NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Flunk! Not Buddy.
  2. Jugular Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Use your dox, faggot.

  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    If it's who I think you are talking about....time to dox that person!

    They don't deserve any restraint anymore. We have been destroying a billion dollar corporation pretending to be a religion. How much effort should it REALLY take to make some of their already off kilter followers crack?
  4. J. Swift Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Here are two more of Scientology's corn-fed heifers who were let out of the Big Blue Barn to moo and snort at Anonymous. Note: Sea Org are starved and lean. Publics are generally all plump and fat like Ballpark hot dogs. This is one of the quick ways to know who you're dealing with.



  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers


    Not that I would advocate doing something like this and then putting them around their neighborhood and work place.

    That would be bad.
  6. iaxiloll Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    I have monitored this thread with a boner. Now I can only say this. The attack has begun and we have a right to defend ourselves. We didn´t make it personal, they did. When we started protesting they ran off like flies hiding behind curtains and taking pictures, we know what they are capable of, but they can only guess what we are capable of. The time has come to show them were pain comes from (legally) or loose the little respect we have left.
    We can follow up with a press release if need be.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    I think there should be a "D" at the end of force.

    And letting them know we are not going to be nice just because they look like little old ladies is a nice message to be sending. If anybody has a problem with what we say about her tell them to look at the sign she is holding.
  8. DubDub Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Patty Baber
    (May be old and inaccurate but might lead to current info.)
    Org: AOLA
    818 321 6289 cell // 36 Willaim Street, North Arlington, NJ 07031 // 747 Riverside Avenue A-3, Lyndhurst NJ 07071 201 993 3930
  9. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    I did a page for you guys since this isn't really ED worthy.

    Feel free to use the wiki to track these guys. R3x put it up exactly for this type of thing.

    Patty Baber - 8 Ball Wiki
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Press release?

    Fucking idiot.
  11. the anti Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    all info i know of is already posted
  12. Smurf Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Oh, did I say Buddy? I meant to say Hottie. :hooray:
  13. Smurf Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Puhlease! WAKE UP!! What Anonymous is doing right now has been taken very seriously by the cult and they take it very personal and have no respect for any anon whatsover. You're dealing with a fucking CULT (look it up) that fucks with people's minds and only tells their members what the leaders want them to know.

    What makes this "war" really interesting is that most anons here have discovered more truth about what's real in Scientology in the last 6 months than that little old Hispanic lady with the sign has in years.

    The only reason that the Scifags came out with signs to our raids is because they're trying to figure out ways to stop Anonymous from quickening the destruction of their dying cult. And what happened? They fucking screwed it up again! And DM, the dumbfuck dwarf will be even more pissed.

    Scifag Patty Baber, who's been reasonably quiet at past raids, is all of a sudden, open & talkative, spewing BS about Anonymous at this last raid, while nervously quivering... why? Maybe because DM saw on film that she was quietly ineffective at past raids and she needed to be drilled on how to
    perform in future raids?

    Next time you see a Scifag attend a raid, approach them & talk to them & watch their facial reactions & body language. It's very telling.. most of them tremble nervously because they have been drilled that we are the evil ones.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    At the same time they put up signs with our identities revealed, assault us, harass us, create slanderous statements about us, and threaten us with anything they can come up with. They are the ENEMY. I fully support doing anything that we (legally) can to stop these cult members from disrupting our right to freedom of speech! .

    They are told that we are the bad guys, but they are the ones that are resorting to dirty tricks to try and make us go away. Those handlers that you see in these pictures are NOT going to just snap out of it! They have been so heavily brainwashed that the only thing they will listen to is what DM is telling them to do. If it takes some 'tough love' to get them to leave our protests alone, then so be it!
  15. iaxiloll Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    The press release was sarcasm fool !!!
  16. iaxiloll Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    I do not expect respect from the Scilons, and never did. The respect I am referring to starts with self respect and spreads to those that we expect to take Anonymous srsly.
  17. Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    This whole thread is EPIC FAIL. I understand that people are upset/scared/pissed off/whatever about how fellow Anon have been treated by Scilons. Good-let it motivate you. However, WE DO NOT WIN BY IMITATING THEM. We don't coerce abortions, we don't believe in space ghosts, we don't disconnect people, and we have no business namefagging/addressfagging these drones.

    In fact, this whole concept plays right into their hands. Ever see the video of the Scilons who followed Mark Bunker home? Well, they look like creeps, because that's what they are. We have no business doing the same. We can see that the Scilons are now pretending to be Anonymous. Well, what would they love to stage next?? Now, they can make a video pretneding to be Anon going to the home of a Scilon and vandalizing or hurting that person. This very thread plays right into their hands. "see, right here on their message boards, Anonymous is finding out where we live so they can attack us..."

    Use your minds. Take the high ground for two reasons:
    1. It's the right thing to do. Be a moral person (yes, moralfag, blah, blah)
    2. It undermines our goal of dismantling Scientology.

