of mystery accessible to only an elite few, and I'd link Scientology to that elite. At the same time I'd dramatically scale back any marketing of Scientology to the general public, where it is reviled.

    A small percentage of the raw meat joining my feeder communities would land upon the Bridge, keeping Flag and other core services going. My WISE guys would enjoy a large brain softened social network for their alt med, business leadership scams, and MLM scams. And as a crazy power mad cult leader, I'd enjoy manipulating a large voting block to favor policies useful to my interests.

    As the NOIs and others progressed through Scientology courses they'd recognize their earlier religiosity as something more peripheral and arbitrary, making them bearable to be around. Many might stay involved with their feeder groups if maintaining that social identity were useful in some way. But their primary commitment would be to the expensive program ahead of them, payable to me.

    Added: Just noticed the Allstate banners. What's up with that?
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    Farrakhan said very very clearly somewhere in that 4 hours of hot air that African-American members of Scientology would inevitably "return' to the NOI.

    The war is on. My bet is on Farrakhan--who actually has the capacity to fill a stadium.

    The question remains, who will wn? DM or LF? In the short term--LF. But not to long later, LF.
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    Nothing creates a marketing buzz like conflict.

    I suspect CoS Inc will get paid whichever WWF dude you favor.
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    Could someone delete or move irrelevent off-topic posts including this one?
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    And this one.
  15. Permanoob Member

    WWF is awsum!!

  16. Anonymous Member

    You are forgetting one HUGE thing.
    This is not about blending, it's not about beliefs, it's not about making the world a better place or helping people. It's only about making money.
    If Farakhan cared for his followers, he wouldn't be leading them down this path. The old path was bad enough. But this path clealry shows what he is all about IMO.
    Same with the rest of the NOI higher ups.
  17. Anonymous Member

    You mean WWE. The tree-hugging World Wildlife Fund totally kicked their asses!
  18. Also, after Linda McMahon decided to run for a Senate seat, the WWE became completely pussified and unwatchable. Or maybe I've just gotten too spoiled by watching good, real kickboxing and MMA. Speaking of professional wrestling, the people behind TNA Wrestling are the same ones that drove the WCW into the ground, and instead of learning from those mistakes, they've added new dimensions of fail.
  19. Anonymous Member

    OK, DM's strategy is obvious. So what is LF trying to get out of this unholy alliance with Aleister Crowley white devil incarnate DM?
  20. Linxis° Member

    Anyone know if its against Scientologies 'Relgion" to lie?^
  21. je suis Member

    eyes watering, drink thru nose
  22. Triumph Member

    "fresh" pork free "meat"

    its bodies in the shop-use the Dianetics to suck people into the vortex of the NOI and keep them there so Louie can have an Army of robots..and money money money...
    the Laborers and Ministers are jacked about becoming Auditors...because they believe they will make Bank too
    they believe with Dianetics they can resuscitate the Million Man March...

    they even have the structure in place its called the Millions more movement

    Louie and Co want to emulate the Mgt structure of the CoS..they have set up Org style boards..with in whats called "City of Nine Ministries"

    they have been creating front groups...and they have increased regging and fundraising using the CoS as a model

    the whole CoS operation gave Louie a Boner

    they are making another push for 1000 Auditors by August 2011 Holy Day of Atonement

    they are looking to open the doors of their mosques to audit the African American community. and they have plans for Mission style Auditing centers..

    Louie said in a Speech he wanted 50,000 new laborers...when he made the call for Auditors.(that would be staff)

    there aren't 50,000 members in the NOI

    the NOI wants to sell Hubbards "Brain Squeeze" to millions
  23. Kickbacks on all courses by NOI recruits for extremely expensive Scientology classes, etc.?
  24. Mark Cabian Member

    Yeah, don't everybody start talking to your hats all at once, now.
  25. Triumph Member

    they even market the front groups
    Hip Hop Detox

    they promote Scientology's Anti-Drug Message... without disclosing it of course...

    using Artist and musicians to plug the message

    deceptive Marketing something Louie has picked up from Hubbard.
  26. Anonymous Member

    The model falls apart for Farrakhan in this way--the NoI has NEVER appealed to educated or middle class african americans (I live in Bed StuyBrooklyn where the NoI has a presence so I can speak with some authority here). There is no way that the working class NoI afficianado will ever be able to afford the Co$ even if some of them are sucked in initially. It is a very suspicious bunch, not likely to be easily scammed for too long.

    But let's say that that they buy into Farrakhan's pronouncement that Dianetics and auditing is a good thing.

    The mind set will be. fuck these white devils, we we take Elrons emeters and do our own thing.

    And everyone else in the 'nabe (not enamoured of LF) will laugh their asses off at any attempt to lure via the stress test ploy. Hell, we already have the Jehovas Witnesses knocking on everyone's door every saturday and hanging out at the subway stops all the rest of the time!

