Need Anonymous' help with your totally important cause?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slobeck, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Take_it_to_em Member

    A point i got wrong as well which i stated in a previous post in this thread. " that will be why there will be a ground invasion in syria sunday"

    I made the statement that US led invasions in biblical lands always happen on dates of pagan fire rituals. Only i was wrong. The US didn't invade syria. But they did pretty much invade northern iraq. All the iraqi commanders came out yesterday and said they want them out. Funny that!
  2. White Tara Global Moderator

  3. Take_it_to_em Member

    Raising these points here to get the message out. And the same people that are on every thread, every time show up to destroy topics . . . just saying. Your kinda killin it
  4. Had to sock up to post here for the sheer heck of it and remind this guy he's the one who said he's an old anon returning after a four year break.
    Seems phoney to me..
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  5. White Tara Global Moderator

    You are the only one posting here currently on your passion freemasonry. I have merely joined you here recently to point out that you seem to have some misunderstanding about the nature of wwp as an open forum for activism and its links with anonymous as a movement globally. You are free to have a conversation here with yourself about the freemasons, all day every day if you wish. I however, am not going to stop people responding to your one sided conversations in any way they see fit. So suck it up buttercup.
  6. Take_it_to_em Member

    I'm in my mid twenties. I have been watching and taking part were i can since the start of anonymous. The main reason i fucked it all off was all the ops had fed links. this kind of freemason shit you lot always miss. XD #handinthepocketdoesn'tmeanshit! nicca
  7. White Tara Global Moderator

    Spot on, and smells so like my little buddy BS to me.
  8. Take_it_to_em Member

    Calm down white tara its ok. I will continue to talk to myself until you censor me =D
  9. There's plenty of space left in the dome for this crud isn't there ?
  10. Take_it_to_em Member

    I could post the details and home address for the director of the rothchild banking cartel. I doubt you could knock out a decent wank.
  11. Take_it_to_em Member

    hahahaha! mint all these proper anons. its been great.
  12. White Tara Global Moderator

    You have yet to be censored Brainstorm but keep it up sweetie :)
  13. Take_it_to_em Member

    brainstorm XD lol i like it. So yeah if creaming the illuminati isn't on anyone here's agenda . . . i'll be on my way!
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  14. Had to delete my last post there because it got in the mix of yours Tara.
    This Freemason agitator smells too much of newfag to be oldfag.
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  15. Take_it_to_em Member

    "<name redacted> !!! Remember the name" Tally Hoe!
  16. There's nothing quite like the smell of BS!
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  17. Take_it_to_em Member

    and you lot are full of it. thats why your room smells like it. Tara just logged out of her mod account. Signed in as it's all good man. "opens fire at ash" "masonz in background makzin it rainz"
  18. Take_it_to_em Member

    why would you censor tommy vercetti! lol that was a vice city line! goooohd

  19. Who gave a like to this post?

    He's talking about "creaming the illuminati" for heaven's sake.
  20. Say it was done for the comedic value please.
  21. Take_it_to_em Member

    And i was going . , , but now fishing =]
  22. Take_it_to_em Member

    lol i am being 100% serious =]

  23. Wrong BS , Tara and I are two separate people.
  24. Take_it_to_em Member

    And the mod of many likez as i said i was anterloffski
  25. Take_it_to_em Member

    Just dont comment and he'll go away " Masonz whisperz in earz"
  26. White Tara Global Moderator

    lool keep going sweetie now you are behaving exactly as you have before. Damn you are transparant.

    As I have pointed out to everyone previously, I don't sock because I find it takes up too much energy to pretend I am two different poster types. Unlike your fine self who has donned many socks and yet cant seem to get it through your thick skull that the way we post, argue etc is a dead giveaway sock boy :)

    Oh yes I liked that post because the suggestion was made that it had dawned that the topic was of no interest and it would leave no other reason :D
  27. Take_it_to_em Member

    Thanks for the fine self bit. It really does great things for my ego. Ohhhhh YEAAHHH. what fucker censored my tommy vercetti line "going sick throwing wobbler"
  28. White Tara Global Moderator

    I make no apology for redacting that name, I already know you dont listen to instruction nor requests, so as always here I will err on the side of caution and protect peoples privacy by redacting names randomly thrown out by people.
  29. Sorry Tara for the who liked question I said it because I thought BS was using another sock to like his own posts.
    My very, very bad .
  30. Take_it_to_em Member

    do people usually just shit it and fuck off when the mods dont agree with them. sensing major power trippery " fingers in temple, feirce gaze"
  31. White Tara Global Moderator

    Its policy here as we all know no doxing
  32. White Tara Global Moderator

    Nah, I can see that may not have translated as I had intended, all cool :D

  33. No they don't and if you were the oldfag you said you were you'd have known as much.
  34. Take_it_to_em Member

    there was a policy of no censorship a while back as well. But thats a goner, I;ll pop back tomorrow ;) gotta dash!
  35. Take_it_to_em Member

    still checking the anon regiSTAR mate XD "folding up laughing"
  36. White Tara Global Moderator

    As you may recall I came here to correct your misunderstanding that we deal with illegal protests on wwp. We don't. Never have. Not even before my time here. Now the fact you carried on like a pork chop when told that politely twice, suggests you are an attention whore, desperate for engagement. While I was suffering insomnia it didn't bother me in the least to engage. I am finished with you now so enjoy yourself whatever you do BS :p
  37. Take_it_to_em Member

    tounges out guns out. Peace out!

  38. You're here to stir the bullshit pot and you're getting pissed it's not going as well as you hoped it might which is tough on you. Not.
    If you were the oldfag returning from a 4 year rest first thing you would have done was read and catch up and say hello to old faces, some still remain you know.

    Instead being a newfag you're agitating like a wasp wth a migraine because no one is interested in in the Freemasons or the illuminati.
    Youve been told , politely I might add, that your theories are a waste of time , you dox when you've been warned against it and pay not a blind bit of attention to anyone but yourself.
    And you're rude to Tara, which in anyone's book is a no-no. She's a damn decent mod and no arguments.

    My advice is play nice or don't play at all.
  39. Take_it_to_em Member

    No a few mongs turn up after i post important shit thats all provable. To put the points i raise back a few pages so they are not seen. Thats what the mods are doing everywhere with anonymous. Just saying. We dont intend on stopping. i said i would dox the director of the rothchild bank. i could, but i wont as your not allowed to here. If you were an anon mate you'd jump at it. and ask for alternate contact intel. But your the type of anon that tells people they are not. Exactly why i left. Who the fuck died and made you the king of anonymous?
  40. Take_it_to_em Member

    where do you get this "tell people their not part of it" idea from? screams traitor to me pal

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