Neil Gaiman's not a Scientologist, but ..... (was "Neil Gaiman's Out")

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Jan 20, 2010.

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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    pulling the relevant part out of the tl;dr

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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Its been discussed at great length actually.

    He's certainly distanced himself from CoS- and avoids interacting with them much, but he's also given them lots of $$$ (recently), and he and his wife have been on-lines in the past several years.

    It appears that he's in the habit of telling people "I'm not a Scientologist. BUT DONT QUOTE ME ON THAT". Lots of hints dropped, but no real meat.

    If he 'blew' at some point, evidence would suggest his family reeled him back in on the sly. Hopefully he'll publicly disavow teh ebil kult someday, but it hasn't happened yet.

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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Yes, but this article is dated the 25th of Jan 2010, so it is current news.

    His ex-wife's a Scn, and it's probable that's what he had to do in order to keep seeing his kids.

    Well, he says he's now not part of it and he's being quoted. I think that is news, right?
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out


    Seriously, any news of a "blow" is good news. :)
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Neil Gaiman?! I had no idea... (I'm only recently finding out about people that are/were Scientologists). I love his stuff D:

    I hope he does "disavow teh ebil kult" lol

    And thetanic... 25 Jan 2010 hasn't happened yet. That's next Monday...
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Yes. Yes it is :)
  9. Re: Neil Gaiman's Out


    We are from the future, and we are here to party.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Here's a post on ESMB about Neil's father, David Gaiman, interacting with Anonymous.

    Duh, but in newsstand speak, that's when issues are taken OFF the newsstands, not when they're printed.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Good for Neil.

    I always liked the guy when I knew him at Saint Hill in East Grinstead. I did the "purification rundown" with Neil there.

    We at GOWW used to have skits and the like at different parties and Neil would sing some of his odd but great little writings then. I enjoyed them back then (late 70s/80/81).

    He always seemed like a nice person and I for one wish him well. I always liked his unique and often considered (by others) "odd" sense of humor.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    His son, Michael, lives in San Francisco and works for Google. A friend that nows him sez he's not into Scientology, either, and is closer to his dad than his Scilon mother.

    His future stepmother tweets on his Twitter page:

    Michael Gaiman (mgaiman) on Twitter
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    lol me last May

    it looks like me now
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    "Neil Gaiman is a founding US "Patron" of Scientology for 2004 & 2006. Neil Gaiman's family members are high-ranking cult members.

    David Gaiman, Neil’s father who died on March 7th, 2009 was head of the Guardian Office and was a co-conspirator in Operation Snow White. He was active in recruiting in Russia.

    Neil's sister Claire Edwards is a high-ranking executive in Scientology Missions International (recruiting end of Scientology), wife Mary Gaiman is listed as "clear" in 2002, Mother Sheila Gaiman has her own Scientology site, is listed as completeing the highest levels of Scientology and is active in converting the Russians.

    Sister Claire Edwards is an Executive in Scientology Missions International, the Los Angeles arm of Scientology involved in recruiting.

    Gaiman's other sister Lizzie Calcione “runs a Scientology practice in East Grinstead, that is a mixture of auditing and WISE delivery.

    Scientologists must be in good standing or they are disconnected (shunned) by family members, so Neil's close association with family members is evidence he is in good standing with Scientology.

    Neil Gaiman also sent his children to the infamous Greenfields Scientology School.

    What religion is the writer neil gaiman on Yedda - People. Sharing. Knowledge.
  16. thetanic Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Except that he just said, a couple days ago (given that the issue will be pulled on the 25th, one assumes it was distributed on the 18th), in a major publication, that he's not a Scientologist.

    I expect a flurry of disconnections any moment now. "Public disavowal of Scientology" is a high crime.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    The title of the post made me so exited, but then I was disappoint :(
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  20. Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    I really don't want to believe he is still a scifag, dude is too smart for that.

    Read some of his books, and they are great stuff, so it saddened me to hear he was infected with scifaggotry as well.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Neil's father David, made himself a scientology monster comparable to Josef Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister.
    Neil is a different person entirely.
    If true about Neil's leaving organized scientology, big win.
  22. JohnB2008 Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Being smart and being a scientologist are not mutually exclusive.
    A lot of very bright, talented people are Scientologists. (As well as some downright retarded cunts).
  23. FUCK Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Future article is future.
  24. Consensus Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    This point is valid; and is a legitimate reason to have a thread.

