Needed Picts of Orgs

Discussion in 'Projects' started by ravenanon, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. FUCK Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

  2. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    The tattoo parlor and the bong shop should complain about the riff-raff.
  3. crockhat Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Picts outside an org:


    Also, not your personal assistant.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    what about land they bought last year to build a new cult school and it's virtually abandoned? i got yer weeds. babeeeeee...

    it'll be a shite pic. sadly, all i have is camera phone. bbl with pic!
  5. basil Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    I love Ottowa. You couldn't make it up if you tried. A bong shop two doors from the Org. I wonder if they've ever been in there trying to push Narconon?
  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Huh... you had 3 chances to put that apostrophe someplace that wanted it, and you stuck it in her ear.

  7. MongoLloyd Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs


    Meanwhile, in an office park 13 miles outside of Stockholm..

    What an imposing presence!

    They outsmarted Anonymous with this. By cleverly locating their org in an area with zero foot traffic whatsoever, they've made protesting there an automatic fail! Oh and it's an Org, "Class V". Not a shitty little mission. Who knew? :)
  8. anonseatac Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Here's three pictures of the Seattle Org on Aurora Ave. Couldn't find decent shots of the thing, but this pretty much tells the story of how crappy that Org is.



  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Sorry, not an org. This land used to be tennis courts in a poorer section of Clearwater. I can't recall exactly when the cult bought this land, but they said they were building a new $cifag school. This property is at the corner of Wyatt and Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. in Clearwater.


    You wanted weeds? I give you WEEDS.


    Here's an experiment to see if the OSA asses are still patrolling this forum.

    YOUR GATES OPEN, FOOLS! You bought land in a poorer section of Clearwater and then just abandoned it.

    Someone from Flag needs to get their ass down there and lock that damned gate back up.

  10. ravenanon Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Thanks for the picts everyone! This is all helping out in a big way!

    What you wrote I said:
    "I need picts of Org move it.


    Is incorrect. I have no room for liars. Just so you know ATL is known for being overly nice :p Try harder Babe.

    This is a request for help from one city to all the others and their hard work and contributions are greatly appreciated.

    Besides this may turn into an even cooler better project before its all over. Maybe a website with picts of run down orgs and their purchase info.
  11. crockhat Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    lol, then wut. You think you didn't say "I need picts of Org move it"?

    Where does this "liars" bit come in?

    Who or what is ATL?

    I'm sure this is a very worthy project. I just question the use of telling people to "move it" while requesting help. Sounds a little impatient and rude, mmmm?
  12. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    ATL = Atlanta.

    I lol'd at the "liar" thing, as well, as I have no idea where Ravenon came up with THAT.

    Gonna tiptoe outta this thread and look for org pics ASAP ZOMG!!
  13. Zhent Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs


    Sydney Org


    Sydney Advanced Org (AOSH ANZO)


    Another shot of the Advanced Org

    Its hard to get the whole thing in a pic since the street is narrow and the building is huge long if you include all the berthing next to it.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    I think we haz a simple misunderstanding here.

    What she said,
    I think the
    was related to placement of thread.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Sydney org doesn't look bad, it looks OK.

    How are the repairs to Big Blue and Super Power coming along?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Super Power isn't being repaired. It's supposedly being finished this time. Maybe. Don't keep your fingers crossed. Don't hold your breath.
  17. 7of9 Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

  18. xenubarb Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Here is teh lovely (and now defunct) Chula Vista mission

  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Here ya go! Photo taken about 3 months ago.


  20. the anti Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    thats amazing
  21. Zhent Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Oh dont worry, the closer the you look there more shit it becomes.


    Yes thats an air conditioner hanging out the window, propped up with cardboard.
  22. Gorzak Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Ooh! Me! I do!!
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  23. Lorelei Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    I think Sydney is winning The Anti-beauty Contest, so far, though Vacant Lot Of Fail is giving it a run for the money. Peeling paint, dirt, and a Clampett airco unit held in place with duct tape, cardboard and extra-sticky body thetans. New Orleans has clearly not been neglected enough, it still looks like a nice old home. Then again, they probably spruced it up for the holidays. How does it look NOW?

