Neda Death Mask

Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Rakista, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Rakista Member

    This is version 0.1 of the Neda Death Mask in black and white. It is not supposed to be realistic as much as terrifying/ominous/spooky when constructed. Imagine 1000 people representing Neda at demonstrations with something like this on. In other words, V has come to Tehran. V for Victory! I originally had this idea in the poster thread here and I want to thank everyone who encouraged me there. Here is the best I could do before passing out. I will work more on it tomorrow.

    Version V 0.1 of Neda Death Mask PDF

    I would like to do a living mask of Neda as well. Help me and I will help you with a mask PDF.

    Please make jpeg files that are the same proportions of the image attached and I will try to make masks of all of them. That way the eye and mouth holes line up.

    Flame away!

  2. please use mediafire next time you need to host suck a small file, megaupload is rly not effective, there's a captcha, popups, and a slower connection. mediafire is hosting for <100 MBs.

    also nice idea, I would like to see some of those on the streets as well.
  3. I suggest also making a mask with her living face. Let people chose which one to use.
  4. JoeRodge Member

    I guess I will retract and be neutral. Though I think you are doing this for the wrong reason. Show the truth. This isn't an abstract art class =/.
  5. Stretch her living image to the same proportions

    And I will make the mask.

  6. I agree! Leave the symbols to those who matter.

    We are here JUST to offer assistance NOT to tell them what to do!
  7. Neda Death Mask Poster?

    I read the story of Neda, and was alternately moved and horrified. The West has been turning a blind eye to these kinds of atrocities for too long. I'm an art student in the southeastern United States, and I would like (with your permission, assuming you own the image) to construct a poster using the Neda Death Mask image. I have a silkscreen and could mass produce it, ultimately I would like to post it around my school and city.
  8. Go for it

    Send me pics.

    Working on the living mask tonight.
  9. Neda LIVE pictures?

    Does anybody not notice the initial picture released of Neda NOT look like her at all? I know the videos are a bad point of reference, but that one picture doesn't look like her to me.

    However, there have been more images posted of her by the Los Angeles Times actually look like the girl who died in that video.. (3 different images in one link)
    Neda Agha-Soltan - Neda Agha-Soltan - Los Angeles Times

    I believe if that a live mask of Neda is to be made, it should be of that first picture, until we can get a picture of her face straight on (which is very like to NOT happen).
  10. Rakista Member

    2nd version with some text

    Looking to make sure I get Neda in Farsi correct can someone link it?

    Living Mask will be tomorrow.


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