Need Anonymous' help with your totally important cause?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slobeck, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. Thanks, Keltasy! I support freedom in both the public and in the information spheres. Therefore, Anonymous is good for me.
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  3. I need Anonymous and Anonymous needs me. They just don't know it yet! I love you guys!
  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I've offered you the chance to show us how we need you. Haven't heard back, I understand you think this is a trick. But it is not.
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  5. Disamb appears to be very interested in sexual perverts and Iranian / Muslim propaganda as its own pet causes. Person also manipulates the forum.
    subnormal yawn
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  6. +supongo que con salsa
  7. White Tara Global Moderator

  8. I actually am on a cause, but I've read this thread first to know how it works around here (fortunately). My cause is basically a hunger strike to fight misery that the World Cup brought to Brazil. That's it, if you wanna know more, let me know, if you wanna help me, let me know. Also, if you're Brazilian too and want something to help our situation now the the whole world is looking at us, please ask me, I'm looking to be part of this forum. Got a little confused thinking it was a multi-help system in different causes, but I see it's much beyond that, anyway I am in fact n00b, so you can troll me as long as you want, and now reading this I'm sure not creating a thread to my cause... If I can't have anyone's help I'll understand. Let me know if I can help with anything right now.

    In case you have free time, just a small like/share on my page will be enough:

    Thank you and sorry if I bothered you. I am starving so I had to look for help everywhere.
  9. WrathAnon Member

    We are all here to help some more bitter than others
  10. I posted signed a petition on IPetitions, and they emailed me this. "Hi,
I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:
    "Petition for True Universal Suffrage in HKSAR 支持香港真普選簽名運動 "
    I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes just a few seconds of your time.
    Is this a good petition? I wonder! Thank you.
  11. Anonymous Member

    There appear to be eight signatures from four years ago, one signature from three years ago, and your own, recent signature.

    So in an assumed four years 10 out of a needed 250 is rather slow going, IMO. Is slow good? I dunno.

    EDIT: my mistake. There are 195 total signatures with a goal of 250.
  12. I don't know to much about Anonymous. I know well enough to know that I am of the Honest. I enjoy many things in our time. Those that are corrupt, corrupt us all. I believe in the exchange in all information and the fairness of the facts. If a person runs in politics and adds commercials on television they should say all. (Example) [government nominee] has supported the interest of both parties (Republic and Democrat) 92% of the time.... Well, inherit those facts untold and unfold. What would happen if people knew what the other 8% of interest demanded his/her attention. What if such "hidden" Facts were televised? Or otherwise 'forced'. Good Luck. H.T.P.
  13. Yeah Forged I like em as well. <Anonymous = great>

    Thank you guys and Good Luck ;) You guys really are the voice of the people.
  14. Hello all ! I am Franche and y need some help for down this


    Remi FRAISSE Is dead next week

    Y am a little Anonymous and y just have LOIC

    If anybody have possibility for down this site please do it

    For Remi ! For Sivens ! For Tetstet ! For every people go to the street with army schoot him and say no to the " Barrage de SIVENS"

    Thank You
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  15. sorry my first post is wrong
    Hello all ! I am French and y need some help for down this


    Remi FRAISSE Is dead next week

    Y am a little Anonymous and y just have LOIC

    If anybody have possibility for down this site please do it

    For Remi ! For Sivens ! For Tetstet ! For every people go to the street with army schoot him and say no to the " Barrage de SIVENS"

    Thank You
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  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    SLANEESH we don't do anything with LOIC, or anything else illegal.

  17. Ok but do you think it's possible to down this website ?
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  18. White Tara Global Moderator

    Sorry SLANEESH NURGLE we don't discuss, plan or promote any illegal protest activities here.
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  19. Excuse me for all
    But Is not my fault ^^ When y see youre name Y think you are Anonymous
    Excuse me for my error
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  20. kaosphere Member

    I am anonymous I owe 10000 dollars for child support due to economic upheaval and a lack of representation. When they catch me I will sit in jail for four months then i will owe approx 15000 wtf I am being hunted down by my own government for being unemployed and unable. u c I had a job until the Child Support Agency sabotaged it by taking my drivers license away and demanding 2000 a month. I made 11 dollars an hour. I miss my children so much. There are 100,000 just like me when did we lose the freedom to protect, defend, and care for our own progeny.
  21. Anonymous Member

    You aren't caring for them now douchebag.

    10,000 of you can do what bunches of people who give a shit about their children do, get more than one job, mow yards, sell your shit do whatever it takes
    to care for your children. I know both single mothers and single fathers who work multiple jobs to care for their kids. People who won't take care of their
    kids make me want to vomit. Go get sterilized so you can't bring an more children you won't support into this world.

    Who the fuck calls their own children their "progeny" anyway?
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  22. anonLX62 Member

    i like chilly dogs
  23. Something rotten in the state of
    Denmark again.
    First of all i'm a big fan of your organisation. It seems to solve problems around the would with it's web of protesters. I think your organisation have a lot of power and i would like to test it's capabilities. I live in a country called Denmark. It's a very small country with ~ 6 million inhabitants. Here in Denmark some children pornography is legal by law. Those laws were debated four years ago and where committed to danish law enforcement with majority. Denmark had one friend in the debate. It was Japan, that all so where committed to children pornography.
    Here is the problem!!!

    I am so sick and tried listening to my follow co-workers. They have all ways got the little jokes around the subject and when i get home from work each day i have anxiety that the internet gets flooded with my children as animated cartoon movies witch seems to spread faster that i can imagine. Will you help me against this evil country witch seems to sell and distribute children pornography in unknown amounts.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Have you contacted Interpol? Have you contacted the UN?