    How long has Big Blue had that huge hole in its roof, and what caused it? Earthquake, you say?

    Also...don't be shy, Google Earth your local shithole Orgs / Narconons / weedy pits of FAIL! Bonus points for more cheap-ass banners in lieu of actual signage, muddy pits in the yard, potholes, peeling paint, crumbling bricks, chainlink fences, weeds, roof holes. That's class, that is.

    These pictures DO serve a purpose, Anons. Images of craphole Scihives tend to make communities say DO NOT WANT to future craphole Scihives being built in YOUR neck of the woods, or in other cities. Also, it narks the cultists off something fierce to have their utter FAIL (inability to keep their buildings not looking like crack dens) exposed.
  24. juche Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Indeed. I stopped by there on a recent roadtrip from Hell and gaped at the Mason-ness of the place.

    Also, I'm happy to report that not only are the outbuildings of the Nashville org shady, but there are also broken liquor bottles scattered around the area. The same gin bottle has been there since we started protesting in that location back in February. I mean, that bottle is in the area where their big shebang went down and yet they couldn't clean that shit up? Ugh.

    I'll try to get some good shitty pics of the property when I'm back in Nashville on Thursday.
  25. anonseatac Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    We'll be going back to visit the Org soon in Seattle and I think I'll pay a visit to the Ideal Org as well to get some fresh pictures of the property they bought in 2005. It was looking very run down the last time we were out that way, and I'm gonna say that things haven't changed. Think they spent all the money they had on the kindergartners that painted the Dianetics bit on their regular Org.
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. zebrafaced Member

  28. YAHRLY Member

  29. the anti Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    ORGS!!! NOT ORCS!!!
  30. Lorelei Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Never mind YAHRLY, he still has his troll training wheels attached. When he manages a trolling that ranks over 2/10, or a post with useful original content, we shall throw him a "Who's a Big Boy NOW, then?" party!

    @Juche: Please tell me the reeking (septic?) cesspit on the Sci-owned property next to the Org building proper is still open and stank-a-rific, because that was horrible. Too bad the ferret pewpie pile was tiny, and that it's probably all gone by now.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    a9vfvd.jpg This is the KC Ideal Org building. Inviting, amirite? The first-floor windows are completely covered inside by black plastic. It's surrounded mainly by derelict empty buildings about 3 blocks from the KC Power & Light District. It's an old bank building.

    2aetkeu.jpg The short brick wall in the right forefront of the pic encloses their parking lot across the street. The one-story building to the left is empty. Between the two buildings is an alley, with security cameras that appear to be operational. There is quite a bit of gang grafitti in the area.
  32. YAHRLY Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Silence you Gumby worshipping newfag
  33. anonseatac Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    After our raid of the Org, the other two headed to the Ideal Org to take pictures. I'm just going to link the album of that since he took 34 pictures of this crappy Ideal Org. Keep in mind that they have owned this building since 2005. Have they done anything with it? Not really. It's looking more shabby than I remember it from last year.

    Ideal org seattle wa pictures by anon_drummer - Photobucket
  34. anonakatie Member

  35. ravenanon Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    OMG I love you! Your sci building attacked someone oh my it gets even better
  36. anondrummer Member

  37. ethercat Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Oh, this is very nice. I wonder if this is related to the part of the building that fell off: ECB Violation Details

    Having the story would be great.

    Thanks, everyone else who submitted photos. I assure you that people in Sandy Springs are taking note, and using the best examples from here to oppose the Idle Org there. This seems like it has potential to grow beyond blocking a local rezoning application, if this were collected into a gallery site and/or wiki.
  38. juche Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    Nashville buildings from Thursday:

    Their ugly outbuilding

    Their lack of maintenance ability
  39. FUCK Member

    Re: Needed Picts of Orgs

    LOL Seattle or Ottawa have to be my favorite by far.

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