Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by krampus, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Hey if there's no cult, Gaiman and Amanda can be truly free. Best outcome for everyone.
  2. anonsoldier Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    A little over two years ago that video was published. What Anonymous stated will happen has in fact begun to happen. The cult is crumbling and it is in the exact manner that Anonymous stated it will happen.

    Expect us.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    No - just looking at which people have not spoken out, not because they're scared to or can't but because they don't give a shit. Their position in scientology gave them a fake rank and status, still does.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    This sentence which has no predicate; is not acceptable.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Even the most powerful rubrics from everything from the bible to the Goetia have, at times, questionable grammar.

    The original anonymous statement was a masterpiece. It brought many into the fray who had been 'lurking' for awhile. Despite it's flaws it is one of the most amazing invocations evah.

    It works and it helps people.

    As for
    I'd rather deal with a dozen disorganized and rabidly cutthroat thelemites any day over the COS. Hubbard either twisted the teachings or gave them his own special something or both. None of Crowley's descendants have any power other than as potential lulzcows. ElRon is the one who learned how to stink up the place.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Interesting point on the Thelemites; few people bother to look up the rather meagre origins of the term. It's a rather overblown tribute to the "Abbey of Thelema" in Rabelais' "Gargantua and Pantagruel". G&P is meant to be a hysterical satire and if Rabelais knew that some twat forged a cult out of it he'd kick said twat repeatedly in the goolies for all eternity.
  7. Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Exactly! The first time I heard the original Anonymous Statement, it went through my soul like a wind. There were people out there, who didn't know me, who were willing to risk their safety to help.

    When you are standing on an abyss, and I'm talking about the darkest abyss, the one where you question your faith in mankind, this is a powerful statement.

    The original Anonymous Statement changed everything. It saved countless people and gave them faith that someone would stand up to Scientology, that someone believed their stories of abuse.

    The concept of Anonymous was so perfect— Anonymity— humble, simple, extraordinary.

    It changed everything.

    Thank you fellow Anons, for all that you have done.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    The closest thing to a Scieno "Theme" I've seen in Neil Gaiman's work is Richard Mayhew's Ordeal of the Key in "Neverwhere": Richard Mayhew has the option of sticking with the Magical Pixie Misfit Kingdom, or admitting he's just a vagrant who used to be a businessman but had a breakdown. Richard Mayhew sticks with the Magical Pixie Misfit Kingdom.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    There's a new interview with Gaiman on the BBC: BBC News - Neil Gaiman on comics and literary success

    At about 4:15:

    "Your family were Scientologists?"
    "Are you?"
    "You've moved on?"
    "Yeah. It's... I love my family."

    Read into that what you will.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Damn, you beat me to it.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Tori Amos on Neil Gaiman:

    0.17 "He's not cheap.....about....his advice..."
    Read into that what you will.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Oh look its this thread again.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Better than a new thread rehashing something new with the same old thing and saving the Mods from merging it with this one.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Well, okay, if you insist. Though I suspect you said it rhetorically.

    Sure doesn't sound like standing with Scientology to me. It sounds like he was answering questions truthfully, and without pause during his answers, until he got asked:

    And he responds

    Then WTF?


    He can't quite bring himself to tell an outright lie. He says something that's true. He loves his family, and he knows the cult is evil enough to attack his family and destroy his relationship with people he loves. Therefore, he can't say whatever he was thinking of saying after "It's..." Because he loves his family, you see.

    I think he said enough.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    If that's really the case, I am awfully glad to hear it. nb4 Klaatu arrives to spoil it all---
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    I liked Neil when he joined that band, HUBBARD STEALS THE CASH, sorry I mean CROSBY, STILLS, AND NASH. Wrong Neil? Sorry, nevermind.
  17. Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    So the BBC confirms what everyone here except Klaatu knew for ages - He's being Handled via threat of Disconnection (maybe other things, too, but mainly disconnection)

    Can we finally /topic now?
  18. pooks Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    To publicly state that you are NOT a Scientologist, when were WERE a Scientologist is a suppressive act. It's considered Public Disavowal.

    It quite obvious that he's no longer standing with Scn but is standing with his family.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Yeah. That's not standing with scientology, its a denial of being one, followed by the next question being answered with a comment about love/family.

    He is out, he has family in that could be harmed if he spoke out. That's understandable. Not ideal, but understandable.
  20. thetanic Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    I'm glad Neil clarified. I'd now feel more comfortable buying his books; he'd been on permanent boycott before.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    How many Celebs are there with SP declares that stuck?

    Are you positive there aren't special exemptions for Celebrities who may have professional (or other) reasons to disavow Scientology? They seem to cultivate quite a few peeps who've denied it at one time or another, but still walk freely to-and-fro through the Celebrity Centers.

