Need Anonymous' help with your totally important cause?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slobeck, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. A hard and fast rule here is no public doxing which if you were an oldfag you would be aware of.
  2. Take_it_to_em Member

    OMG you mong! stop with the telling people they are not or were not an anon! lmao isn't really a forum for new discussions is it. Its really the same retards that have no life in the real world that constantly jam any post targeting corruption. You have a fucked up little community of pants sniffers alot like freemaosnary actually LOL you keep banging on about "no doxin" which is why this websites achieved fuck awll. And why the mods turn up with their personal arse lickers that have to be anonymous; because otherwise everyone would find out who you truley represent. Who you kiddin guys? Your "rulez" are a joke. this is an anonymous forum XD lmao!!! the mods have just changed it to suit their own power trippery
  3. Take_it_to_em Member

    Get a life. And do something. Small children are getting fucked and abused in weird as fuck satanic rituals and you dick heads want to protect the individuals that carry it out. With your CENSORSHIP bullshit!
  4. Take_it_to_em Member

    May call the team in regarding all this shortley. You lot are destroying vunerable people.
  5. White Tara Global Moderator

    Oh Hai brainstorm, I thought I might find you here talking to yourself again. Sweetie, where precisely have you been censored? You are too funny to censor.
    Let me break some news to you, we have a set of initiatives agreed upon by popular appeal to the community of wwp. Those are the things we attend to.

    Now I personally don't see a single person responding to your call to arms to 'get those spooky freemasons'. So you are bang outta luck having Freemason Death Hunt added as an initiative. Dont like it, that you dont appeal to anyone? Well you know what you can do right :)

    As you have seen, you are in fact welcome to keep posting shit and having no response from anyone without the so called censorship you refer to, but you get what the community feels you deserve in response.

    Every time I read your posts its all a giant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Take the response you get here as perhaps a measure of you and your ideas worth mkay.

    I have attempted to civilly guide you as I did previously when you were here as BS, to understand where you are, what we do, and what our limitations TOS wise are. You have sailed along without much need for mod intervention until now. Your hysterics at being ignored by the community are now becoming shrill and annoying. Your attempts to goad are laughable my sweet, so seriously STFU unless you have something of value to add.

    Oh and before you follow the carbon copy approach that you took as your sock Brainstorm, I am entitled as a user to express my own opinion. Dont like it? again, you know exactly what to do.
  6. Take_it_to_em Member

    thats because you dipshits jack up the threads with comments to hide it. My post @ UK ANONS was deleted. Thats called censorship. I put "tommy vercetti, remeber the name!" and you or one of the other mods removed the name lol. Probably shit it and thought i might actually have some credibility.

    You also keep pointing out i am talking to myself. Yet you have responded about thirty times XD. Your forum is full of shit me lovely. along with all 7 anons here XD
  7. Take_it_to_em Member

    Your operating a pathetic forum. Your an embarrasment to our organisation. Expect us.
  8. Internet tough guy
  9. DeathHamster Member

    Do I have time to grab a coffee?
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  10. White Tara Global Moderator

    Ordinarily I would not quote myself however I found this sequence and repetitive behavior of yours telling;

    you post a name
    name gets redacted
    you baaaaw
    I explain that given you are a douche I erred on the side of caution and removed it (see no doxing without irrefutable proof)
    you ignore explanation
    proceed to issue the same complaint as if no response had been forthcoming

    This behaviour was one of the distinctive hallmarks of Brainstorm and your many subsequent socks. Can you at least try to make your deception a little less transparent

    That being said, I have in fact pointed out to you many times now that you may keep posting your drivel freely, however you continue to bring us nothing but Baaawfest. FFS get on with whatever important shit it is you think you got.
    Edit: *Barring doxing ofc

    or...just change your user name to, 'Missing the damn point always'
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  11. Deluded much fools?