    Conclusion? DM & LF are equally delusional and desperate and have no clue about the age of the internet.
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  27. Good points and good to know, Scientology puts the squeeze on everyone with any kind of credit, friends, relatives, the first couple of courses aren't too expensive but if they get them hooked on the "Tech" at all, they'll try and use em as staff for "free" courses once they've been drained of anything they can get out of them. (Standard operating procedure)

    Good Luck getting NOI members to go along with the program. Should be fun to watch.

    Miscavige wants to use them as a persecuted religion to tie Scientology in as one also and wants the NOI thugs for protection. He's paying Farrakhan in one way or another,imho or Farrakhan is actually drinking the LRH koolaid.
  28. Anonymous Member

    White deviled meat.
  29. Triumph Member

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  30. RolandRB Member

    They will scrub the floor on their hands and knees and have the cognition "Hey, I was born to do this - massa Elron said so" then go to exams with a floating needle happy in an ability regained.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Personally, I'm not so convinced this NoI-Scientology union is going to collapse. It's been however many months now, and if anything, the Farrakhan push for auditors is only getting stronger. He's gone from tiptoeing around the issue and splashing in Scientologese words to full-on Dianetics jockriding.

    Hope I'm wrong, but these predictions that they're going to start massive infighting and fair gaming each other soon seem like wishful thinking at the moment. It smacks of the "cult is gonna crumble soon lol" stuff we heard at the beginning of Project Chanology.

    Yeah there are a few NoI'ers who are disgruntled about it, but you think the rest of them give a shit? And Scientology is just lapping this whole thing up. In a few years, I think it's more likely than not that the groups are still happily in their twisted marriage. Hope I'm wrong...
  32. Scatman Member

    NOI is neither a nation, nor is it Islam.
    BTW, Louis Farrakhan is likely getting his scientology therapy for free plus luxury room and board. Kickbacks? I don't think so.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    But the fact remains, after a few auditing and communication courses there is no way that LF is going to sit by and let his minions hand money over to the Co$. Neither group is increasing in membership (though both may be deluded enough to think this unholy alliance will cure their individual membership drain--very very interesting that LF inserted into his almost 1.5 hour meandering defense of Co$ the fact that both groups are declining in membership). It will not take much time before the Lulz dissapear.
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  34. RolandRB Member

    But as somebody pointed out already this does not work out long term. The courses get too expensive for the ordinary NoI to afford so then their only option is to join staff and then they won't make progress and will instead get mistreated working for nothing while rich whitey writes up their wins and they will get angry and the whole thing will blow up. Then they will turn on those who railroaded their religion and turned it into slavery to white people. Short term it looks good but long term it will get very nasty.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Google Allstate Scientology

    Long story, lawsuits
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  36. Anonymous Member

    I don't think it boils down to the NoI members needing to give Scientology big money or join staff for both parties to be satisfied.

    Farrakhan is happy because he's been wined & dined at the celebrity centers and is honestly convinced that Dianetics will help his followers. They'll be getting the "tech," so he thinks it's all good.

    Scientology is happy in part because their stats are being legitimately boosted. (There's lots of evidence of this: the Dallas kid who just got out and said 90% of his stats were coming from the NoI, other former staff members who say their stats were in Affluence due to the NoI push, and just seeing NoI members at orgs during protests.) Obviously, Scn would prefer they go on to drop big bucks and/or join staff, but even if people only take their lower-level stuff it makes them happy, because it's better than nothing at all. The Hubbard mindvirus is still being "disseminated" in this way. And they're also networking with other cult groups, like they've always done.

    One of the arguments claiming this relationship will blow up is that Scientology will inevitably piss off Farrakhan and his followers by mistreating them, either through heavy regging or pressure to join staff or just their racism and xenophobia leaking out. And I think this is underestimating the ability of Scn to schmooze people. We know they're quite smooth at handling celebrities and bigwigs, and I think you're selling them short if you think they don't know better than to try to overtly boss the NoI around. I'm not saying there may not be a bump or two along the road, but short of Scientology doing something massively stupid and offensive, I don't see how they blow this. And that's what concerns me.
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  37. The one thing you're forgetting is that, no matter how charming abusers can be, at the end of the day, they are still abusers unless they undergo psychiatric treatment, and they will eventually revert to type given the right stressor or no stressor at all. No matter how nice the CoS seems to the NoI today, eventually, they will go back to the heavy regging long time members are experiencing, and they will go back to the other bits of insanity they engage in.
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  38. I hope NOI becomes a squirrel group and gets fairgamed by Scientology. That would be funny for both groups.
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  39. Mark Cabian Member

    I see a match made in footbullet heaven. Two of the craziest PR machines going in the US right now: Farrakhan and the cult. Oh, my ... and wait until they get to the quotes about talking to your hat, and all that. I mean really, it's too good ... it's a dream come true. When they turn on the cult as one, it's going to be brilliant.
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