    As Klaatu put it:
    NG has appeared to deny being a Scientologist before.
    NG has subsequently donated lots of money to CoS.
    NG does appear to deny being a Scientologist again.

    Typically he uses weasel-words and tries to fence-sit, placating both sides as best he can.

    From what I understand (differs from Klaatu's interpretation certainly)

    NG was once very much IN.
    NG was groomed for the sort of work his Daddy did. He didn't much liek that.
    NG blew off post, was declared.
    NG got handled. Stayed SP.
    NG got handled moar. Climbed back into bed, at least partway.
    NG either climbed out of bed, or has been trying to be both "in" and "not in" to people respectively in and out.

    I think he'd like to leave. Publicly and/or any other fashion.

    I really suspect there's something more than just the threat of "disconnection" that's keeping him quiet and on the fence. Can't quite put my finger on what that would be. Its not a simple case. His family aren't just "in" - they're deeply involved in the daily affairs of running a crime syndicate. NG's pc folder might very well contain things he'd not feel good about seeing released.

    NG's dad was the head of the Guardian's Office in the U.K. Quite possibly oversaw GO work elsewhere. His mom and his sister are - as likely to be the ones harming people, as being harmed themselves.

    His standing with his surviving family (and other high-ranking cultists) would be harmed if he went farther in distancing himself. His standing among friends, and in the commercial publishing world would be affected if he did not.

    Recent IAS donations might have been- due to pressure or blackmail from family. Or maybe his own personal recognition of debt owed. Or (another theory I can't vouch for) made on his behalf by family who wanted to keep up the illusion that he's "still in". Irrespective of family, he's a famous writer in his own right. As a "famous person" he's a valuable commodity within the ranks- something that Scientology prefers not to lose.

    Where does he stand, when he stands on his own? I'm not sure, but it can't be easy.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!


    the more time that elapses (and the more critical / disavowal statements he makes) since his last deposit in the "Bank of LRH", the more confident I'll feel that he's safe and gone.

    Wish him a lot of luck.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    What about "The Blank Corporation"? Isn't that Neil Gaiman's Cult-Linked Cash Machine?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Maybe the thread title could be changed to reflect his recent statement?
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    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Here's a weird one: In Babylon 5 Neil Gaiman has a "Tribute" since an Alien Race, the Gaim, are named after him. Big deal, you'd say, the Streibs are named after Whitley Streiber and the Babylon 5 guy just likes kooky authors, right? But then there's also an Alien Race in Babylon 5 called the Markab, as in Marcabian Confederacy....?!
    Civilizations in Babylon 5 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I think it's a rockin' swipe at the COS, since the Markab were wiped out by an epidemic of "Drafa Plague", which killed them by neutralising their synaptic brain chemicals and leaving them with no mind-body link.
  26. Zak McKracken Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    Fine, I take it back. After all:
    Shaphan: L Ron Hubbard's horoscope, the Marcabians and Markab
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    [ame=]YouTube - Monty Python - Crackpot Religions Ltd.[/ame]
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    I don't think I can throw away all of my Sandman comics...sorry Anonymous.

    But I will say, FUCK NEIL GAIMAN!
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman stands with Scientology!

    And by UCK, I mean FUCK!
  31. The Chacon Family on 24th Street in Los Angeles is heavily into Scientology and Manuel Chacon's name is listed above! They contributed over $750,000.00 since he became a member in the 1970's. Now, as a former chiropractor, he's been accused of sexually molesting and masturbating on over 35 patients just as he was closing his business after 40 years. Hmmmmmm....well, either Ron Huboard that vile piece of shit pervert brain washed his members (ha ha) for life or this Manuel Chacon really is a closet molester! It's hard to say because the bullshit church of scientology is just a front for greed, perverse celebrities to hide their skeletons and for other rich, dumb people to piss away their family fortunes. You wanna know what happened to Manuel Chacon's 5 kids?
  32. Sekee Member

  33. Ersatz Global Moderator

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  35. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  36. First of all, eeeow! Really? Masturbating over these ladies? For real? My mom saw these ladies and did not tell me, but I’m sure they are all not much to look at (at first I typed “fugly and old,” but I try not to judge anyone; even myself—it’s a process I’m working on). They probably went to him because a chiropractor has to touch you to manipulate the spine for improved health. These ladies either do not get touched by their husbands or are single and lonely, but they are all liars and definitely greedy. I feel sorry for them.

    Chacon “kid” here, all grown up. I'm totally “normal.” None of us do drugs or even smoke cigarettes. None of the kids are into Scientology and will never waist our time or money on paying Scientology to self-improve ourselves; especially when you can do if for free viewing YouTube and via the internet and applying what you learn to your life.

