Nation of Islam to Clear the Planet

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 20, 2011.

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    What an utterly stupid article. Doesn't matter if he says a few "eccentric" things about Gadaffi and Elron, just as long he ascribes to Jesus the power to cast out demons. I guess he missed the part in which LF explained that the reactive mind was akin to demons and that the way to cure/cast them out was auditing. Specifically said that Christian ministers couldn't help but that Elron's "science" (LOL) can.
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    I'll forgive him for not watching and being able to absorb all four hours of that diatribe
    the point… he missed it
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    I for one hope the marriage goes smoothly and they end up depending on each other. We have already sowed the seeds of the messy separation with Elron's racist quotes and the abusive nature of Miscavige is already well flourished and so it is just a matter of waiting. It is almost worth to NOT protest outside Orgs where three or more NoI members are on staff.
  7. DeathHamster Member

    Did they apply black shoe polish to Hubbard's bust?
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    "We put out the book 'The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,'" said Farrakhan.
    The book reports that Jews were "heirs to the slave baron;" were "major cotton dealers" in the south; and were behind lynchings and that Jews ran the Ku Klux Klan -- Jewish exploitation of blacks that Farrakhan claims continues to this day.

    The bold emphasis is mine. The staggering level of ignorance it highlights is Farrakhan's. The truth is the KKK has always been both racist and anti-semitic.
  9. Triumph Member

    final call (cult link)

    375 short of their goal of 1000
  10. Anonymous Member

    642? wow WAY too many
  11. Anonymous Member

    Are you kidding me? The vast majority of the NoI'ers on course and on staff will do what all Scilons do - ignore the "lies of the SPs." Why do you think Scientology is still around? Because Scientologists ignore the lies of the SPs. Most of the NoI'ers will never even hear Hubbard's racist quotes. I mean, why would they??

    People who think the CoS will be gone in a matter of years always seem to be making the same mistake of underestimating people's ability to ignore cognitive dissonance.

    Mark my words: The CoS will not be gone in a matter of years (my bet is 20+ years minimum), and the relationship between the NoI will not end in an explosion - at the most just a weak fizzle. After this fizzle, many NoI'ers will stay on course.

    In the meantime, the CoS will enjoy a stat jump that they are already starting to feel.
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  13. subgenius Member

    The definition of pandering: wear a bowtie, that'll fool 'em.
    And apparently it did.
  14. subgenius Member

    Liked your post, just hoping you're wrong.
    You probably are too, no?
    And you could be, right?
    As could I.

    reminds me of a quote about no one getting rich by over estimating the intelligence of the general public
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  17. subgenius Member

    And look at the body language of the scilons and the obvious "love bombing" facial expressions

    give the devils their due they (some of them) are good at what they do (hyp-mo-tize)

    kinda weird that their arms show withholding and the faces total approval

    like "we don't want to tell you this, but we are so sucking you in you stupid sucker"

    It also reminds me of someone who said that enthusiasm is almost impossible to resist.
    I'll have to remember that, and
    RIP Billy Mays
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Yes of course I hope I'm wrong - I just really really doubt I am.

    It just gets frustrating. How many times have you heard "lulz the CoS is goin down!! it will be gone within the next year just wait and brace for the lulz!" "2009: the year the cult dies." "2010: The year the Church will fall." "2011: The year we finish the fight."

    Keep counting.

    It never turns out to be true. Again I say at least 20 years before CoS actually dies.

    Never, ever underestimate people's abilities to ignore the lies of the SPs.
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    On the right, that's a man baby!
  21. Anonymous Member

    What is wrong with this broad's eyes?
    Two pictures of her with her eyes bugging out of ther head.
    and the guy in the top picture looks like a vulture with his arms crossed.
  22. Anonymous Member

    I don't think Scientology will even have to crack the whip on the NoI'ers to keep them involved in Dianetics. Farrakhan will take care of that himself. You've seen how hard he's pushing his followers into it. You think he's gonna give a crap if one of his members says they feel weirded out by Scientology? He's telling everyone to get in Dianetics or GTFO. And if there are any signs of mistreatment of NoI'ers by Scientology - and there's no indication yet that there are - then it's probably going to fall on Farrakhan's deaf ears.

    Also, who's to say this union doesn't go any further in the future? Maybe they're "just doing Dianetics" for now, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that Farrakhan ends up pushing for purifs or starts pimping study tech or whatever. God knows tons of other people have gotten sucked into Scientology and gone way farther down the rabbit hole than they ever intended. It's probably even more likely with Farrakhan, who's getting all the perks of Scientology treating him like a king.

    There's one more thing working against us here: Farrakhan is now all-in with Scientology. He can't back out of this and pull the plug on the whole thing without it being obvious that he made a big mistake. And that's the last thing he'd ever admit to, because he's such an egotistical douche. So simple but powerful forces like cognitive dissonance are going to act as additional barriers to him changing off the course he's on.
  23. RolandRB Member

    The body language in the above photos is all wrong. The white bloke with an agreeing face but arms crossed. The black people in the audience with the clam shut mouths.

    Let them join together. Rich whitey is not going to give them money any more if he can't be a superior white homo novis and they will go bust or turn into an extension of the NoI with less families being torn apart as they won't put up with the abuse.
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  24. either she loves black dongs or is extremely frightened to be so close to african americans
  25. DeathHamster Member

    If only NoI had a Marty to rail at the changes Farrakhan has made since he took over from the Most Honorable Previous Dingbat, then the comedy circle would be complete.

    He could flame about white Dianetics too!
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    "She's a white devil, but I'd hit it!"
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  28. RightOn Member

    her eyes are freeeeeaaaaky
  29. Scatman Member

    Both display contrived (false) smiles. The true smiling muscles are slack. The crossed arms indicate disagreement and defensiveness. They're putting on a thinly veiled show for the NOI folks.
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  30. RolandRB Member

    Yep, not enough practice on the Tone Scale(tm) or perhaps too much. It doesn't even come close to looking genuine.

    The black people in the audience look like they are sucking Alum. Eyes smile - mouth dry and shut - don't want. It's about time they "got with the project".

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    I'm guessing the OSA babe's sustained look of excitement is due to a forehead lift.

    Poor OSA. I'd hate to be in their shoes. While talking to some NOI guy, the whole time I'd be thinking, "he thinks of me as a 'white devil.'" Don't think I could ignore that elephant in the room forever.
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    my sources tell me she's an Anon infiltrator, who has been crashing stats and undermining CoS' efforts to handle protesters.
    That "sustained look of excitement" you see, is actually a mask...
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    He'll look like her soon!

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    She looks like the crazy-eyed chick from Sex and the City.
    kristin-davis.jpeg [IMG]

  36. grebe Member


    These are the shoops that keep me coming back to this site.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    That's what SHE thinks!

    In reality, moar liek
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  38. I belive he is the president of cc int who is in charge of all nation of islam using dianetics I heard a story before i left the cult that louis fagakon gave him the name shane X which is the highest ranking in the nation of islam not sure of his real last name but it shouldnt be to hard to find on the web
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    possibly Shane Woodruff?

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