Need Anonymous' help with your totally important cause?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slobeck, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. Jump from a high building.
  2. Lots of choices there now choose one and shut the fuck up.
  3. fire anyone ?
  4. Bad day?
  5. Fuck off is my suggestion.
  6. GhostGoon Member

    What if I told you there is a pedo running his own YouTube channel.
    Would you act then?
  7. Is it you?
  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Goon Ghost, start by posting a link to the channel here and report it to YouTube
  9. No.
  10. No.
  11. GhostGoon Member

    My sister was contacted by the channel owner. He spoke to her over the past week after she comments on his video about how she liked a video he made. He then decided to show his penis on skype cam. She has screen grab of him with dick in hand jerking off. He is like 45 years old and my sis, she is 14 years old. My sister said he knew her age because he asked how old she was. She told Dad and he told police and they are looking into it along with the evidence. The guy is in another country so I am unsure what they can do internationally where he is. Police said they have to hand it over to the country he resides in. She has blocked him and his skype. But he runs a YouTube channel (100k subs) with a whole lot of young kids on it with a fucking puppet. Have all evidence you seek but want to make this private as possible or should I release all info here for the plan of attack?

    Have his email, skype name etc.

    Is there a way to let his audience know. Is there a way to shut him down by making him run. He is also married with a young kid. Can We have a private meeting set up with a small group to do this?

    I wont lie. I joined up this forum for payback. Plain and simple. That is why I am new here. I want my revenge on this pedo and want him to suffer!
  12. You won't get help with your payback here dude.

    We don't assist anyone with that shit in this forum.
  13. Some more advice is go fist yourself.
  14. Not to change the subject... new here.
    just bought a web site
    history in Activism... you'd be surprised what one person can do with a sign in an intersection during commuting traffic... Risk management Department... Calculate and analyses the collateral Damage I can do with one very large bold sign using Oop's Paint in a new market... like Silicon Valley. RESTORE MY CREDIT REPORT.
    This is the breath and depth of "The Golden Rule". I will no longer stand by and allow harm without applying light.
    Looking for an experienced FCC researcher by being gutted they have allowed this industry to perpetuate harm with a sociopath's Gleeful Evil Policies. Time to unwind the spin. Breach of Contract... their Breach of Contract!
  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  17. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Anonymous is this. No help need.
  18. Dave Mabus 5 Member


    (Insert religious spam here)
  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Oh hai Dennis Markuze. Fuck off.
  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Wow. Markuze

    Man who made threats over social networks ordered to follow treatment with psychiatrist

    By Paul Cherry, Montreal Gazette, June 4, 2015


    A St-Laurent man with mental health problems who admitted he has threatened several people over the Internet because he disagreed with their atheistic opinions has received a sentence that requires him to follow psychiatric treatment for three years.

    Dennis Markuze’s inability to control his impulses was evident during a sentence hearing at the Montreal courthouse on Wednesday. While the psychiatrist was testifying for the defence, Markuze could be heard laughing at what his doctor said and uttered the word “bulls–t” at least once.

    “I know he’s going to be upset at some of the stuff I’ve said in court today,” said Trent Semeniuk, a psychiatrist at the Jewish General Hospital who has been treating Markuze since 2013, or shortly after his second arrest since 2011 for harassing people through social networks and uttering threats. Semeniuk told Quebec Court Judge Jean-Pierre Boyer he believes Markuze suffers from a delusional disorder and “his beliefs are not grounded in reality.” He said Markuze’s problems date back to childhood and that he had been an outpatient at the Jewish General for a decade before 2013.

    A series of strict conditions that will accompany the sentence were laid out by prosecutor Sylvie Dulude, who noted Markuze failed to respect another suspended sentence he received in 2012. He was first arrested in August 2011 after more than 300 people signed an online petition demanding that the Montreal police finally do something about a person who called himself David Mabus (an alias Markuze has admitted to using) while making threats through social networks for years. The petition stated that “(a)nyone who associates with scientifically and skeptically minded people is likely to become a target for unsettling rants and threats to their life and well-being.” Markuze targeted people who expressed scientific views doubting the existence of God. Almost a year later, Markuze pleaded guilty to eight counts of uttering threats. In one threat Markuze wrote “Die f—ing atheists. I will cut your heads off.” In another he wrote to Timothy Farley, an American who runs an online educational forum: “Farley you die today.”

    Before his first sentence expired, Farley, one of the eight victims in that case, filed another complaint with the Montreal police reporting that Markuze was harassing him again through social media. The complaint was investigated, Markuze was arrested and, at one point, he told the arresting officer: “You bitch. The same thing will happen to you like what happened to the (World Trade Center) twin towers in 9/11.”

    In May last year, Markuze pleaded guilty to violating his probation, harassing Farley and to threatening the police officer who arrested him. Then, in April and February this year, he sent Dulude emails arguing he doesn’t believe he committed any crime because of his right to free speech.

    Continued at
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  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome back
  22. Hello my name dosent matter lol my initials are jah when I was 15 I was the hacker jeromiehomie on atsdss somehow I had the fucking fix or something every 3 days to two weeks or something I don’t fucking remember lol but I got props from the assembly programmer or something I’m now 34 3=c4=d
    Gave up in programming in 2006 for music
    Went viral on the radio
    After that was over people have been encourging me to write all these years like David Ickes and the wutang clan
    100s of thousands of views tasted good but I went independent but some of those books are posted in those places
    I’m schizophrenic but the academic tests say I’m in the top 10% of the nation I’ve dabbled in programming
    The psychotronic voices stopped torturing me because I wrote them a new bible And gave them trinckets but that was my choice to make
    Here’s my latest script I need help going on viral that’s what I’m focusing on
    I need help and I’m lazy and bored right now I had to delete an extra joke at the end of my perfect bible because I was bored lol I think that’s enough to contact me there
  23. PainterofLite Member

    Scientology can help you with that.
  24. hi im anonymous leader/exile me and my other member needs all of your help because we have been almost comprised from unknown caller from hong kong we need immediate help to get back control we and my other member T are going to hong kong to infiltrate our enemies to control society so join us together on this top secret mission
  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  26. Joel Tart Member

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