    But to imagine that the article (or any of the other supposed evidence in this thread) is the 'final word' is silly.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Ever notice how Neil's works often involve really shitty parents (especially uncaring/manipulative fathers)? Not that thhere could be any coonnection with his Cult Upbringing, of course...

    Neil met his now-ex-wife, Mary McGrath, 'inside'. Recently, the only related IAS donations are "Gaiman Family USA" (implying joint donations, but keeping Neil off the books).

    AFAICT, Mary has been spotted at the LA Celeb Centre as recently as 2007, but no signs of completions for him since he stopped being involved in the Brum Org.

    I personally suspect that the Sci-Divide between him wanting away and her wanting to stay in was a contributing factor to their break-up.

    Speculation can continue, but I'm convinced (having spoken to exes who knew him both 'in' and 'out') that he was being 'handled' by threats of Disconnection. If he were still in, he could (would?) have doxed me to OSA a while ago, but my personal info remains unknown (not even a mention on RFW)
  26. Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    I'd love to see what would happen if Scilons tried to recruit his new fiancee, Amanda Palmer.

    Spoilers: She'd probably end up dropping trau and shitting on a bust of LRH.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's not a Scientologist, but ..... (was "Neil Gaiman's Out")

    Thread title changed to Neil Gaiman's not a Scientologist, but ..... (was "Neil Gaiman's Out")
  28. thetanic Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    I suspect she'd do a variant of "Please Drop Me" called "Please Expel Me."

  29. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    Call me skeptic (but don't call me l33t)
    but I'd be much happier to be wrong than right on this one.

    I find it interesting that the author of the article states,
    "Gaiman says he is not a Scientologist" - but paraphrases instead of quoting him.

    A direct quote would be 9000x more powerful. Neil is a professional writer and manipulator of memes. It can't be an accident. For a high-profile celeb like Neil, an indirect disavowal could be juuuuust within the lines of "good standing" if he goes no further. Scilon celebs are held to a different standard than ordinary public.

    A few nibbles for thought:
    CoS likely still has deep tentacles in Neil Gaiman's hide- over time they may continue to weaken. They have some (unknown) degree of power hanging over him.

    CoS likely is very much afraid of Neil blowing them off and "kiss & tell". He's more talented (at fiction) than LRon. His stories skitter across the face of Scientology without touching it, but with very little refocus could be *absolutely devastating* to the cult.

    And people would read them. And CoS would be "done". imo.

    Might never, but the threat is real enough they should be skairt.
    And that makes me just a little happy in my pants.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's Out

    You're right. He could always say he was misquoted when it came to dealing with Scns. As long as he doesn't throw more $ at the Co$, I'm still good with Neil.
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    Re: Neil Gaiman's not a Scientologist, but ..... (was "Neil Gaiman's Out")

    Given that many celebrities are coy about their status as Scientologists until forced into a corner (hola Will Smith!), it would be foolish to accept lukewarm or half-hearted attempts to distance from the CoS at face value.

    Gaiman is a high ranking Scientologist. However I'm willing to accept that he's become an ex-Scientologist if he
    1) denounces the CoS unambigously and
    2) contributes to Anonymous' campaign against the church.

    I did not fall off the turnip truck just yesterday.
  34. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman's not a Scientologist, but ..... (was "Neil Gaiman's Out")

  35. Re: Neil Gaiman's not a Scientologist, but ..... (was "Neil Gaiman's Out")

    In that case he would get disconnected and never get to speak to his daughter or his sisters or his mother.

    Though this only counts as circumstantial evidence, I see one major proof that he has indeed left the Church. Namely, he has not shilled for Writers of the Future, let alone edited it, or any of the fiction that has come out from Bridge Publications. Now they'd obviously want to get a blurb from him and he hasn't given one.

    So I conclude based on this that he left Scientology some time ago. Because AFAIK he has never given the Church a blurb since (or before) he made a name for himself in sf and fantasy.

    I hope this doesn't just count as wishful thinking.

    That quote gave me pause. Just him fancy dancing with words, I hope.