    What do you think you're going to do? Go to their house and yell boo? There is waaay too much posing on this thread about "the ENEMY" and "WAR". Have you ever been in a real fight? I have. They're not fun. People get messed up. Have you ever been in a real war? People get killed. If you're a 12 year old Anon, learn to chill out. Rules 1 and 2. And if you're an adult Anon then grow up. If you're scared of Scientology, grow a pair and take the high ground:
    Protest. Spread information. Get dox. Connect people who have been hurt by Scientology. Get the FBI involved. Expose the lies and bullshit. Do lulzy shit till you fall over laughing. Do NOT engage in activity that could be construed in any way as thretening to individual members of the cult. Even the perception of possiblity can ruin our reputation.

    If the OSA was trying to plant an idea in our minds, this is the exact kind of crap they'd pull.
  18. Daywatch Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    OCMB THAT WAY------------------->

    who is this WE you speak of?

    don't like it don't do it, no one is asking your permission or blessing

    the hive has been attack and now the counter attack

    NOTHING ILLEGAL will be done

    and UNlike the scifags what we're going to say is TRUE
  19. Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Anything that requires an individual person's addresses is either illegal, borderline illegal, or will greatly undermine our reputation. Remember? We have one. We protest peacefully. We get along with the cops wherever we go. We get favorable press. We draw cheers, and make Scientology look awkward and dumb.

    Whatever weak sauce you have in mind regarding individual Scilons will only undermine that. You can call me a faggot till you're blue in the face, internet tough guy. Anonymous is not your personal army. I make my arguments on the strength of my logic, which I've outlined above. What are yours, besides sounding like an infant? Again, merely posting their addresses allows them to frame us. Where is the brilliance in that?
  20. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Posting some ones address allows them to frame us? Explain the logic in that statement because there are a lot of sites out there that do this without your or my consent.

    So you'd like to debate the issue?

    What are the drawbacks of bringing this fight down to a personal level?

    Give me tangible drawbacks not perceived please. Forgetting the rhetoric that we have an "image". Individual anons might have an image with police authorities but not anonymous this is a strawman sorry.

    So I'll give you benefits of this...

    Public scientologists will get to feel what it's like to see what their "church" does. Specifically those who are carrying out said actions. Do you think that will make them think? Perhaps make them more reluctant to try these practices in the future?

    Your assumption that no one has thought this through is incorrect. I understand you don't want this to be carried forth. That's fine, present tangible ideas as to why not conspiracy theories.

  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    I honestly think stuff like printing out their info and making them into posters, etc, would be lulzy, enjoyable, and effective... but I also have to see the other side moreso.

    People on the street would see us almost/just as badly as Scientologists because we resort to the same kind of thing. The only difference is that Scientology has dead skeletons in their closet, but the normal person would still "wtf" at Anons.
  22. Anonymoux Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    wrong already

    [btw: what have you done to stop the cult lately?]
    PS as tonto said: what you mean "we"?
  23. Anonymoux Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    We just need to think of a tightly expressed rationale and a very brief descriptor. In the real world like a $100,000 focus group project managed by a top market research firm. Needs to give a picture of RIGHT NOW IN LA.
    Complex. Let's all give it some thought. We have some brains among us. Where's Ebner? Where's Victor? and the rest a youse.
  24. Daywatch Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    NYPA doesn't apply BUDDY

    you're arguments SUCK and belong over on OCMB
    Individuals are responsible for their own actions these scifags are responsible for their actions

    Flyering THEIR neighborhoods, mailing THEIR neighbors and informing them they belong to a deadly cult
    turns the heat back on THEM

    THEY CAN FRAME US WITH OUT US DOING ANYTHING, using an age old scifag tactic called LYING
    take your carebear nonsense elsewhere, no one asked you or needs your permission or blessing
  25. Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Hi Sceptic, thanks for posting a clear question.

    1. It's immoral. Eye for an eye morality is pretty outdated
    2. Framing. As I outlined above, this thread, and the other one like it, is not just an address found on some random webpage. The thread talks about "getting" our "enemies". If Scientology wanted to frame us, they could fake an attack by an anonymous at a Scilon's home. They could then turn this over to the FBI...
    3. ..which is exactly the kind of stuff we've been turing over the FBI. Fair Gaming is one of the legs in our legal argument. Let's not engage in it.
    4. With regards to the "strawman". Your point illuminates the dual nature of Anonymous. Yes, we act as individuals. However, one bad act by one of us makes us all look bad. We do have a collective reputation. Just read the articles in magazines et al.
    5. Going after individual Scilons will make them appear to be victims, and make them sympathetic in the public eye. DO NOT WANT.

    How's that for starters? :)

  26. Smurf Member

    Updated dox on Patty Jane Baber

    Her contractor's license with the state expired 5 years ago:

    License Number: 800194


    SUNLAND, CA 91040

    Business Phone Number: (818) 352-8088

    Entity: Corporation

    Issue Date: 10/11/2001

    Expire Date: 10/31/2003

    License Status: This license is expired and not able to contract at this time.

    Additional Status: The license will need a contractors bond to renew active or reactivate.

    Bond of Qualifying Individual: The Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) PATRICIA JANE BABER certified that he/she owns 10 percent or more of the voting stock/equity of the corporation. A bond of qualifying individual is not required.