    Guess o guess who's about to be publicly exposes as a hacker in a recenf scandalous exposure involving a south american co?
    Are you on the edges of your seats yet anons cos I'm gonna tel all namefag a few anca bitch in the mix yunno.
  12. I'm gunna tell all an fuck the rest like it dont mTter anways so want say you all wana no who did wot an wen ?
  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The threats, the clues...-10
  14. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The slow strip tease of quasi doxxing has been deleted, as will future yawns.
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  15. [IMG]
  16. here's a long and winding river
    From the darkness to the dawn
    It will carry and deliver you
    When you walk on

    No one here can say for certain
    What lies in the great beyond
    You'll pass through that parted curtain
    When you walk on

    You may grasp at the illusion
    The confusion of your mind
    But soon you will remember
    To surrender one more time

    You may fade out the doorway
    Fly away above the throne
    Those who stay carry your story
    A little glory lingers on

    Though the world you leave behind you
    Will become a distant song
    Every soul you loved will find you
    When you walk on

    When you walk on
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  17. You sound like an ignorant, pompous, little asswad. I'm so glad you feel this way...maybe you'll go where you're wanted
  18. How strange you should seek out that particular post then answer it. If I didn't know better I'd say it was you who posted it your first time round.
  19. Hive mind destroyer we can see right through your unsubtle ruse so fuck the hell off and play your pissant games elsewhere you illiterate pedant.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Thoughts?? Feedback?

    Would love to open an operation against the education system. There is program called HIB that is to protect against bullying in schools. Although from the outside looking in its a good cause the system has so many flaws. My son has gone through so much due to this. ead about the what it is here...below is my story....I know its long but its been a nightmare


    HIB. Three letters defining 3 words that could help or as much hurt the offender or victim. First you have to know what the words mean and what they are "supposed" to do. HIB stands for Harassment, Intimidating, and Bullying. The law is in place to protect our children from being of victim of such. This is great in theory but I learned first hand that it can hurt the offender more than the victim.

    Here’s a look at what the law mandates, how it came to be, and what has happened since.

    What it is: The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act was enacted in 2010 and signed into law in 2011 with bipartisan support. It put in place new requirements for schools to both pursue and prevent harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB) involving both students and adults. The law sets strict procedures for how to investigate reported incidents. It also provides new guidance on setting up programs to raise awareness of the problem and to build a positive and supportive climate in schools.

    What it means: The law hasn’t just changed the rules. Some say it is helping to change the culture of how students and staff deal with incidents of bullying. And it doesn’t just apply to incidents in schools; it also set the first parameters for dealing with such acts outside of school -- and online -- that also can disrupt a child’s education.

    As a parent completely I understand why the HIB law is in place. It was jumpstarted due to the unfortunate suicide of a Rutgers student who was being bullied. There definitely needs to be a system in place for children who are victims. But, not to take away from the harm that bullying can we really need such a harsh law. We live in a day and age where everyone is so politically correct and over sensitive. A day where Starbucks can't put happy holidays on their lattes fearing it will offend someone. No longer are you permitted to defend yourself. We are doing ourselves and our children a disservice by putting them in a "bubble" and think that we are preparing them for their adulthood and the reality of the real world. It's bad enough that our children will think they when they graduate college they there will be a job just waiting there for them.

    Ok so now that I got that out of the way it's time for my story. I am a proud parent of 2 amazing boys. One in 6th grade and the other in 3rd grade. My sons are not troublemakers by any means and believe me I am not one of those parents who would say "not my child". Don't get me wrong they shouldn't be sainted but they definitely are not bad kids. In this day of technology parents have it tough. To be honest it's always been tough for parents try to see what their children are doing every second and protect them but with the technology it makes it that much more harder. With the Internet and YouTube there is access to more information. Be it good or bad. In my son's case it was bad. As a leader in the Information Technology field I know enough to set strict filters on YouTube. Unfortunately what I did not know that there are inappropriate things that can sneak through. My son had seen the viral video without my knowledge of a guy videobombing reporters by saying "Fuck her right in the pussy". My son after seeing this repeated to his female classmate for a laugh. Innocent minded he had no idea of the meaning of what he repeated. This being done at the end of the day on a Friday wasn't reported until Monday by the parents of the victim. Mind you no other student heard this nor did school faculty. My son was called to the office and questioned by the principal. As he confessed what he had spoke the principal contacted the police because she said the words spoken were sexual in nature. Yes you read the correctly. She contacted the police over spoken words from a 8 year old. No action was taken by the police but the principal processed a HIB investigation against my son. After the 10 days the school is allotted to do do their investigation they informed us that they had concluded that the incident was deemed "unfounded". Mind you that during this we had punished by son and layed it on him. Appalled by what he did we ensured that he would learn his lesson and never do this again. He suffered from such anxiety throughout the investigation not knowing what the outcome would be that even his teacher told us that he had been a different student since the incident. His grades dropped and was very unsure on how he should act in certain situations at school.

