Need Focus on Purif Rundown

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Consensus, Jan 4, 2009.

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    Need Focus on Purif Rundown

    I'm not saying by any means that we should abandon any of the current lines of criticism and inquiry, but we need to bring the purif rundown to the media's attention while they're actively following this.

    How often was Jett treated with vitamins and sauna? What regiment did they use? What medical effects would those doses have on the child, and how would they affect the other treatments used?

    We should look into bringing in critics of herbal remedies into the dialog. There are groups out there advocating that herbal remedies should be covered by the FDA just like any other drug.

    See, not all herbal remedies 'do nothing.' Some are actually quite effective. I've heard that there is an herbal blood thinner that some people use that actually *does* thin the blood. They'll take it, then pop an asprin for a headache (which is also a blood thinner), then show up for surgery. The surgeon will ask 'are you on any blood thinners?' and the patient replies 'no.' Then the surgeon administers a prescription-strength blood thinner (on top of the asprin and herbal blood thinner) and the patient bleeds out and dies on the operating table.

    Some herbal remedies are nothing more than a placebo - and those should not legally be allowed to claim any health benefits. Those that are not placebos should be subject to the same FDA regulation that any other drug is subject to.

    It's possible the purif rundown impaired the anti-convulsives used to treat Jett. It's also possible the niacin overdose caused the liver damage that Travolta says required them to pull him off of his anticonvulsive meds. Someone else suggested that Vitamin-D in large doses could actually exacerbate the seizures. Another post yesterday suggested that Niacin overdose resembles Kawasaki Syndrome.

    We need dox on all of this. We need action on this. This is a huge opportunity to bring Scientology practices under scrutiny. What do we know about the purif rundown? I'll be doing some research over the next 8 hours, and I would appreciate any help from medical professionals here. I'd also appreciate help in the form of harpoons, and getting this information into the current dialog.
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    Re: Need Focus on Purif Rundown

    What I'd like to see in the next week would be Anderson Cooper asking Dr. Gupta about the purif rundown, with a follow-up question to a CNN legal expert asking of Travolta would have a legal case against the CoS (and a response that mentions the Wollerheim case).

    What I'd love to see - and consider a very very long shot - is Travolta actually SUE the CoS for medical fraud.
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    Re: Need Focus on Purif Rundown

    More likely is Jett's full-time carers (and I don't mean John and Kelly) will get sued to hell and back.
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    Re: Need Focus on Purif Rundown

    This would be epic.

    Here is a link in which pointed out some of the similarities between kawasaki and the purif (specifically skin rashes, elevated temp.)

    I don't have a medical background and by far not an expert.

    edit: something I just noticed with Niacin Toxicity - cardiac arrhythmias. I seem to remember this condition being mention in connection with Jett. Can someone confirm?
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    Re: Need Focus on Purif Rundown

    Not much but Technorati: Discussion about “John Travolta's Son Dies”

    "much is understood about Kawasaki disease, which is a condition that affects many parts of the body. It affects mostly boys under the age of 5. Its greatest complications are cardiac, which often lead to heart attack, even in children. "
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    Re: Need Focus on Purif Rundown


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