    Effective Date: 10/11/2001

    But she has a nice condo: 10449 Newhome Ave, Sunland, CA 91040 | Zillow Real Estate
  27. tazor Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Nobody here has said go kill someone's dog. I think putting their info on a poster would be a good thing. The public won't even notice and if they do just explain it to them.

    These handlers are getting hard core and they need a taste of their own medicine. I say go for it.
  28. Smurf Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Having worked in OSA for several years, I'm qualified to tell you that you're full of shit.

    But you're entitled to your opinion.:anon:
  29. churchlady Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    The question that came to my mind when I saw the pix from the raid was, whose names were in that book they had? Someone should try to get a peak at it. Is it the info on everyone who has gotten a letter so far, the anons who went to Gold, or the anon to protest frequently? We need to keep in mind they have info on many of us and may use it against us.

    Having info on them to use in self-defense passes my moralfag test.
  30. Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    That is two dimensional thinking for starters. You don't seem to grasp the nature of organized scientology and what measures are necessary to effectively respond to them. "Never fear to hurt another in a just cause" - L. Ron Hubbard. Clue: They will exploit you if you show any vulnerabilities or weaknesses. This has been repeatedly documented throughout their history. Suggest that you lurk moar. Or take up high-rise rooftop ballet.
  31. timthephoto Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Fix'd it for ya
  32. Daywatch Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

  33. Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    That was pretty funny, timthephoto.
    Ahh, arguments on teh interwebz. Several brilliant counterarguments like "go away" or "you're full of shit". Um, do you have anything meaningful to say? Daywatch, you're right that they can frame us anytime. I would consider this Anonymous' #1 vulnerability. However, this thread, and the fotobucket stuff, practically begs them to do so. Perhaps you'd like to compose a note to them? "Dear Scientology, Anonymous has revealed your stupidity and cruelty to our endless enjoyment for months. However, we'd now like to footbullet ourselves. Exploit the Anons trying to initiate attacks on individual Scilons and set us up for epic fail"

    Obviously you can do whatever you want. You don't need my blessing. However, it's worth pointing out that this activity undermines our purpose. In general, getting lulz and defeating Scientology work hand in hand. Sometimes they don't. This is one of those times. Making Scilons look like victims is a PR win for them that we (yes, we) don't need.

    If the whole point of this exercise is to put some Scilons' address on a sign, I couldn't care less. Knock yourself out. Perhaps the anger expressed in the handful of threads on this topic is LJ huffing and puffing. However, if your purpose is something more malevolent ("fear of god", etc ,etc), you undermine Enturb's purpose. Posting someone's address is obviously not illegal. Think carefully what you do with it though. As I've noted, even the appearance of planning an individual attack is fail.
  34. Daywatch Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    I have been mailing the neighbors of scilons for months now
    with a letter and DVD ( no i'm not giving anyone copies make you own!) ALERTING them to the presence of a member of a dangerous cult living amongst them

    NOTHING in the letter or DVD is untrue
    the post of me saying myself and others doing this has been here for sometime now so your point is MOOT

    you keep saying its a footbullet but say nothing to back that up
    we use NEW tactics cause the OG shit tactics don't and haven't worked for us
    you kick the hive the bees sting you

  35. Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Regarding the letters/DVD's-good for you, Daywatch. Nothing wrong with that. Keep Anonymous working. I'm all for new tactics in general.

    The broader question is what will other Anons do with the addresses? On these threads there is a lot of anger being expressed. Couple that with the posting of people's addresses, and law enforcement will perceive the intention of harassment or violence. That is the footbullet. Either
    a. the church will frame us.
    b. some unbalanced Anon will do something really dumb.
  36. timthephoto Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers


    who's the ones with secrets to hide?
    who believes is space cooties? (and pays hundreds of thousands for the privlege)
    who pays 1200 bucks to shout at an ashtray?
    who'd got a record of death surrounding them?
    who's got court judgents saying they're "dangerous"?
    who's fucked up crippled founder wrote "KSW"?
    who'd more likely to abuse information they hold?

    dead agenting? - i'm starting that too.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    Look , if you have an arguement or a counter-arguement , state it . That's the point of the Think Tank . Let's not fight amongst ourselves . Someone has to play devils advocate so we can go forward in the most efficient and effective way . We need to punch holes into our plans to see where our ideas are weakest and shore those areas up . It's not really an arguement but a way to make our efforts effective and solid . No sense in insulting one another .
  38. timthephoto Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    i think the mob have spoken (or is it a herd of cats?) - Dead Agenting is happening by the looks of things..
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    When you dox the handlers, remind them that they "pulled it in" and in fact, the Church may even have do sec checks for having pulled in so much PTS! Continue to hammer them until they break!
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: NEEDED ASAP:Info on LA Handlers

    At tonight's raid in Pasadena, I saw an anon say these things to Patty and Tim and it seemed to work really well:

    To Tom: ask Tim about why he lives at his sister's guest house. Make fun of that kool aid shoop of him. Also rabbling xenuxenuxenu at him makes him angry.

    Patty: ask her about her freeloader debt.

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