    Once we were informed that the report was deemed "unfounded" we had thought we could exhale and had learned a valuable lesson. Little did we know that the school dropped the ball and shouldn't have informed us of their decision. This was not the end. Once the school concluded their part they handed it over to the district HIB specialist and superintendent. They had found it to be a violation. Totally shocked of this outcome we did not know where to turn. We were confused as to how locally it was unfounded yet now it's a violation. How was the other student effected so negatively? In fact the same student that was "offended" was playing with our soon at an off site basketball game in the hallway un-phased by the "incident". We turned to a family member who is a guidance counselor and certified HIB specialist for advisement. With her assistance we requested a meeting with the HIB coordinator and superintendent to help us understand how they came to this outcome. When we called the superintendent the convention over the phone with him was basically him bullying is and pumping his chest while talking down to us. He was downright rude but did schedule the meeting with us.

    With our anxiety blaring through the roof the day had come for our meeting. Once we sat down it was pretty obvious that this was the "Superintendent Show". It was obviously he was on the defensive. Instead of working with us respectively to teach us how he came to this conclusion he was abrasive and just downright rude. The HIB coordinator was merely his puppet as his was physically there but barely contributed. Now not to jump all over but there is a history here for this superintendent. Within the last year he has been under major scrutiny for messing up a HIB case that hit the network news. Instead of doing the right thing in that case he basically swept it under the rug. Once called out by the student who is now a college student he retracted the final decision and admitted they messed up. The reason why I bring this up is I feel like because of his screw up we and others will be paying the price. Before the conclusion of our meeting I had him basically agree that when it comes to these investigations that they are better off deeming the violation a HIB than not to cover their "tails". Needless to say our meeting got nowhere so at that point our fate was in the hands of the board of education members who decide to back the superintendent or go against the superintendent's decision before the start of the next BOE meetings. We prepped and sent a letter to each board member pointing out and pleading our case. Mind you the process is so one sided that we don't even get a saw in front of the BOE. Well to no avail 2 days later we received a letter from out favorite superintendent saying not only was it seemed a violation but it will be filed as a "Sex Offense". Our jaws dropped. It's one thing to say our son bullied or harassed someone but to say he is basically a sex offender? We had hit rock bottom. At this point we had to fight. We had to fight this. Something isn't right. We had met with an attorney who is a educational law attorney. He agreed. There was no way this was a sex offense as it is defined by law. He prepared a letter and sent it to the superintendent asking that the "sex offense" term be removed from the file. Now we wait - no response from the superintendent. We now have to deal with the BOE attorney.

    In mean time the school on a field trip assigned my son to sit next to the girl who he "HIB'd" against on the bus. If this was such a terrible offense how can they let it be. How can a let this happen since we requested that not only they do not sit near each other in class but we also requested and they honored, that they not be in the same class next year. When speaking to the principal about this she denied it and said that didn't happen but after we did our research speaking to some other parents we confirmed 100% that they did sit next to each other on the bus. We basically caught the principal and the teacher in the blatant lie. She had since apologized and said it will not happen again. More to come.
  21. Seriously bro every fucking thread with this inane crap?
  22. fishypants Moderator

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  23. That's Eliza Gilkyson from her Paradise Hotel album. On that single track her vocals are stunning, I'd recommend a listen on the tube to check what you're missing.
    I'm no country fan but that's on my playlist for any long drive .
    It's hauntingly beautiful.

