Need Anonymous' help with your totally important cause?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slobeck, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Take_it_to_em Member

    he also uses freemason handshakes, every fucking time.
    Freemasonary is through and through witchcraft. DEVILWORSHIPPING P3DO CULT
    Bill schnoebelen " 33 degree masons take an oath to destroy Government, law and all kinds of honour, so now when you look at the world things make a lot more sense".

    Its a really long video guys but if you really want to know the truth its all in here ---

    These guys at the top dont give a fuck about whose died for their country. They dont give a fuck
    about any of your "scum" families. They dont give a fuck about any of your childrens futures. They laugh like fuck at people like us.

    They get away with everything. Not because these guys are superior or better than you ...... Oh no! simply because everyone else really is that fucking stupid. Anyone that brings up any of the above will be smashed by everyone around them for being "paranoid". Another thing Bill points out is how when they target people; they will get every mason in the community to turn against you. He points out that a women was being raped on a weekly basis by her boy friend and his fellow masons. This chap was a "jester" ; which is apparently a special kind of fuck head. Anyway when this women went to the police she was immediatley referred to the top chopper. Who told her to go away, and said he was also a mason. Then when she tried to take it further, a psychologist turned up and warned her if she continued to persue justice for telling the truth she would have her instituionalised for the rest of her life under her authority.

    before you ask for more proof on my assertions, asses the infomation i have provided. Rather than dismissing eveything on an emotional response based on what you think you know, rather than basing your opinions on fact and evidence.

    Its the only reason why these guys get away with everything. You've all heard that voice in your heads for so long, you believe it to be you. you believe he is your best friend.

    "The greatest enemy would hide in the very last place you would ever look."

    Do you know who Sam Gold is? Because he knows who you are.

    "If you change the rules on what controls you. You will change the rules on what you can control".
  2. Take_it_to_em Member

    Anonymous should look into that making a murderer. I guarantee every fucker involved in that set up was a freemason.

    I am making a new anonymous sec guys . . . . Anonymous Pirate Sec. Email <MOD EDIT: NO EMAILS TYVM> if you want in.

    We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
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  3. Without dox this is as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle and if you're as OG as you pretend you'd know that already.
    There's sweet fuck all here to support your allegations and without any evidence you'll get no help from anyone.

    Right now it looks like low grade moonbattery.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Hello I'm VaporeonChan and I have a certain situation I need help with, someone recommended that I come here since I wasn't sure where to go to where to look for a hacker who could possibly help me. I even dug around the motorcycle clubs in Second Life cause they might know hackers too but so far it hasn't done much. Okay while some of you might have a laugh at me and might not believe me or probably will run scared of what I'm asking its a long shot.

    I dunno what most of you know or uncover or how deep you are able to go it depends some of you might know about the existence of The Patriots and some of you might not. Lemme lay it out Metal Gear Solid exists so The Patriots can hide behind it and no one will believe they exist but its not just a game they do exist. Alot has happened or will more or less just kept tightly underwraps in light of this bluntness, my situation is a greatly delicate situation that I need help with.

    I'm the fourth and only female Snake and long story short I need a hacker to help me get in contact with my sibling Liquid Snake or whatever he goes by now but bottomline yeah that's the only way I'm gonna get in contact with him.

    If someone is able to help me I'd be grateful to go into further detail, just one thing I ask of you, someone told me that anons have unusual ways of contacting someone. I dunno if its true but the one thing I specifically request is to please do not contact me on the phone or send me a package because someone said they heard of anons getting in contact those ways. So please do not contact me on the phone or send me a package because in the situation I'm currently in that would be extremely bad for me and I would suffer horribly for it.

    I do however request that you please get in contact with my through my PSN if that's the case it would be much easier to get in contact with me through my PSN. I dunno how you guys contact people or if anything about how you guys contact people is the truth. But if it is contact me through my PSN and if you're able to help me with this situation I'd be glad to go into further detail of what I need in some form of a private conversation and hopefully you'll contact me on PSN if that's the case and also help me.

