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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Hello fellow canucks.

    We have been working with a few other canadian anons on the cananon project. What we mainly want is a canadian portal in both official languages for everything anon related (including anon vs scientology) to make it easier for newcomers and joe public to get directly to the information they specifically want.

    To make this happen, we need your help and ideas. I know a lot of you hate irc but it's the main tool of communication we use at the time for planning and putting things in action. Some of us are already starting to consider also using skype for audio conferencing as this helps make collaboration faster and more efficient.
    We also use piratepad.
    By all means if you have other suggestions, feel free to share.

    An anon who is also doing web development is currently working with DRUPAL to create the cananon website. What we mainly need at the current time is content, and motivated people to help us welcome and gather newcomers and joe public and give them info about what they want to know about (again, INCLUDING anon vs scientology icon_razz.gif )

    If you think you could help, please feel free to join us on port : 6667 room #cananon or directly on mibbit on the front page of

    Otherwise if you'd rather not join irc, feel free to share ideas in this thread, i'll be coming back periodically to check on it.

    Keep up the good work guys
  2. Anonymous Member

    You have my axe!
  3. Anonymous Member

    You can also access the IRC here:

    Keep in mind that the website is not ready yet, we are happy with a virtual IRC couch at the moment. What we need are volunteers (at least one) from each cells/cities in the country that will take care of moderating their own information portal/hub where visitors can go to according to where they are from, etc. We also need people who can design, photoshop, write, tweet, blog etc.

    Issues relevant to canada anons so far (that have been discussed on IRC)

    -Open Internet/Net Neutrality/StopTheMeter/OpenMedia
    -Give an 'Anon Bump' to the Canadian Pirate Party for the elections this spring
    -More info on Chanology, where to go for events/Raids, and whats happening in Canada with the Senator's investigation and how you can help
  4. Anonymous Member

    Good stuff. There is also QuébecLeaks (which anon gave support to recently) that deserves some attention. Here's an interview in English with their spokesman Luc Lefebvre by the Concordia University Television last week. QuébecLeaks announced recently that they will accept leaks from everywhere in Canada as well. The Québec govt didn't like it and threatened the site with legal actions against them and their sources a day before they officially launched. Canada's laws regarding freedom of information are some of the oldest and most archaic in the western world, so I think a site like QuébecLeaks is invevitable in this context.

    What can we do to help?
  5. Hicks Member

    If the zeitgeist thread gets so many bump, ima go ahead and bump relevant projects for fun as well.
  6. hushpuppy Member

    @OP, I'm sure you have a reason for posting anonymously. Please keep in mind though, that some of us might not want to sign on to a project without knowing a bit about the past activities/posting history/sanity of the anon requesting the PA.

    That said, it sounds like a worthwhile project and I wish you success :=)
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  7. Anonymous Member

    only curlers can join
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  8. Anonymous Member

    This is called anonymous, remember? That being said on irc you can find out who is involved quite easily lol.
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. hushpuppy Member

    You cannot find the past planning history on irc if you weren't idling already, and questions re op could be answered here with less confusion....

    I posted mostly to bump the thread though - as hicks said, this is a much more relevant and useful thread than the zeitgeist etc ones :)
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    Allright, it's just that it's not someone's idea in particular but rather a collective effort ;)

    Also I'm personally a big fan of voting for an idea rather than who brings it up. This project doesn't have leaders like most anon project so it doesn't really matter who is involved heh.

    That being said, I'll be more than happy to answer any questions regarding the project so far in this thread :)
  13. humptydumpty Member

    Yes, I like the sounds of this cananon project!
    It was mentioned that you need at least one volunteer from each city. What cities do we have covered so far?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Quebeckistan, Torontosylvania, and Vancouvia
  15. PresidentShaw Member

  16. TheRIDDLER Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    I have lived in Victoria, BC but not currently.

    As a kid, I went to school in Oak Bay (site of the map) for a few years and am very familiar with the area.

    I visit the city frequently. This does NOT appear to be a location of anything to do with $cientology.

    $cientologists might, perhaps, live in the apartment buildings shown on the street, but that's it, from my points of view.
  18. TheRIDDLER Member

    Actually, i got ahold of the phone number and apparently its not a church, its a scientology 'mission'? they call it. (according to their voice mail)
  19. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, $cientologists recognize zero boundaries with regard to where they go to promote their $cam$.

    It's quite conceivable that they would choose to have Mission Meetings in someone's apartment, or garage, or storage locker.

