Need Petition Language for Tax Status Change

Discussion in 'Projects' started by tigger, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. tigger Member

    Need Petition Language for Tax Status Change

    Another legitimate activity for Feb. 10th would give people an avenue of activity, harness passersby, and do real economic damage in a legal way...

    Can we have a clipboard and sheets for signatures to change the tax status of CoS, removing their exemption? That would generate some real consequences if we had enough signatures nationwide.

    Any lawyers out there who could write the verbiage for us? I can design a form with room for names/addresses/other req'd info & put somewhere as a pdf, or use an intermediary to stay nameless.

    Am I missing something already out there that we should use?
    Would it endanger those who know nothing about what CoS does?
    On the other hand, if CoS actually went after completely innocent people who just signed a petition on the street, that would enrage the nation...

    Please advise.[/code]

    Edit: Added as sticky.
  2. plainjanelane Member

    Regardless of the language, start email blasting your senators and house reps, governor and local reps with the news that Scientology as a religion is BS and getting tax exemptions unfairly.

    Use better language than that, of course, but it takes all of ten minutes to fire off a few emails. Use IRL secondary addresses and maybe first names, your congressional reps can be trusted to some extent. (except maybe Florida and California) Do this now, and tell them of the up coming protest. The follow through. Who knows, maybe someone governmental will come out. Get the idea in the heads, then let's have a legit lawyer follow behind with some legalese.

    Send those emails now. I already have.
  3. this is probably not the right place to put this up, but seems as good as any..
    an e-petition has been started on the uk government website, this is the wording:

    "Without compromise to freedom of thought or expression, the teachings and beliefs of Scientology, Dianetics and science-fiction writer L Ron Hubbard must never be legally be accepted as a religion – regardless of any recent EU decision to the contrary.
    We consider the ‘Church’ of Scientology is an exclusive business venture that by prohibiting access to scientifically-proven psychiatric therapy and medicine is effectively enslaving its believers."

    it can only be signed by btitish citizens/residents and can be found here:

    the more people that sign it the better, these petitions do get notice. without religious status they are unlikely to get tax exempt status.
  4. Anon9001 Member

    e-petitions are about as useless as dehydrated water.
  5. AB Member

    not true, dehydrated water can be rehydrated and drank. :)
  6. TLEanon Member

    I wasn't going to dignify this with a response but then I thought, "what the hell".

    Dehydrated water is air. It's useless. Dehydrated chicken? Gross, but not useless.
  7. xenu.girl Member

    Every little bit helps.

    I write letters several times a year to politicians, the IRS, the Attorney General cuz I think letters make more of an impact.
  8. johndoe145 Member

    Writing from yourself is far more effective. Copypasta pisses pols off. Imagine how many form letters they get daily, now you're gonna flood theirs with more? :)
  9. AB Member

    it might be a good idea to have a real, paper petition at the event though.
    but how could we ensure the safety of those who signed?
  10. Randomness Member

    Can't, scieno plants will offer to sign it and will photograph the petition.
  11. I had a thought about this, once we do get their their tax exemption revoked they may have to pay back in millions anyway, but by then we would also have most of the public and maybe even the LE on our side if our all out efforts are successful. We should make them pay out through the ass more and start getting mean, <This post has been removed due to idiocy claim by EBaumsworld Int.> If this is done enough and you're not stupid enough to get caught then it will be mass lulz and the traditional thing to do (blame it all on ebumsworld) while still making the co$ pay through their asses even more. But I'm just thinking ahead for when we have enough support for those actions to be considered okay by the public.

    I did have a thought about the e-gov petitions though and haven't tried myself yet, but would it be plausible to use JAP proxies to put someone else's name down and details who you know but they are too lazy to sign it while using the JAP proxies?

    I used JAPs the other day to continuously vote against the c0$ in a poll on some german site.

    Here are the JAP details and pack that I've uploaded for you.

    Don't copypasta this on 4chan though, I posted on there and am banned till 6th of may, even though I'm using JAP whenever i want to go on 4chan.

    The great things about these proxies are that websites such as eBay or in the case that you get banned from #chan will not be able to tell that you are using a proxy. ...
    The set up of the proxies is straight forward and instructions are included in installation. This is the main program, all installation is explained clearly.

    ie_privacy_file.xml: This is for those internet explorer users. To set up go to options/privacy and then import. Locate the file after that.

    Proxomitron4: This software allows you to change the heads and filters. For example if your using firefox 1.2 you can make it say that your using firefox 2.0.
    You must make sure all your cookies are cleared, and that when you close firefox that you clear your cookies (there is an option to have it do this automatically when you close FF). Cookies are a big give away to your true identity.
    Now test your anonymity out with this:
    See the difference.
  12. Vandalism is illegal.

    Is Bunker said, we cant do the same crap scientology does.

    To win this, we need to get the public to take our side.

    To do that, we need the public to take us seriously enough to look at the facts we have... And then possibly look it up for themselves for further confirmation.

    Acts of Juevenile vandalism will not get us that benefit of the doubt. Even if it is blamed on Ebaumsworld.
  13. NotAffiliated Member

    Petition Organizational Structure

    The Petition should be organized with a structure similar to this (do your due diligence to add/verify these facts, as this is coming from memory).

    I. Brief Introduction, Request, and One Sentence summary of why it should be granted
    II. Scientology Receives Benefits That Are Not Afforded to Other Religions (go into the special privileges it receives that other faiths do not).
    III. Scientology Was Granted These Privileges Under Suspicious Circumstances.
    a. Protracted litigation with IRS
    b. Possible use of private investigators against IRS agents in their personal capacity
    c. Timing of settlement was suspect given that IRS had just won in the Supreme Court against Scientology - seems to have been granted more out of the personal interests of individual IRS officers as opposed to any official government interest
    d. Settlement was agreed to outside usual IRS procedure
    e. The Settlement's terms were not in the United States' Interest
    1. Settlement was confidential and released to the public for several years
    2. The degree of payment that Scientology had to pay under the settlement was significantly less than what it owed
    3. The IRS was required under the settlement to distribute Scientology material to other nations.
    IV. Scientology Does Not, In Fact Deserve These Privileges
    a. Before the IRS Settlement, Courts repeatedly rejected Scientology's theory that it was entitled to a religious exemption (cite the cases [including supreme court opinion] and relevant language
    b. Scientology behaves more like a business than a religion and should therefore be treated as one (copyrighted material, for profit motivation, interlocking shell corporations, etc - but due your due diligence here)
    c. Scientology does not behave as a religious organization entitled to an exemption should behave (cite Operation Snow White, the fact that Fair Game is not truly repealed, frivolous lawsuits, harassment of critics).
    V. Summary, Conclusion and a repeat of the request.

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