    Thank you for hearing me out.
  5. White Tara Global Moderator

  6. DeathHamster Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    :mad:So then why the fuck did this dude tell me that I'd be able to find someone who can help me here? I don't understand why I was directed here... :C this sucks I have absolutely no idea what to do or where to go. Also I could most likely say some nasty things to you DeathHamster but I also remember where I am so I'm gonna ignore that. But seriously I was literally directed here by someone who used to be a hacker and knew one
  8. White Tara Global Moderator

    I understand your frustration, and while its possible the person genuinely misdirected you here, its more likely they did it deliberately as a troll. Not someone I would trust the advice of henceforth.
  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    They were teasing you. We don't hack. We've never hacked.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    This sucks this really really sucks D: I'm so sorry I came here and bothered you all with this I thought all anons hacked D: I'm so confused and I kinda wanna delete this account now cause I look so stupid.
  11. White Tara Global Moderator

    Truly you dont at all, its very obvious that you have been genuinly seeking help and taken in by someone. Its never stupid to put a hand up and ask for help.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I know but no one believes well for obvious reasons and then I dunno where to find anyone, is it possible to delete my account then since obviously resorting to this was unfortunately useless?
  13. White Tara Global Moderator

    Yes there is. i would suggest you stick around for a bit and see what it is we do. Its silly and serious in equal measure. however, to delete account along the top of your page you will see your name with a pull down menu symbol, in that menu is an option to delete account :)
    I hope you find a way to resolve your situation, or life as it does forces a way for you to move on around it
  14. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement it is kinda nice to know there are people who still have a heart ^_^ goodluck in all your endavours asw ell and bringing down those evil people I hope you mange it however you do
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  15. Anonymous Member

    And AT LEAST I made you aware of The Patriots existence, to say I dunno how many of you believed me
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  16. White Tara Global Moderator

    And therein lies the magic, the first part of any solution is bringing awareness :)
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  17. Take_it_to_em Member

    I will send help on a post card my good man! what be ye address. I'm a Proper conspiratard! E like tillians!

  18. 7731 North East South West
    Compass Point
    Flat Earth
    World's End.
  19. Take_it_to_em Member

    Not everyone in anonymous truley represents the original agenda. You must realise that most of these people telling you that no one will help you, are in fact not representing the collective at all. They're traitors. They either represent freemasonary ( Where all the fucked up political paedophiles come from and the real chaps behind all the corruption in the world) or law enforcement who know that secrets of a sensitive nature will effect such nations "national security".

    These guys do not give a flying fuck about your problems! because they are not interested in anything but protecting their own fucked up agenda their paying to be a part of.

    Best part about freemasonary; A couple of hundred years ago, the higher ups within freemasonary realised they could invite people to join the boy lover cult from all the business's in their local area (every well established town on the planet present day). They even said back then that they could make the well off idiots pay for things they could find in a book, yet never release the actual secrets of freemaosnary/illuminism to them (enslaving the world to inextinguishable debt). And these same idiots, once held against their will after commiting an act of treason or engaging in other treacherous enterprises will guard the corrupt organisation until their last dying breath. Not because they are loyal and devoted men, but because they have commited a dispicable act to be promoted to a master mason. Once you have done this, the mason will be awarded more business contracts. Thats how it works. Self induced absolute Asphyxiation . These bellends have to have a rope tied around there neck when they do the fucked up ritual to enter the mason degree's

    Why would masons actively run around infiltrating anonymous? yet when confronted about the boy loverism side of things and all the corruption say things like " Instead of saying all these things you know about freemasonary . . . why dont you ask a freemason?"

    Or when confronted about the child sacrifice and paedophillia say " There's no proof!!!" when there is so much its unbelievable. Again proves that all the poeple in all the right positions are masons.

    Why would they lie?

