National March On Washington?! (DC)

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by louisiananon, Feb 13, 2008.


Would you, and could you afford to travel to Washington for National Rally?

yes, only in summertime 0 vote(s) 0.0%
yes, anytime 0 vote(s) 0.0%
no, baby steps 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. louisiananon Member

    National March On Washington?! (DC)

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but in order to get CO$'s tax status changed, it'll have to come from congress, right?

    If I'm wrong, forget the rest of this, but if I'm not....

    and if that's true, has anyone considered a National march on Washington?

    Instead of the Million Man March, it could be something like the Tax The Scientologists March...or A Thousand Victims March....or whatever. Just something that all these metro area protests can build towards...I mean, we're bound to build in numbers with each protest, and after a few more, maybe 4? 5?, summertime for best attendance, this could be a "culmination" of sorts. And it'll DEFINITELY draw the ire and attention of the specific folks we want.

    If this is something that's already been addressed, I apologize, it's something that came to mind and wanted to share. I was coming here so much for a while, I had to chill, if you know whatta mean, jellybean. Gotta work, and gotta sleep at night to work, lol.

    ps....if you're reading this, you might as well vote....


    [Mod: Edited per request]
  2. AnonZombie Member

    I think this might be a good idea, but you should add a "no" option to your poll.
  3. louisiananon Member

    Yikes!!!! I thought I had a "no".........and it won't let me change that....grrrr.

    Put a "no" in folks in the options if you are against....if I could redo this entire post i would.
  4. Rotanee Member

    I started to add a no option to it, but decided better of it. It's your choice and I see no harm in it. People can always chose not to vote. :)

    You can edit it I believe and add the option if you want. Or I can add it for you.
  5. kalikasa Member

    No. Any protest in only one city would limit the number of protesters who could attend and would likely end up making Anon look weak to the media.

    Also, Anon lives in his mother's basement and can not afford to travel.
  6. su0myn0nA Member

    It would have to be in the summer wouldn't it? Most Anons are college age. For the ones in school, and depending on major, it might be the only time when there is any free time. I know I haven't had a day without doing school work for at least a month. :cry:

    But anyway, a march on the capital would be epic, and I would hate myself for the rest of my life if I missed it.
  7. louisiananon Member

    would you add it for me? When I hit "edit" it doesn't pull up the poll....
  8. Amaranth Member

    I'm not in favor of a march on Washington, for the reasons others stated above.

    That said, you mention an important point that should be acted on. Anonymous is mighty - but the Federal government could disintegrate Scientology within hours if it saw fit. It does not. If we could change their mind, this war would swiftly come to an end.

    Consider the noise that has been made regarding Scientology's tax-exempt status, and how Anonymous seeks its revocation. Well, who's revoking it? Not us certainly, the Federal government, either the IRS by itself or the IRS by mandate of Congress.

    We must continue our grassroots efforts to educate The People, to build up a critical mass of knowledge in the minds of millions around the world that can only conclude "Scientology is a cult, ban it." We must continue to reach out to individual scilons to get them out of the cult - and hence reduce the CoS's money and labor pool. We must continue to recruit disparate groups to our cause, to show the world that our differences do not matter compared to our need to destroy this evil force.

    But we should also recruit the Federal fucking government.

    Lots of us have already written letters to our Congressmen. Their replies (or at least, the replies of their interns) have not been encouraging. They think it's a joke. Ladies and gentlemen, this is unacceptable. CoS manipulates the machinery of government to its purposes - we must learn to as well, and do it better.

    There is no quicker, more damning, more absolute way to rid this planet of Scientology than a ban by the Federal government of the United States. Revoking Tax exempt status is just the beginning. Seriously: ask your Congressman to revoke, and he'll immediately ask "why?" They seriously don't know. And unlike the average American, politicians are conscious of the political relationship between CoS and the government; they will need plenty of facts, as well as plenty of voter support, to overcome the powerful CoS lobby.

    We might do well to contact the NAACP and other groups who helped destroy the modern incarnation of the KKK. They could at least tell us how to go about a similar enterprise. And part of me gets giddy at the thought of a man in a Guy Fawkes mask approaching a podium to give a speech, and when he removes it, it's fucking Al Sharpton. The fuck is Tom Cruise gonna say to that shit.
  9. MollyBloom Member

    I didn't vote in this poll because I am still thinking about this issue.

    Looking back on history past all groups with a large ground swell and working for civil rights end up at the steps of the capitol. I have been there twice back in the 60's but that was after the movement had been underway for sometime and the general public was already used to the 'crazy' antics of the hippies/activists and people really understood what we were fighting for.

    IMO right now we don't have the public support. They don't really understand the dangerous arms of the CoS, they don't realize the infiltration into mainstream society through the front groups like ABLE, Narcanon, Criminon, ect.

    We need to turn the 'flavor' of the public view as a bunch of weird computer kids fighting against religious belief into a fight for civil rights; when the public really gets that, when they finally see how CoS hides behind front groups to disseminate their belief in insidious ways with their covert ops and when they understand how the CoS abuses taxation we might have good reason.

    IMO we need more time, we need more public support, we just aren't ready for that yet.

    So my vote would be baby steps for now until the time is right.

  10. Apalled Member

    i voted "yes, anytime" because that answers the question if could 'afford' to.

    but i wouldnt want to. i dont think a national rally will ever be necessary. i think that is very non-Anon. the word will get up to the Hill soon.

    just my opinion.
  11. mattlulzworth Member

    No. I'm in London. It would cost me about £450 to get there flying economy.

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