Need Anonymous' help with your totally important cause?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slobeck, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. I'm just want for the world is to know the truth the government hides a lot of shit and anonymous to be honest that isn't my real name if u hack my phone you will find out my name if u are reading this but that's all I want is for everyone to know everything and know the truth
  2. Hello everyone!!! I'm looking for other people that want to start protesting the Geonengineering: ie: Solar radiation management going on in Canada. What could be more important than protecting our biosphere?
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Can you start a thread with information about this for those of us who know nothing? You'll need to register to do this. One more thing- there are people here who discourage anyone, please ignore and keep on posting. You'll get"NYPA" and Fuck Off. some people from a cult want this forum to remain small and spend lots of time discouraging people. They get points for it. "Cult points" maybe they can get something more than rice and beans tonight.
  4. Will11070 Member

  5. Britz l Member

    Ok ready to help
  6. Fuck off.
  7. HERE
  8. This here
  9. Vahn Dragon Member

    this video might make some upset but something please watch all my videos pleases help me take down these bullies before another child gets hurt
  10. Vahn Dragon Member

    here's another video after she took the video down and put it on private video only her friends can see the video now after she got backslash
  11. Vahn Dragon Member

    here is them having a fake Vahn Dragon calling a pedo I think i know who he is but don't know why he is helping them protect this 20 or 23 old women
  12. Vahn Dragon Member

    Here is me speaking to victim live nothing is done. every time they on this APB Reloaded they pick on and target children then put their crime towards someone else
  13. Vahn Dragon Member

    This happen to another person too I also have proof he is innocent too
    I really need your help. I think all her friends are hiding something there is something not right about them I have a feeling its something big the reason why they are trying to scare me off the game. my PSN is Vahn Dragon using a PS4 the game is a free download.
  14. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  15. Vahn Dragon Member

    I want to do the right thing they looked up my IP. and all i told them what they are doing is a crime but they don't listen
  16. Vahn Dragon Member

    I cannot trust anyone I been following the rules all my life but I often abuse by people like them telling me to shut fuck no one likes you but they can nudes of kids. because I spoke up about them. if I can't save anyone why am I living on this planet why do i have to watch people suffer abuse like I have grown up.

    Why will God want these children to do the things they do to people each everyday i see them on there they bully and play victim
    why can't help each as human beings the race of this planet.
  17. Vahn Dragon Member

    all i want is for the human race to stop putting themselves through this type of stuff and people want to is take everything i work hard for. I follow the rules and did what i needed to do
  18. Hey drama llama shut the fuck up and take your sorrows elsewhere because we don't care about you or your pitiful excuse for a life.
  20. Give all of us a rest from your tears and get the fuck out of here.
  21. Kill yourself.
  22. Go suck on some live electrical wires go on do it out yourself out of all that misery and give us a fucking rest.
  23. Drink bleach.
  24. Cut your wrists.
  25. Drown yourself.
  26. Throw yourself in front of a train.
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