    I am a former vegan, and then vegetarian but recently became pescatarian (no meat, fowl or dairy; just fish...and not gluten, but I cheat sometimes with the bread) and I am on a constant quest for health, fitness and self improvement. I try not to judge others because I believe in karma and do not want anything negative that I put out to come back to me. My dad did get my sister and I into Scientology several decades ago one summer, but it was boring (like school). We had to go on the weekends, so it was like going to weekend-school. My sister stopped quickly. I wanted to get my dad’s approval, so I stayed for maybe half a year? I forget; it was so long ago. Nevertheless, it was too expensive. It was boring. The people were weird and made us read all day about self-help that anyone can get online these days for free. Those days we didn’t have computers, but I wasn’t “broken,” and didn’t see the point, so I stopped going and my dad never insisted that I keep going. Scientology kept sending me letters to come back, but eventually those stopped and I moved out and lived a normal life and I am happy right now with a job I am proud of and a boyfriend who loves me. I love to go to family functions and love my girlfriends…that’s sounds “normal” to me.

    My dad never made very much money as a chiropractor because he chose to work in the barrio to help the Latino community, because he is the nicest man on the planet. He is too nice. Back when workers’ comp paid for chiropractics, he made a decent amount of money. He made enough to own two three-bedroom houses on the same block for his wife and five kids inLos Angeles. That’s not too much. I considered ourselves middle-class at the time.

    After workers’ comp stopped paying for chiropractics, about 20 years ago, he went from 80 patients a day to3 to 5patients a day. He basically worked to pay his bookkeeper, secretary and the building he practiced at, but he kept working because his purpose in life was to heal and help the Latino community. My mom had to go back to school to become a grade-school teacher so our family could make end’s meat. My mom and dad were able to make enough money to survive renting out the other house.

    Since the allegations against my poor dad, he was forced retire, sell the other house to pay legal fees and his health has deteriorated beyond belief. He is now a feeble, shell of the man he once was. He has a horrible skin-leathering, itching rash all over his body and has lost all kind of weight and is hunched over, barely able to walk. His purpose in life has been ripped away because of these ladies getting together thinking that since he is a “doctor,” he must have money…WRONG! SO VERY WRONG! These ladies got the idea to make up lies so that his liability insurance would pay them to keep quiet. Curiously, they thought of making up these lies shortly after the Bill Cosby allegations started appearing on TV...Hmmmm…What they didn’t know was that he couldn’t even afford liability insurance! So every penny to pay to fight these liars has been ripped away from our family. My parents now have nothing left to leave their children when the pass away. I can only say that these ladies are lying and if you met my father, you too would agree that he is the nicest, kindest, most caring, most harmless man on the entire planet. He would never do what these greedy, liars are alleging. They are killing him, literally. His health is so bad right now; he may pass away any day now. He has lost is will to live because he lost his purpose, which was to help the Latino community. Shame on those ladies! Shame!

    But I try not to wish ill on anyone (I know I just “shammed them” in my last paragraph, but it was a lot less retaliation than most people would project if all of this was happening to their poor dad and family). I try not to have negative thoughts outwardly or inward. I can only trust in the God and in karma that justice will show the truth and if these ladies do not get it back “karma-wise” in their lives; then they will surely get it back come judgment day. God sees all.

    Peace out.
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  37. I do not go online much, but came in here to defend my dad. I may have entered my reply in the wrong place, so please note that my reply is #116, responding to #111.
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  38. Why do you believe in karma?
  39. Karma is the inevitable and undeniable energy (result/s) that you get back after sending something out, whether negative or positive. What ever you send out, you get it back. Whenever you judge, you will be judged. Whenever you send out love, you will receive love. If you have negative thoughts or actions, you will receive an equal amount of negative thoughts or events that occur in your life. The only way to receive anything positive is to send out (think and, or do something) positive.

    My mottoes that I recently adopted are: judge no one. Love myself and all others unconditionally, and never stop my journey for self improvement. I have a long way to go, but I am exited by the thought of being a new and improved woman, every day of my life.

    If I do nothing different from what I did yesterday, I will not improve. I try to learn something new every day. Learning something new is easy to do—go online, go to YouTube, read, explore, go out of your comfort zone, accomplish something you have been procrastinating. Just get up (or sit down) and do it.

    I believe my karma has made a turn for the better in my life because I no longer ponder my past indiscretions and regrets (but if they do pop up, I try to change my thought patterns into something, anthing positive). I try to live in the present (every day and every moment can be positive if you chose it to be positive) and for the future. Karma is a journey that can be easily manipulated; all you have to do is chose: positive or negative. I chose positive.:D
  40. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You will have a tough life if you love everyone unconditionally.

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