Need Moar Chants!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Anonymous, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Need Moar Chants!

    Granted, nothing will ever top the all time best chant:

    And there will always be a special place in our hearts for the classics:

    But after more than a year of doing this shit, we really oughta have a whole repertoire of chants by now, and we dont. And after the recent attack on Hubbard Telescope, I was inspired to channel my raeg into a new series of chants for your raiding pleasure.

    HELL NO WE WONT GO, The Series....

  2. psychoutcults Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    My favorite:

  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!


  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    I... am.... Iron Man, leader and Grad master of the KU Klux Klan.
  5. mrfyde Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    LOL ^

    I think Chants are the type of thing that people with less creativity than anon use. People that go to protests and have a pre-printed sign waiting for them.

    The CCHR's chant "Hey hey APA how many kids have you drugged today" was a chant that was originally "Hey hey LBJ how many kids have KILLED today ?" or maybe even older.

    Chants can be summed up in a sound bite. Scientology can't.

    The Big AFRO is good !
  6. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    One o'clock
    Two o'clock
    Three o'clock
    Wee little Davie
    Can suck my cock!!

    (repeat 50X)


    Nah, prob not pc, but I cans dream :D

    Body Thetans
    Whatcha eaten
    Hey hey Davie
    Who ya beaten'!!

    Hey hey little Tom
    What planet ya think yer from!

    Free the cowz

    and chickens too

    L ron Hubbard

    Done made a zoo!

    L Ron
    Con lives on!

    Pay yer taxes
    Tell no lies
    Give us a cult
    Where no one dies!

    Sci ent tology
    Nothing in it is for free!

    and many moar.........

    kk I go nao............... :(

  7. Re: Need Moar Chants!

    got 2...

    not great, but meh.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    I have never and will never stand in a group and chant something that someone else wrote for me to say.
  9. Spangly Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    Pre-written chants often come over as insincere - it's more interesting to let them just happen. Basing them on what's around you (like London's church/cult and chicken/cult ones) is an idea to try, if you're stuck for inspiration.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    Generally not a fan of chants, but I do like these because the public finds them funny and they annoy the hell out of the culties:

    "that is a chicken/church etc, that is a cult"

    "Scientology what? SCIENTOLOGY KILLS!"

    "give us an 'O', give us a 'T', sure smells like a cult to me
    give us an 'S', give us 'P', research the church of Scientology"
  11. Re: Need Moar Chants!


    EDIT: wait, youtube?
  12. Arsolycus Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    One we do with John Carmichael in NYC...

    "Give me a L/S/D - sure smells like John to me!"

    "Hey Hey, Ray Ray, how much dope did you smoke today?!" (for Ray BaiardI)

    (In response to Ben Kasle Scientology rapist)

    "Don't touch our kids, don't fuck our kids, just leave our kids alone!"

    "Scientology Touches Kids, Scientology Touches Kids!" (repeat 50x)
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    The scientology kills chant is way over the top in my book.

    The public does not believe it. It makes the people saying it look like extremists. I have seen protesters asked who they killed and they give a really bad conspiracy type answer every time.

    People don't understand cults or their tactics.

    The Chicken / Cult chant doesn't bother me neither does "CULT CULT CULT" 50x or "This is a _____ that is a CULT" works fine.

    But I prefer no chants.
  14. DeadFace Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    its the end of your cult and you know it
    its the end of your cult and you know it
    and i feel fine
  16. Re: Need Moar Chants!

    THIS^^^^ Lets stay away from the chants as it encourages the same type of herd thinking that the cult does.
  17. Anon777707777 Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    personally, I get good feedback from adapted songs...

    For example, my current work in progress. "I dont want to set the world on fire".

    I dont want to set the org on fire.
    I just want to start, the doubt in your heart.
    In my heart I have but one desire.
    And that one is you, no other will do.

    Ive lost all ambition, for worldly acclaim
    I just wanna shut down your cult
    and with your admission
    that you want to blow
    ill have reached the goal im dreaming of, believe me


    Working on the rest.

    I know its fail written down, but its funny when sung in the original tune. youtube it to hear the original.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    I like re-written songs when done by one person or done well. A group singing gets attn. but the words are rarely understood.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    This, although I would definitely do the Three Word Chant.
  20. Gentlemen Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    this one seems to always amuse.

    Scientologies crimes are very great.
    great meaning large or immense
    we use it in the pejorative sense!
  21. Gentlemen Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    disregard cocks
  22. Re: Need Moar Chants!

    1 bit
    2 bit
    3 bits a dolla
    all anons here
    stand up and holla
  23. Re: Need Moar Chants!

    5 dollar
    5 dollar scilon
  24. Re: Need Moar Chants!

    +1 win. pre-planned chants suck, ones that some bloke randomly makes up on the spot are the best.

    but i'd do this and "Three Word Chant!" any day.
  25. Panama Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    hehe, I like that one.

    I'm in the process of coming up with more chants. We only have a few in Boston, most of which we got from NYC which only makes us look dependent on them. We need more of our own.
  26. basil Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    I can't remember the details, but on Saturday in London we had a rendition of "Downstat", based on "Downstat" by Petula Clark.
  27. Namenlos Member

    Re: Need Moar Chants!

    You've been playing too much Fallout 3, fella ;)

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