    Dunno who put it up there first time round but it's got my vote.
  24. Perfect

    Enjoy perfect hope, control, discipline

    I rejoice that I am perfectly perfect



  25. Perfect

    Enjoy perfect censorship


  26. Fuck off
  27. Good day. I am hoping you all could help on the issue. Walgreens merged with a company from England called Boots. Ok so the negative issue for this merger. Walgreens is eliminating head positions to save money. But yet the corporate big wigs get a bonus. This company has already eliminated head photo specialist position. Stepping people down or firing them so this company doesn't have to pay for them at they pay scale wage they are getting paid now. But yet again the people at the top are getting bonuses. At the backs of people at the bottom they get to suffer with minimum wage when they didn't get paid that. They earned the wages in spades by putting up with people who throw money at them. Abusive manager. Abusive customers that feel it is OK just to come into the stores to take they bad day out on them. People who come into the stores to steal with guns and knives. But yet this company is stepping them down and giving them minimum wage. Only because under this new administration Walgreens Alliance Boots merger. It is a restructuring move to save money for they're pockets.
    So this adds fuel to the fire of this argument. Now they in the stepping down the Senior Beauty Advisors. Absolving the beauty advisor job title all together. So millions of people will either be loosing they're jobs if the management DO NOT like them. If they are lucky to retain they jobs they will get minimum wage. They will NOT be able to pay they rents just like the Head photo specialist are going through now. As of September if the are lucky they will get to keep they're jobs.
    I am thinking of all the people who did this as a career. I am thinking of all of those who have no other skills other than Walgreens customer service. Who in this economy will be lucky if they find any other job whatsoever. Who are older in age that made this they're lives. Who are disabled and depend on the insurance for they're health care. Companies are leery about hiring disabled people. The people with 401k's with this company that they will loose if they are fired because if they touch it they are penalized. Some haven't received a raise in 5 years. But everything is from good to housing is going up and up and up in cost. Food prices have gone up in price. Coupons only go so far.........
    This company needs to be hacked to change this ideology. The people need and depend on they money. They need to stop thinking they're bonuses, Stop thinking about what other company they can gobble up at our expense after the Rite Aid corporate take over. The people at the top need to stop giving themselves pats on the backs with major bonuses. That needs to be giving back to the people on the bottom who work hard for little money they get to begin with. There needs to NOT be a pay cap out on how much they for a position to get paid for they work hard at.
    You look at the history for people who left this company in drove in the last two years. Are management that have been with the company. Some senior management.
    I am disabled. I am trying like hell to get out post haste. Please help these people. Please change they information in the system. In this economy the little people at this company need it. This greed at this corporate top is bad at the expense of the little people.
  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Three minutes before you posted this, you posted the same thing in another thread.
  29. I need to change the job description on Walgreen's so the people with no other skills and made this a career will NOT loose they're jobs for the coo's greed. I am so terribly afraid that with the current ceo;s in place millions will loose they're jobs.
  30. White Tara Global Moderator

    We discuss, promote and engage in strictly legal and peaceful protest at wwp, so no. You will have to look elsewhere for that sort of shenanigans.
  31. Let me start off by saying I don't blame on that whatsoever. But I am thinking of NOT of me. I am thinking of all the career people who are about to loose they're jobs. They already GOT RID of the head photo specialist. Just because they didn't want to pay the career people they're wages. This is why. Then they're going to get rid of the store managers next. Now as of September they are going to get rid the head of cosmetic department. The Ceo's want they're bonuses at our expense!!! I for one am on my way out of this corrupt company. Walgreens use to be a good company until the merger with Boots.

    In the long run it is cheaper to get the career people they're Licensure in Cosmetology or as an Esthetician

    It is easier to get rid of these people especially the career people so they don't have to pay them!!!

    Job Description - Beauty Consultant (Full-time 40hrs) (020725)
    Job Description
    Beauty Consultant (Full-time 40hrs) (
    Job Number:


    This is a very exciting time at Walgreens. We’re taking our products and services to the four corners of the world as part of the Retail USA division of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc., the first global pharmacy-led, health and wellbeing enterprise. Walgreens Boots Alliance was formed through the combination of Walgreens and Europe’s Alliance Boots in December 2014, bringing together two leading companies with iconic brands, complementary geographic footprints, shared values and a heritage of trusted health care services dating back more than 100 years each.

    Today, Walgreens is the neighborhood drugstore and retailer that makes health and happiness simpler, easier and within reach. And, we remain a trusted wellness provider offering convenient access to important health services, such as immunizations and an array of pharmacy services that can help patients improve their health. To our team members, Walgreens represents a unique opportunity to excel in their careers in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

    Join us at Walgreens and find yourself at a place where innovation thrives and incredible career and growth opportunities await. We offer the chance to work in a truly supportive environment and be part of a progressive organization dedicated to the well-being of our customers, employees, and the communities we all call home.

    Job Objectives
    Maximizes sales and brand awareness by providing exceptional customer care to all customers in a friendly, efficient, and professional manner; gives impartial, personalized, expertise and advice regardless of brand and budget.
    Demonstrates a passion for beauty and provides inspirational beauty knowledge and know-how.
    Provides customers with solutions for their beauty needs, including mini-makeovers and skincare consultations, with an emphasis on the customers’ total look.
    Models and delivers a distinctive and delightful customer experience.
    Oversees and maintains overall beauty department standards.

