Need Anonymous' help with your totally important cause?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slobeck, Apr 22, 2011.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    First: lrn2punctuate. Periods are not just a bloody waste of fucking time, you know. Not just that it makes your moonbattery a lot more readable and easier to ignore after reading it.

    Second: lrn2properlyplaceimgtags. WTF are you trying to post after this?

    Third: Slobeck has done more protesting than you ever will. They haven't dropped moonbat droppings all over WWP and bawww when told NYPA and DIAF.

    You just jelly that nobody is listening or giving any fucks about this Agenda 21. Wagering good Internets that you got your jimmies rustled over it because the GOP/Teabaggers got mad, raging boners over it... Making Corporations responsible and unable to fuck up the environment/people. Blasphemy!

    Fourth: Get it through that thick skull full of rage that Anonymous is not your personal army. Nobody here is going to drop what they are doing and rally behind you. Especially considering it is a fucktarded idea full of moonbat shit and AIDS. No LULZ? No Way!

    Fifth: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas are all full of retards and niggers. U MAD? :D

    Sixth: You are a retarded nigger. Problem, officer?

    Seventh: Fuck off and die in a fire. NOW.

    Eighth: Repeat #7.

    Ninth: ???

    Tenth: PROFIT.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    *Yawn* Is that all you got, moonbat? Damn, you are either new or just pathetic. Strike that: You ARE new AND pathetic.

    Also: LOLing at the quoting. There is nothing there saying "we" have to stop what we are doing and help you with your totally weak and insignificant cause.

    FOADIAF moonbat.
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  4. hey dont bother anymore you lose you showed you are the racist person i knew you were go stick with your own kind here's a video you will like and stop pretending you are a protester you wimp

    Racist, Vulgar Latino Mob Attacks Protesters
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  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    You are no protester either, faggot.

    Also: Dome this shit!
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. In a broken society everyday people become anonymous.
  10. hey have you seen this, this is why we become anonymous. But I wanted people to know whom I was, so I added the xfiles as that name didn't mean anything.
    Note: I am not a conspiracy freak, just something I came across and got me interesting. Especially the picture of a skyscraper burning in the background with words "Coming soon". This was aired on April 27th, 2001.

    Listen carefully the words and phrases. "America's correctional facility, Solitary confinement*


    If that wasn't enough watch this video
    Secrets of 9/11. Plane Crash and Building Collapse Analysis

    and the video on
    9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

    Global Climate Change is Perfectly Natural!

    interesting that about Global Climate Change is Perfectly Natural!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    LOL at the moonbat who thinks a cartoon qualifies as fact. If you actually look at the building IT IS NOT THE TWIN TOWERS RETARD.

    The rest of the videos:


    Now, take your moonbat, conspiracy loving faggotry back to Whatis-ThePlan? from whence it came!
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  12. Sneak Moderator

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Note: I am not a conspiracy freak,
  14. slobeck Member

    see? as I warned in the OP, "trust me hearing it from me like this is a lot kinder that what will happen if you try"... he tried and voila.. he gets poo thrown at him.

    so, did someone post a link to this thread in a reply to that moonbat or something? As fond as I am of it, it's hella old.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Which moonbat? there's so many.
  16. rs121wv Member

    I need help with a totally personal problem. I am trying to discover the identify of an internet fraud and scammer that threatened the life of a friend and also her mother. I have an email which is a gmail address and my tracker would only go back to the Google server in Mountain View. This is very complicated and involves 2 women, me and this scammer, the Dr. Phil Show, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, who was only interested in screwing with me instead of a person who issued a death threat, and a few other entities. I am in a bad way and just need some help. I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place. This is all new to me and if someone could direct me where to go, no pun intended, I will go there for the help. Thanks for any help I can get.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Go here:

    and fill in the form.
  18. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Welcome rs121wv.

    I suggest going to your local law enforcement and report what is going on. Now, it may help if there was more info about what kind of scammer this is. Some scammers love to threaten lives but a great majority of them are full of shit. It is a tool in their arsenal: They make a threat in order to invoke fear and in turn the fear causes people to pay. It's the same shit debt collectors do (sans death threats). It is highly unlikely some...Jawa... is going to leave their 3rd world shit hole to get money off some mark. They'd lose more money than it is worth and risk being caught.

    Bottom line: Go to the cops. Give them all the info. Don't believe these Jawas as all they want is money and are using fear to get it.

    It is a nice way to tell moonbats to fuck off with their PA requests.

    It maybe old as fuck, but truth never gets old,.
  19. Anonymous Member

    He/she has already done that, and they told him/her to fuck off:

    which probably means that he/she is either making a fuss about nothing or is a mentalist.

  20. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I didn't catch that from their vague description. My mental train got derailed after something about Quack Dr, Phil and them needing help.

    Odds are, the LADA and LE looked at the info (to which I'm willing to bet we'd all love to see) and came to the same conclusion I did: It is some Jawa in a 3rd world shit hole making idle threats in order to troll for dollars.
  21. Anonymous Member

    If you have a problem...

    ... if no-one else can help ...

    ... and if you can find them ....

    ... maybe you can hire THE A-TEAM. Which we are not.

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  22. Anonymous Member

    Was there any oiliness involved?
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  23. Trac Member

    I have a question, um if you think maybe your phone is bugged because it starts now to get very hot to wear I have to take the case of and let it cool daily been like this for about two weeks now never had this problem before and I was talking to my son and he said he heard clicks and echoing in the bank ground and said that his phone does do that I'm what a person do?
  24. Trac Member

    Sorry did not mean to ask this in the middle of hers if that is what I did Damn it I'm really sorry uhh
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Trac Member

    Thank you going there now
  27. Janet791 Member

    I was hoping Anonymous would protest the shooting of Max the Rottweiler by Hawthorne Police in Southern California.
  28. Howard Hunt Member

    YouTube, there is your answer.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Show me the lulz and i'll fly out there.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    QFT - from April 23rd, 2011.
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  31. Hey Moral Fags
    what your not a moral fag?
    ...why you on WhyWeProtest then? Trolling?
    No, shut the fuck up,
    im bored of all this shit of ohh their giving us a bad name, ohh their giving us a good name... so fuck go about saving the world and/or trolling not caring who calls them selfs anons...

  32. fyi by being bothered... your pretty much being troll
  33. Anonymous Member

    Dr. Dumbass's Guide to being Edgy.
    1. Be extra butthurt. Check.
    2. Come on a message forum. Check.
    3. Create a guest account using an old fuck meme as a name. Check.
    4. Rant. Check.
    5. Be sure to use words like "moral fags" and "shut the fuck up" Check.
    6. Say something retarded at the end. Check.
    7. Nobody gives a fuck. FAIL
    Come back when you got better, kid.I swear, /b/ and 9gag are just cranking out retards lately. Sad really because they had way better than this fucktard.

    Also: *Yawn* My jimmies, along with the rest of me, is falling asleep with this fail you wrote, faggot.
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  34. Fucktard. The combination of fuck and retard. Truelly a universal word.
  35. Nona1984A Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    my brother was banned from that game runescape for saying he is a muslim i need help
  37. Anonymous Member

    This is the biggest problem in your world? Your brother getting banned from a game? Really?
  38. Anonymous Member

    Yes. Yes you do.
  39. That's what happens when you are a level 20 woodelf that plants magic IED's every where.

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