National Enquirer: What Scientology is Trying to Hide!

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    What Scientology is Trying to Hide! | The National Enquirer

    EXPOSED: Brutal tactics church leaders use to terrorize Hollywood

    By National Enquirer staff, April 22, 2015


    Scientology touts its imposing “Celebrity Centre” in Hollywood as a place for famous members “with the power and vision to create a better world” to gather.

    But for the movie and television stars who step inside the massive seven-story building – a replica of a 17th-century French-Normandy castle – it’s actually a chilling “House of Horrors!”

    That’s the blockbuster finding of a world-exclusive investigation conducted by The National Enquirer that reveals the brainwashing, harassment and torture inflicted on the cult-like religion’s A-list members by its leaders.

    “Scientology has scarred the lives of its top celeb members, and even others who have considered joining,” revealed one church whistle-blower.

    “Jerry Seinfeld and Russell Crowe realized what the church was about, and ran like hell after they toyed with becoming members!”

    Tragic “Superman” star Christopher Reeve “smartly” abandoned ship after he was hooked up to an “E-meter,” a crude lie detector used by Scientology auditors, added the source.

    The informant added: “But others who have stayed have been less fortunate – and seen their lives destroyed!”

    “The King of Queens” actress Leah Remini suffered through a vicious “hate campaign” when she defected in 2013, after disagreeing with some of the controversial church’s practices and policies. Until then, she and another devout Scientologist, Kirstie Alley, had been close pals. But after Leah left, Kirstie lashed out on Twitter, posting a message about losing someone she “thought was my friend,” and then adding: “F--- ’em.”

    But the former “Cheers” star is one of many top actors facing possible retribution if she ever defected, sources said. While Scientology denies keeping “dirt files,” audio or video recordings of its members during auditing sessions – the equivalent of a Catholic church confessional – a source said: “Kirstie is trapped because Scientology has all her personal secrets and can use them for blackmail!”

    The 64-year-old battled cocaine abuse in the past, and has been the subject of persistent rumors about her sexuality. “Her secrets are kept in Scientology’s mountainside vault in the New Mexico desert,” said the source. “That’s where the incriminating logs, tapes and videos are held!”

    Carmen Llywelyn, the ex-wife of Scientologist Jason Lee, who starred on TV’s “My Name Is Earl,” told The Enquirer the church harbors “a sick obsession” with its members’ sex lives.

    But no celebrity has come under greater scrutiny about his or her sexuality than 61-year-old John Travolta. Jesse Prince, who claimed he held the church’s second-highest rank when he left in 1992 after 16 years, told The Enquirer: “I can confirm that John Travolta once threatened to marry his boyfriend."

    “There’s no question [Scientology] had a lot on John’s gay activities and used it to keep him from leaving – and to keep him in line.”

    John’s wife, actress Kelly Preston, “has been kept a prisoner of the church because they know all the details of her personal life as well,” the source said.

    John’s personal assistant, Sylvia “Spanky” Taylor, was even terrorized by the church when her 10-month-old daughter was placed “in a prison for children” after she questioned their policies. She later fled a “torture chamber,” and was able to rescue the baby and leave Scientology.

    One star who hasn’t been afraid of cutting ties with the church is Lisa Marie Presley, who broke from Scientology in 2012. Later, the mom of four cryptically said: “I was surrounded by people who were not well-intended ... I uncovered it and it was mind-blowing.” She was not alone.

    “Ghost” star Demi Moore quit her studies with the religion after hooking up with Bruce Willis, because he didn’t want his future kids raised as Scientologists.

    Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith have long denied being Scientologists, although they opened a school that followed a teaching method developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The school abruptly shut down in 2013, with some students claiming that they couldn’t even read when they left sixth grade.

    The source said: “If they’re smart, they will forget they were ever associated with Scientology!”

