Neighborhood Awareness

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anonsoldier, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. anonsoldier Member

    Neighborhood Awareness

    Haven't seen any threads on this, so starting one. $cilons have purchased a new center in San Diego, an old community college building. Right now it remains unoccupied and unmodified, but I can confirm that $cientology hosted a party there recently and purchased the site.

    Now, what makes this different is we're talking a suburban area rather than the urban locale more typical of their orgs. So until the site is fully occupied I wanted to do neighborhood awareness campaigns, turn the public support against them.

    To this extent I wanted Enturb to brainstorm so a list of actions can be compiled for other groups to utilize as a kind of checklist in case they too need to take the fight into the suburbs.

    Some key things that have occurred to me:
    • Door to door. Can be effective but must adhere to "No trespassing/soliciting" signs.
    • Houses of worship. Hit up local churches, synagouges, mosques, whatever and inform the clergy and hopefully they'll pass the word to their congregations.
    • Schools. These suburban orgs may try to push their scholatstic crap onto local youngsters. Inform school principals and administrations to prevent this from happening.
    • Markets. Contact local supermarkets and see if small protests can be held by the doors, much like girl scouts selling cookies. Except we sell knowledge, and it is free.
    • Community meetings. Very reliable way to get your opinion heard by people who care about doing things.
    • Always give websites and contact info for local Anon activity in addition to resources like Enturb. If you have a forums, provide it so people you inform can JOIN THE FIGHT. Over 9000 is awesome. Over 9000 times 2 or 3 is twice or triple as awesome.
    • Always stick to the rules. Be professional and avoid creating conflict between Anonymous and the community. That only turns them TOWARDS supporting the $cilons.

    Just what I've got, lets hear more.
  2. ANonScilon Member

    Re: Neighborhood Awareness

    YFTC's. Drop them everywhere you can think of.

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