    However, I read that as a sign that ca$h flow is very limited and it's all they can presently afford. Stats are way down. Ohhoooooo, scary.
  20. humptydumpty Member

    yeah so i checked that place out on Belcher today and it's def in an apartment (reaffirming what Auntie Social said). In the address it says #306 so i checked out the name of the tenant and it said E. Regnier. ...which makes sense because Eileen Regnier is the big cheeze of scientology in Victoria if you will. So to answer your question, yes that place is legit.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Good work on the sneaker net humpty! impressive! Thank you for the "Eileen Regnier" intel.
  22. humptydumpty Member

    ah, no worries! glad to be of help.
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  23. TheRIDDLER Member

    ok, so looks like all the anti-co$ work i can do will be out in heavy populated places just to spread awareness? or are there any big $cientology places in victoria? I got email and phone number of that 'mission' Email: phone: 250-220-3772
  24. Kogus Member

    Have those $cientologests ever answered the phone, if they have what did they say, cus I've only got voicemail.
  25. Ogsonofgroo Member

    There is already athread on this, Vic has no Mission/Org, just practitioners from their own houses, last intel we did found one
    just off the Pat Bay hwy and I believe there was once someone on Quadra who was offering services, this is over a year ago btw, that spot is now a second-hand comic store, a much better usage imho.
    Its pretty much a dead-zone in Vic as far as I can see, the closest CoS crap I've found were a few NarConon ads in the local freemags and we pooned the shit outta them, it was a Vancouver number too~ within a month almost all local free mags pulled their ads or stopped taking them (yay!).

    I do notice a few more newbies from this area joining the fray, I encourage them to connect with the Van cells as there is still an active bunch there (and I hope to join a picket 'r two this summer too!), irregardless, there is always something to do, like carry on with the universal inoculation program (YFTC etc.), always things ta do!

    Cakes & Cheers!
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for the report, Ogsonofgroo. My best regards to groo. You look just like him and he must be proud.

    I'm seriously pleased to learn that Co$ is dead in the water in Victoria. I shall do anything in my power (legally) to bring about a similar condition in Vancouver.

    Power (and Cake) to the anonymous. Doom to $cientology everywhere.
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  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Plp Member

    I live in Victoria... I remember a couple months ago I was under the influence of LSD my trip was just starting to come on best quality acid I've ever taken & I was walking down Pandora to meet my friends at the shelter and I couldn't stop tripping out thinking about how the Church of Scientology was trying to tap into my thoughts and it was driving me crazy, then outta the blue I walk into a palace of a Church of Scientology which I've never seen a building like that before and it just stunned me.

    It's not like I think about the CO$ all the time and I had no idea they had a building down Pandora street (where all the crack heads hang out). Really that experience was whack I cannot explain it and I felt like they were doing some sort of experiments in there.

    Also when I met up with my friends we had a great time, and they helped me stop tripping out about the CO$ and a lot of our conversations ended up as jokes about Tom Cruise which were actually really funny.
  29. Anonymous Member

    We'll be the judge of that.
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  30. TLara Member

    You'll find many Co$ "Misssions" across Canada (and the world), missions and groups are their foot soldiers to brainwash people into becoming interested in the church. You will find that just about everywhere where there is a church they started with one group or mission and turned it into multiples before getting a church, most keep the groups small so it's easier to brainwash people with less questions, when they hit a certain number they will branch off into another group or mission, it allows them to control newbies better. Once they have enough brainwashed members their numbers are usually big enough to keep questioners in check by group intimidation and usually start a small church at that point. Some areas keep their missions and groups and will send newcomers there first to ensure they are properly brainwashed before going to the church. Groups and mission also allow them to do community service with various organizations without it being found out they are part of a church, most groups and missions are also given small tasks and they will "retrain" or "help" underprivileged people who are more easily sucked into cults. Some missions do poster printing or put together pamphlets about Co$ and will recruit homeless and low income people to hand out or put up fliers for a small amount of money knowing that they will read them eventually and become curious enough to ask about the church, once they do that they are prime pickings for brainwashing. They did this where I went to high school and it was pretty awesome as we would take the pamphlets and toss them in the trash and go back later for our pay out (enough to buy smokes). BTW most groups and missions stay pretty hush-hush until they have enough people, no one in the small town we moved from even knew we had a group there, not until odd posters started popping up all over town, when they finally came crawling out into the sunlight we found out their group had been there for almost 8yrs. It was hilarious to watch some of the bible thumpers react to this, I was waiting for their heads to start spinning because they were pissed that their nice Christian town had been polluted with the evils of Scientology, especially after it was found out two members of the group were volunteers in the church preschool program and parent coffee hour. I'm almost sorry we moved as it was quite amusing to watch them all go at it constantly and accuse everyone who looked at them the wrong way or said something wrong in church of being "one of them". I found out mighty fast that saying you were part of the Co$, mission, or group was actually worse than telling them you were a Satanist or Wiccan.
  31. Hatter Member

    Yes that is true, got my nose smashed a few weeks back for calling a co-worker that..but regardless, as you already know you have my bow in New Brunswick..but my Online activity for the next week or two will be scarce..
  32. Plp Member

    That was some of the most seriously calm states of mind I have ever had. Angelic quality LSD.

    B.C. there are hella interesting people, I love the homeless often give them change or cigarettes when I can.

  33. SeenTheLight Member

    "Richard gets TWTH to Canadian schools"

  34. Anonymous Member

    We gotta shut this ^^^^^^^^^^^ down!
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

  38. HellRazor Member

    This is not gonna happen on our watch. Of course, it could just be another CoS scam to separate Scilons from their moneys.

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