need help for Software package to combat cencorship

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Is there any other software useful for bypassing web censorship, or anything that can be distributed in a CD to protesters with information useful for them? Information directly connected to protests (how to tend to wounds, make molotovs etc etc. ) are a no go, as we don't want people arrested be classified as terrorists using information on the CD as proof. We are focusing more on useful tools, specially in by passing censorship and better information distribution.

    I already got:

    Vidalia ( tor )
    Skype ( to use with Gpass as proxy )
    Freenet ( It is too complex to use, is there a specific task that anyone sees freenet as bifiting for ? )
    I2P ( For use of out proxies )
    gproxy firefox addon
    Pidgin ( with a guide how to use a proxy, yahoo messenger is blocked )
    Truecrypt ( to encrypt photos, videos and ... )

    Iranians are heavy users of Yahoo messenger and Yahoo mail, Facebook and to some extent orkut is also used. Some also do use gmail.

    Also Is there a software that can directly access twitter?
    Is there an IRC client with a config file which I can preset to use tor and auto connect to a specific server and room?

    Please pay attention the mini CDs can only fit 210 MB, 75 MB is already used in above programs. That leaves us with 135 MB room for now. ( Mini DVDs are too expensive, Full sized one doesn't fit in your pockets )
  2. BadMojo Member

    Twitter now has a mobile app. See if it works with a sat phone.
  3. think i may have misunderstood you...

    in any case if you would register it would help your cause i think..
  4. hangerhead Member

    i have a friend who says freegate not working anymore.

    any sugg.?
    has to be small enough for e-mailing as attachment
  5. Several years ago, the Hacktivismo branch of Cult of the Dead Cow came out with the six/four package to help the Chinese circumvent their national firewall safely. It's not as easy to use as something like TOR, but seems to have stood the test of time very well WRT security. It, and a few related programs which might be useful, can be found here: Hacktivismo: Projects
  6. lonestar Member

    But is it possible to send any package to Iran under the current circumstandes?
    I think they will open the package and take a look at the content of the disc.
    does anyone has more information about the management of packages?
    it would be very helpful.
  7. recommended alternative to pidgin

    I recommend Digsby, which is very similar to pidgin, but also offers Twitter/Facebook access. Every communication protocol imaginable in one package. Am not sure about anonymizing it, encrypting traffic, or using proxies... should work the same as Pidgin in that respect.
  8. Recommended alternative to Firefox

    XeroBank Browser is a portable version of firefox with TOR built in. Can be run from a USB drive. I have distributed USB drives instead of mini CDs, though the quantities you are looking at may not be realistic.

    No cookies, no cache, no trace left behind. No technical know-how needed.
  9. hangerhead Member

    are these small enough to be e-mailed as attachment?
  10. echo-IRAN Member

    Ultrasurf is the roughly the same size as freegate, 400 kb.

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