Need halp from non-US Anons

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Need halp from non-US Anons

    So I've been working on a project for no other reason than to make some kind of copypasta for Scio comment trolls and rub it in the CoS's crimes obsessed face. Operation: What are your crimes?

    I'm having some trouble gathering information from non-english speaking news sources and I'm not exactly sure where to start with the UK and Aus and NZ legal system. What I'm looking for are news articles in any language that is reliable to confirm a Scientologists's conviction for a crime. Not suits against the cult itself. Legal documents are especially great. If you can find names and sauce, please send me the lings so I can add it to the list. I know there's a ton I'm missing, but I'm not sure how to search your documents.

    I am also going to be adding a section of pending litigation for Scientologists who have been arrested, but their trials either haven't started or are on-going. If you know of any, please send them along too. This doesn't include anyone who's been acquitted.

    In addition, there's a few key names I'm looking for since their cases are so high profile.

    The Netherlands - Jesse Remmers, a hit man who killed 6 people and was allegedly the head of criminon for his area. Is there news on his case? What happened?

    Germany - Thomas Holst aka Heidemörder, a serial killer with alleged ties to the CCHR. Was he a Scio? What happened to him?

    France - Has anyone been arrested in connection to the kidnapping and unlawful detention of Scientologist Martine Boublil in Sardinia after she tried to escape the cult?

    Australia - Updates on the case of Linda Waliki who was kept off her medication and ended up murdering her father Michael, and her 15 year old sister Kathryn in Sydney in April 2008. As of November 2008, there supposedly was still no trial. Has anything happened?

    Canada - I heard on ESMB of someone around 1988 connected to the Toronto Org convicted of selling endangered birds like falcons to pay for his bridge.

    UK - I've heard of someone in the Plymouth org who was a convicted child rapist. Anyone have a name?
  2. V for Anon Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    I would love to help out with the German stuff, but I am afraid I will
    be occupied with setting up a new cell in my local area for some time.
    If you don't find anyone else earlier, I'd be happy to do it later.
  3. Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    Well, if you ever have any down time to google or run across something in a German paper, just ling it to the project. :D Any help at all is always appreciated.
  4. moose Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    head of Nofelon , and i'm not sure if he was head of Criminon (i heard there are some docs, but i haven't seen it).
    The case against him (and lots of others) is still going on. It is said to be the case of the decade, so this could go on for months/years. Also, his scilon buddy Peter la Serpe is involved.

    also, look into the cases in Belgium that start next month. many people involved in massive fraud.
  5. Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    If you ever run across the dox, please let me know. So he hasn't been convicted yet? If you've got any sauce, even if it's not in English, drop 'em here if you see them.
  6. Herro Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    If this info is published anywhere, on or offline, make sure that you have enough documented criminal acts to show that the rate of criminality in the CoS is higher than in the general population. The last thing you want to do is produce a situation where the CoS can point to this and say, "look anonymous tried to smear us and, even after searching out every convicted scientologist, we still have fewer criminals than in the average population." know what I mean?

    To be safe, I would frame it in terms of, "Scientologists say that they are the most ethical people on the planet. Oh really? Here are just a few of their crimes." Of course you can't logically make the argument that these people are criminals because of the CoS. But people pull this shit all the time, so why not- it will have the desired effect.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    The problem was that this was in the 80's, and there are no online records about the conviction that I can find. I heard about this from a family member of his who I am no longer in contact with, and I am not 100% sure of the persons first name. I'm not sure if he was a child rapist, but he was jailed for his part in running a child prostitution ring. Investigations are ongoing however.
  8. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    I got no articles, but some stuff that may be of help.

    Some text that may be of help: The Scientology System
    chapter 22. However, this should only be used as a list of things to look for. Some of these entries may have been overturned in later court proceedings or may have been incorrectly translated. But once you know which convictions took place, it may be easier to look for articles.

    With regards to the "Heidemörder", police apparently suspected Scientology involvement when he was able to flee from a psychiatric institution, however it turned out later that one of his therapists had helped him. He's in prison now and is or was married to his former therapist. I don't know whether he was a Scientologist. There is one article in "Der Spiegel" No 42 of 1995, which quotes an alleged statement by Scientology saying he belonged into a prison, not into psychiatry and only there did he go from a person with "extraordinary abilities" to a "dangerous being". The article quotes one person from the station -don't know, it may be that therapist to avoid suspicion- that the german CCHR had often visited him and had had long talks with him. It was also alleged that Scientology was responsible for a legal document he created while there, titled "Grave Violations of Law in the Institution". Both statements were denied by Scientology. Afaik Holst is still in prison.

    This article can be found at

    As far as Greece is concerned, this page may be a good starting point: GREECE UNCOVERS SCIENTOLOGY even though it doesn't contain articles.