    The entire Danish Legal system endorses child pornography?

    I find this difficult to accept at face value. Can you supply links to valid documentation?
  25. Best valid link i have found is a suggestion to the danish law regulation from the 12 February 2010.
    They debate if if animated children pornography should be illegal just like in their neighbor country Sweden. I hope you can use Google translate. The proposal fainted away and danish animated children pornography has flood the internet ever since.
  26. Berserker101a Member

    I hope it becomes illegal. It's disgusting.
  27. Crest Member

    Well, if it's animated...that's not really the same thing at all.
  28. meep meep Member

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  29. quien me puede ayudar
    necesito como evitar que me rastren por fotos que subo al facebook
  30. Crest Member

    Did not know that. Not that that's my sort of thing anyway, but cool. I shall add it to my list of new things learned.

    At any rate, I was simply saying that I don't feel that animated cp is as...can I use "bad" here? actual cp because it's not harming any children directly. I understand that it can still lead to actions in pursuit of that, but I still feel that as a whole it's better for pedophiles to fap to a drawing than to anything real.
  31. Player Member

    Greetings and salutations.
    I am looking for help./direction on solving my plight with this 2D beta program. It's a 2D Beta Chat program named .
    With that said, the owner was never a manager or has any clue how to manage and more often then none - banneds people for life if you disagree with him. I've attempted to e-mail him with no reply. The original game was called Worlds Away then VZones. I love the place but, there is no rhyme nor reason why this owner does what he does..<shrug>

    I don't know how to hack to temporarily shove a hot poker up his ass to wake him up but, IMHO, I do need help/suggestions how to go about slapping the shit out of him (Verbally) or technically....
    If there is anyone out there that can help me teach this self Riotous, egotistical 30 year old kid, I would sincerely appreciate it. I am at loss here. - I just hate to see people getting banned for no reason at all. Point in had - there was an 84 year old Holocaust survivor that was banned because she kept falling nodding off during a pixel game of slots... Ok, this might be a pathetic help request but it's the principal of the matter. Any help/advice would be appreciated.
  32. anonLX62 Member

    don't ask other to do something underhandedly or proposal to do something illegal to others ok not saying you can't beat around the bush about it! just don't ask directly or say anything get others in to trouble over it! [keep in-mind there can be other reading this! may not be as friendly as we like them be]
    Tech Phone: +1.(202) 777-5254
    Admin Phone: +1.(202) 777-5254

    Tech Email:

    listed as not feel like a scam site

    keep inmind most sites have
    this site does not!

    url site: (whois info)

    odd two address not the same?
    PO Box 325
    Dallas, Texas, 75038
    United States
    Admin Phone: +1.(202) 777-5254
    PO Box 325, Belize City, 035998
    Phone: +1.(202) 777-5254
    Tech Phone: +1.(202) 777-5254
    Admin Phone: +1.(202) 777-5254

    just go order them some pizza they love you for it!
    party line?: +1.(202) 777-5254

    player don't feel good, i would just forget them!
  33. I think Anonymous should have a bit of a battle with G.O.P. Anonymous is pro free speech and against Dictators from what I have gathered. Instead of being an amusing hacktivist group why not pool together and help take down these hackers.

    Also posted this in G.O.P vs Sony.
  34. DeathHamster Member

    Where's the lulz in that?
  35. There are many "Rednecks" and some real fucking dubious people that come close to being classed as "Paedo's" on this site...
    Always old guys posting up videos of young teenage Japanese girls....alarm bells ring when fifty year olds are watching that shit. There's quite a few right wingers too, I mean they hide it...who wouldn't! But it's there, festering, drove me and my buddies away from the place. I tracked down the worlds biggest mother-fucker....this fucking guy...super-troll, well he ain't a regular troll, he actually threatens to kill people regularly over absolutley nothing. I believe he will kill one day, he may already have. His name is <MOD EDIT: NAME AND ADDRESS REMOVED> This dude is something else and has terrorized people for years. He has many names, MOD EDIT NAME REMOVED. Here is his youtube channel. <MOD EDIT YOUTUBE REMOVED>.
    It's full of fighting videos ,guns, the usual shit. He threatens to murder families when people won't make music with him. I follow him around now and I print up his address at every opportunity...he needs to feel what he has dished out.
  36. emofish Member

    Hi I clicked this thread after signing up hoping I can help out. I do not need anonymous' help other then helping the world be a better place for my children.

    I want to help you.

    I am not a hacker or a cracker or even have many skills
    but what I do have is the power not to be afraid, speak my mind, think for myself and a strong willpower to never give up.

    Your group has given me hope that there are people out there who think the same. So thank you.
  37. baddy Member

    hi everyone!
    i came across anonymous a couple of years ago but wasn't paying much attention until recently. to cut the story short, you guys are powerful! all those stuff you all pulled for a good cause was fantastic!

  38. I would like to solve the world of people like this person here.

    Many of you may even agree with this person here.

    This person here, however, is a cunt.

    Many of you may even defend this person here with the respond "sometimes you've gotta be a cunt."

    I have been studying evolutionary psychology and attempting to apply the findings in social settings. I have found that you do not ever have to be a cunt; regardless to in-group affiliations; and that a person doing so is symptomatic of systemic cognitively laziness and wasted thought potential being systemic.
  39. There are good cunts and bad cunts. She is a good cunt.

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