    Job Responsibilities/Tasks

    Customer Experience
    • Engages customers by greeting them and offering assistance with products and services. Resolves customer issues and answers questions to ensure a positive customer experience.
    • Models and shares customer care best practices by proactively offering assistance, asking questions to determine customers’ needs, and informing customers of options.
    • Greets, listens, and engages customers to identify their needs, making them aware of appropriate products and services, and providing warm transfers to other areas of the store when necessary.
    • Provides expertise in product demonstrations and consultations utilizing tools such as the Matchmade Device, Skin Hydrometer, and tablet.
    • Leads and delivers in-store events to promote brand awareness and loyalty of Owned Brands and total Beauty/Personal Care.
    • Builds relationships with customers through clienteling and eventing; provides authentic closure of customer interaction and builds and fosters relationships.
    • Engages with omni-channel solutions to enhance customer engagement/experience.
    • Locates products in other stores or online if unavailable in the store.
    • Achieves or exceeds predetermined sales goals by assisting customers in the purchase of products and by modeling exceptional customer care.
    • Reviews scorecard on a regular basis to understand performance within store and district; partners with store leadership and BAE to create improvement goals.
    • Consistently focuses on link-selling and up-selling with customers by showing them sale items and complimentary offerings.
    • Uses testers and sampling to demonstrate product application and leverage items from beauty promotional programs.
    • Ensures testers are stocked and maintained in compliance with hygiene standards; maintains a clean and organized department.
    • Implements company loss prevention procedures to identify and minimize profit loss.
    • Processes sales for customers and/or employee purchases on cash register.
    • Participates in meetings and conference calls concerning programs and promotions, new items, brand launches, sales goals, and modeling exceptional customer care.
    • Has working knowledge of store systems and store equipment.
    • Ensures compliance with state and local laws regarding regulated products (e.g., alcoholic beverages and tobacco products).
    • Complies with all company policies and procedures; maintains respectful relationships with coworkers.
    • Completes special assignments as assigned.
    Training & Personal Development
    • Seeks self-development by monitoring own performance, setting high personal standards, maintaining awareness of beauty trends, learning from others, and improving job performance.
    • Maintains knowledge of competition, new product/brand launches, and overall industry trends.
    • Attends and participates in meetings, seminars, and other knowledge and business-driving opportunities; educates store team on new beauty updates, information, and learnings from training.
    • Attends assigned training and completes all learning modules.
    • Maintains professional appearance and image in compliance with company guidelines at all times.
    • Models and shares behavior with other Beauty Consultants; provides training and assistance to new Beauty Consultants.
    • Works collaboratively with the Beauty Area Expert to review goals and maintain product knowledge.


    Basic Qualifications
    • High School Diploma/GED and at least one year of experience working in a retail sales environment that required meeting a defined sales goal OR at least one year of experience proactively selling beauty products and providing customer care.
    • Experience in developing ways to accomplish goals with little or no supervision, depending on oneself to complete objectives and determining when escalation of issues is necessary.
    • Knowledge of products and brands in order to engage and meet the needs of the customer.
    • Experience establishing and maintaining relationships with individuals at all levels of the organization, in the business community and with vendors.
    • Experience building and maintaining relationships within a team.
    • Basic level PC/tablet skills.
    • Requires willingness to work flexible schedule including evenings, weekends, and holidays.
    • Must be fluent in reading, writing and speaking English. (Except in Puerto Rico)
    • Any required licensing required by state or local authorities to engage in selling of beauty products.

    Preferred Qualifications
    • Licensure in Cosmetology or as an Esthetician as granted by appropriate state licensing authority.
    • Experience demonstrating makeup application and providing makeovers to customers.
    • Experiencing selling Prestige brands.
    • Degree from Beauty School.
    • Experience with another retailer in the form of an Externship.
  32. Hun you can't advertise jobs here this isn't a recruitment centre incase you didn't notice
    Now take your gripes elsewhere like the employee rights place or or wtf.
  33. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    This derail was moved from the Ask Questions Here thread.
  34. Forgive what you though was advertise a job. I was showing another version of cleansing of walgreens trying to get rid of employees. Is that fair to the people who made this they're career with no other job skill sets?? Just in my area I have 20 people who have done this for 20 years. that ok that they don't get to keep they're jobs because of this ethnic cleansing. That they are trying to get rid of because the CEO'S want to keep they're bonuses.
  35. The Wrong Guy Member

  36. TrustGone Member

    So Roblox has started to stream Pre-Recorded broadcasts. They aren't live at all, and it's against the rules of twitch.

    so report them! Get them banned!
  37. fishypants Moderator

    You're saying they're choosing which employees to let go based on ethnicity (race)?

    Do you have evidence of that?

    Also, please see below...

  38. Anyone know where i can get a free Anonymous mask?

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