    If you can link crimes to policies, why not?
  9. Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    Not my problem to spin it or make an arguement with it, I'll leave that to whoever wants to make the copypasta or fliers. I was just interested that Scientologists cling so very desperatly to that one 18 year old kid in NJ who helped bring down a website for a few hours when to me, raping little children and killing people seems much worse. :< I thought the list would be useful in stfu'ing that CoS PR and maybe bring some of the most "ethical people" crashing back to reality. It's worked in the past when I've been comment harpooning so I figured fleshing it out a bit would be interesting. I'm just trying to get accurate information out there, what people do with it is up to them. ;)

    Thanks for the Greek bit, I'll start slogging through it.
  10. Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    If you get any more info, let me know. If it exists, we'll find it.
  11. Olrik Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    According to this blog (in french, dated 2008), the case is handled by Italian justice, who let the $cilons - including her brother Claude - go back to France. There's nothing new to my knowledge about this case.

    UPDATE: the italian court is most likely Tribunale di Nuoro Any ItaliAnon around ?
  12. Namenlos Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    Any use?
    Cherry picked some things out.

    - In France the head of Scientology's center in Lyon was sentenced to jail for manslaughter in 1996 in connection with the death of Patrice Vic, who killed himself by jumping from an apartment building while he was being pressured to borrow money for yet another Scientology course.

    In October 1996 three Scientologists were given suspended prison sentences in Marseille on charges that in the United States would have been called tampering with a witness, a cult expert called as a witness during the 1996 trial in Lyon.

    Canada - Canada's highest court in 1997 upheld the criminal conviction of the Church of Scientology of Toronto and one of its officers for a breach of trust stemming from covert operations in Canadian government offices during the 1970s and 1980s.

    Scientology also lost an appeal of Canada's biggest libel judgement: $1.6-million assessed by a jury after Scientology tried to discredit Casey Hill, the prosecutor who handled the criminal case against the church.

    In upholding the libel verdict, the Canadian court said, "Every aspect of this case demonstrates the very real and persistent malice of Scientology."

    Scientology paid Hill more than $4-million in 1996. The payment included interest and attorneys fees.

    - In Italy 29 Scientologists were sentenced to jail in early 1997 on criminal charges that included taking advantage of people regarded as mentally weak. The Scientologists were acquitted of tax evasion charges although they have refused to pay taxes in Italy.

    Spain - High-ranking Scientologists have been jailed in Spain in connection with what were called crimes associated with Scientology practices
    In Spain in late 1988, 70 Scientologists, including President Heber Jentzsch, were indicted and hauled off in handcuffs on allegations of fraud, extortion, forgery, tax evasion and violating public health laws. Jentzsch posted $1-million in bail before being released. He has not returned to Spain for trial.

    The arrests followed a raid on Scientology centers ordered by a judge who described Scientology as "making quick money under the guise of doing good."

    Jentzsch said his arrest occurred because of false information furnished to Spanish authorities by Interpol.

    Spanish authorities formally indicted Jentzsch and 17 other members of the organization in 1995 on charges stemming from the 1988 investigation. The charges are still pending.

    Denmark - a young nanny mutilated and murdered the 18-month-old twins of Scientologists. The nanny had a history of mental illness and had stopped taking medication in an effort to gain acceptance into Scientology, which forbids psychiatric care or drugs for its members.
  13. Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    I've got some of those and I'm dying to see if we can get the names in the Italian case. D: Anyone know where to look. Also, never ever heard of this one.
    Do we have a name?
  14. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    Canadian twin babies mutilated in Denmark
  15. Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    Hmm..I'm only getting the critics' sites in english. I can't find the toronto sun article they're supposedly quoting. Are there any dox in danish?
  16. realitybites Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    Still in a Moroccan prison:
    Elsevier Feb. 19th 2009
  17. restim Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    This is not correct. The criminal conviction was appealed to and upheld by the Court of Appeal for Ontario in a 1996 decision. It went no further. This only case case heard by the Supreme Court of Canada was the Casey Hill libel case.

    The relevant decisions are online.

    The appeal of the criminal conviction to the Court of Appeal for Ontario (1996).

    The appeal of the libel case to the Court of Appeal for Ontario (1993).

    The appeal of the libel case to the Supreme Court of Canada (1995).
  18. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    do front groups count?
  19. Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

  20. 8895 Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    Boris Shalimov?

    ""Russian Official convicted 2 years 2 months for having spent govt money to send people in scientology"

    he was a scion too...
    couldn't dig out any dox on him yet besides what was on the bottom of the page linked above.
  21. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    They'll say that anyway because they'll postulate it as crimes per 10 million rather than crimes per 50 thousand.
  22. Herro Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    lol, good point.
  23. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    HT, here's the judgment of the Court of Appeal of Ontario denying the appeals from conviction of the Church of Scientology of Toronto and Jacqueline Matz on charges of breaches of trust: CanLII - 1996 CanLII 1650 (ON C.A.) (This was the Canadian equivalent of Snow White.)

    Walicki - The young woman was found not guilty on the grounds of mental illness on 29 July 2008. R v WALICKI [2008] NSWSC 777

    Edit: She was ordered to be detained in a mental health facility under the direction of the Mental Health Review Tribunal.
  24. Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    Thankee! :D
  25. bananamous Member

    Re: Need halp from non-US Anons

    I don't think that you can show this in such general terms. They are not a representative slice of the general population. You schould concentrate on crimes that can be directly linked to CoS, like acting on instructions by the CoS, or acting due to canceled medication.

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