Need Graphic, Printable Guy Fawkes Mask

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Anonymous, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Re: Need Graphic, Printable Guy Fawkes Mask

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    Re: Need Graphic, Printable Guy Fawkes Mask




    Full sized versions available upon request.
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  7. this first design is a little hard and I don't have a printer at home so can I get some help reply to me at ( email deleted)
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    It's all come full circle now. In the beginning, it was just a neckbeard thing. On the Internet, kids on 4chan used it as a sign for their privacy when doing dumb things because they thought the movie V for Vendetta was awesome

    The masks were then purchased by the same kids when they went to bother scientology. After that, I started to use cheap postcard printer for other purposes. It began to make the news, the concept took off, and it evolved into what you know today. While the complete description is much longer, that is the gist of it.

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