    Well from day one . . . The entered apprentice takes an oath that should he ever reveal the secrets of his masonic lodge, or the secrets of the masons real agenda in any way; they will have their throat cut. As they progess through the first three degree's of masonary the punishment for revealing the secrets gets worse. So lets say a noob mason is told infomation about a minor criminal, the noob will run and tell his nearest mason chopper. After grassing someone up to the police (so they can use the same freemason police, to cover up freemason sponsored boy loverism on a massive scale) or destroying someone within the communitys reputation that is against or found something bad about masnoary out to gain promotion to a master mason. They can then choose from a number of fucked up cultist topics . . . Rosecruicion, the york right, the scottish right and many more.

    This is why anonymous has been so off target with hitting the paedophiles and corrupt memebers in every nation on the planet. Because most of the guys still with the movement represent the same filth we originally claimed we would destroy.

    Its why people on here destroy any one that stands up or tries to shed light on a new situation which the collective would probably get behind . . . They have too. To portect the boy lovers they pay a subscription too. Best part about it all is the actual vermin that own the whole world; Dont actually have to do shit . . . All the low ranking masonic mongs do it for them. Theres a reason why masons arn't aloowed to talk about politics at their meetings.
  20. Lolol.
    Do moar drugs it'll numb your last braincell enough to stop you thinking up more of this total utter fucking garbage.
  21. Take_it_to_em Member

  22. Take_it_to_em Member

    clearly done too many drugs haven't you mate. Whats your excuse for being an activist that doesn't know his arse from his elbow?
  23. Take_it_to_em Member

    Let me guess . . . Your a freemason that likes boy loverism and your here to defend it at all costs
  24. Take_it_to_em Member

    The highest form of ignorance . . . Is dismissing something you know nothing about.
  25. Take_it_to_em Member

    hahahahahaha! yeah providing proof is not allowed to people that know everything like yourself. continue hurling minor insults you masonic whore.

  26. Dude you've really got it in for the masons big time.
    Did they bum you?
  27. Anonymous Member

    That'll show 'em!
  28. Take_it_to_em Member

    I reckon they must have done you know, when i was a wee bain XD that and a few other things that proves everything i'm saying. There's a new anon sec targeting them anyway. Some people are coming to their senses finally.

  29. Amateurs like yourself.

    Dude lay off the crack it's messing with your mind.
  30. White Tara Global Moderator

    Oh boy. The poster that came here was asking for help that involved illegal actions. As has Always been the case here at wwp, we will not entertain discussion nor promotion of illegal protest action. If you bothered to read what the poster was actually told you would see that they were fed the most elaborate cock and bull story about irl contact procedures. We corrected this erroneous advice and I wished the poster well in finding a solution. end of.

    Sheesh dude #howtowinfriendsandalienatepeople#freemasonfreemasonseverywhere#conspiracynutzbutz
  31. Take_it_to_em Member

    hahaha! even pointed out the freemason conspiracy in your response. And thoroughly dont allow any chatter on the matter. LOLOL!!!
  32. Take_it_to_em Member

    And anonymous do hack people tards.
  33. Take_it_to_em Member

    what ops you lot on with? XD

  34. Dude you're embarrassing and no fucking way were you ever OG.
  35. Take_it_to_em Member

    LOL! what are you lot actually doing here?

  36. Laughing at you.
  37. Take_it_to_em Member

  38. Take_it_to_em Member

    I meant, what are you doing within the anonymous movement?
  39. White Tara Global Moderator

    You do know that wwp is not ground zero of anonymous don't you? Seriously dude, read something sometime maybe it will open your eyes. I repeat here at wwp (wwp, not, I repeat not anonymous) we do not and have never condoned hacking cracking or any other illegal activities.

    btw have noticed that in spite of your assertion that 'we dont allow any chatter about freemasons here' that hey guess what; magic; your posts still remain. I cant help it if nobody wants to take you seriously and discuss it with you, but yet your posts do in fact remain.


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