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  2. RightOn Member

    Lisa Marie?
    Why don't they do their homework?
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  3. anon8109 Member

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  4. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I bought a copy just to thank them for the great cover, except for Lisa Marie.
  5. Hugh Bris Member

    This story bears repeating. Reeves on his Scientology experience:
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Ha! What a tool. That tale from Greek mythology was actually about Howard Stern.
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  7. RightOn Member

    I just heard that Jada Pinkett's character in Gotham is over. bwah ha ha
    Let's see…….
    Krusty Alien show tanked.
    John Travolta's movie tanked.
    Cruise's last movie tanked.
    Scientology works and it helps people.
    Now if only Jim Meskimen's show "Impress Me" would fail, that would be lovely
    edited: And also Juliette Lewis's role in "Secrets and Lies". (such a pefect name)
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    John Travolta & Kelly Preston: Marriage Woes!

    By National Enquirer staff, May 14, 2015

    With legal eagles set to grill hubby JOHN TRAVOLTA on their darkest secrets, an irate KELLY PRESTON has taken their two children!

    Insiders told The National ENQUIRER that after an explosive argument, John escaped to Los Angeles – while Kelly remained in Hawaii on a family vacation with daughter Ella Bleu, 15, and son Benjamin, 4.

    For the FULL STORY – it’s ONLY in the new National ENQUIRER – on sale now!

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  9. RightOn Member

    the kids! someone save those damn kids from Kelly and JT.
    One is already gone.
    The have been subjected to scientology and the Purif (Jett TWICE as admitted by Kelly)
    Save Ellla and Ben!
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Top Secret FBI Files, Continued | The National Enquirer



    The controversial Church of Scientology – which claims John Travolta and Kirstie Alley as members – has come under scrutiny for murder, torture and brainwashing.

    In thousands of pages of files, the FBI called the religion a “cult,” and said it attracted “perverts, hypochondriacs and curiosity seekers.”

    A March 1981 document revealed cops reported church member William Fisk was “shot to death before members of the group in the Seattle headquarters in the Church of Scientology” on Sept. 11, 1963.

    The “premeditated killing ” was triggered by an enraged husband who felt his marriage was imploding because William and the church urged his wife to dump him.

    The files a lso described church founder L. Ron Hubbard as being “hopelessly insane” and suffering from “paranoid schizophrenia.”

    Hubbard’s wife, Sara Northrup, accused him of physical and psychological torture thro ugh “denial of sleep, beatings, strangulations and suggestions that she kill herself,” the files said.

    In another bizarre incident, officials in New Jersey accused the church of practicing surgery without a license and conducting “scientific torture experiments.”

    The FBI raided the church’s offices in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles in 1977, and arrested 11 members, including Hubbard’s third wife, on espionage and conspiracy charges.

    Hubbard was labeled an “unindicted co-conspirator” and went into deep hiding.

    He died at age 74 in 1986.

    A representative for the church said the claims made in the FBI documents “all have been proven to be false and evince the harassment of a new religion in its formative years.”
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  11. Random guy Member

    Wow, the National Enquirer is on the war-path these days!
  12. BlooAnon Member

    "What are they trying to hide!"


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  13. jensting Member

    Yes, because the Fisk incident has been hidden ever since it featured in chapter 2 of Paulette Cooper's book from 1971, the shooting happened in 1963.
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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Demi Moore Sizing Up Scientology | National Enquirer

    Troubled star looking for 'something missing!'

    By National Enquirer staff, January 8, 2017


    Demi Moore is still seeking a spiritual path for peace — and it seems to be leading straight to the front door of the Church of Scientology!

    Sources said disillusioned Demi has kicked Kabbalah to the curb and signed up for the controversial cult — despite the poor press it received following the “Going Clear” documentary and Leah Remini’s damning accounts of her time in the church!

    “Her mom was a Scientologist, and Demi used to go to Scientology meetings,” a source spilled.

    “But when she hooked up with Bruce [Willis], he banned her from going further.”

    Still, after dating Sean Friday, the son of high-ranking church members, in 2016, Demi’s interest was reignited.

    And although the spark between the 54-year-old cougar and her boytoy fizzled, he still coaches her on the finer points of the so-called faith.

    “She knows her support of Scientology will be a huge coup for the religion, so she’s only making very discreet inquiries at the moment,” snitched the source. “But she feels there’s something missing in her life.”

    Source and comments:
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  15. BigBeard Member

    “But she feels there’s something missing in her life.”

    There'll be a lot more missing if $cientology gets it's hooks into her.

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