    As an aside, he has a close friendship with Harlan Ellison, who knew Hubbard and has since validated the anecdote where LRH says that he could make a lot of money forming a religion.
  36. Re: Neil Gaiman's not a Scientologist, but ..... (was "Neil Gaiman's Out")

    A quick trawl through Google Groups reveals this.

    Is Neil Gaiman still an SP? - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

    The topic has come up pretty regularly on Usegroups. The above thread says something about him blurbing Battlefield Earth in 2000. Though they might (and again, maybe just wishful thinking) have just used an old blurb from him?

    Anyway, I really don't expect him to start supporting Anonymous until they end the disconnection policy.
  37. Re: Neil Gaiman's not a Scientologist, but ..... (was "Neil Gaiman's Out")

    Gaiman was born into Scientology and is listed in their own magazines as having donated large enough sums to be considered a patron and founding patron of Scientology. Gaiman was just photographed at Wealden House last year, the Scientology "Improvement" center in East Grinstead run by his sister, Lizzie Calcione, where people are audited and handled. ks-wealden-house-life-improvement-centre.php

    Scientologists arrange their partnerships and marriages just like the Moonies do and Gaiman and Palmer are probably contracted. I have a source in the music business who says there are a huge amount of secret Scientologists keeping a low profile due to all the web chatter. Scientologists are paired up with stats and an internal matching service then sign a contract for 5 or 10 years and are allowed to "re-up" or cancel the contract, which is why many Scientologists like Cruise and Kidman divorce at year 10 in the Wog world.

    This is from the recent Larry Anderson tape...

    This is how Tommy Davis/ Jessica Feshbach talk to a scientologist when they know they are being taped! What do you think Gaiman's fascist sisters will do if he leaves? And what about the million dollar G&G Vitamin empire? The cult is contract crazy and you better believe David Gaiman sewed Neil up nice and tight.

    Gaiman and Palmer have had a publicity campaign ever since it was leaked that Gaiman was secretly divorced years ago. Scientologists want their celebrities married to other Scientologists and it is beyond naive to believe that Gaiman is photographed at Wealden house last year and socializes with his sisters Clair Edwards (head of Scientology recruiting worldwide) and Lizzie Calcione (head of Wealden House), goes on "cruises" with family members to Barbados (sound familiar?) and is somehow immune to Scientology control methods.

    Neil Gaiman is definitely ashamed of Scientology, but he pays them and he takes their tax deductions, so he funds the cult.

    I have never seen anyone put more energy into controlling the dialogue as Gaiman. He puts out his own press releases and patrols the web ceaselessly. He's even trolled on this forum, or his staff did, in a lame attempt to defend his latest $30,000.00 contribution to become a Founding Patron.

    Anyone who has ever worked in Entertainment knows how deep the Scientologists are embedded. Did you guys happen to notice that Dana Goodyear, who wrote the article on Gaiman, also wrote a softball article on The Celebrity Center?

    Letter from California: Château Scientology : The New Yorker

    Marc Headly confirmed in his book that both the Gaiman's were reinstated and apologized to.

    The Gaiman Family USA are listed as Patrons and a Founding Patrons of Scientology in recent donation lists (2004 & 2006). The UK Gaiman family are listed separately as are Neil Gaiman's sister. According to ex scientologist Jon Attack, Patrons (are) the highest ranking membership - of the International Association of Scientologists. Founding Patrons (those who became Patrons by the IAS 20th Anniversary (October/November 2004) have donated US $40,000 and committed themselves to lifelong devotion to the cult. Patrons with Honors have donated US $100,000.

    2003: THE GAIMAN FAMILY USA Impact magazine #105 Patrons ($100,000.00) You will find them listed in CAPS because they are Patrons with Honors ($100,000.00)

    2004: Impact #109 G & G Foods Patrons ($40,000.00)

    2004: THE GAIMAN FAMILY USA Impact Magazine #109 Founding Patrons ($100,000.00)[circa September 2004 ]:Founding Patrons are those who became Patrons by the IAS 20th Anniversary (October/November 2004).

    The following list appears in Impact 114 [ circa September 2006 ]:

    2006: Impact #114 G & G Food Supplies Patrons ($40,000.00)

    2006: THE GAIMAN FAMILY USA Impact magazine #114 Patrons ($100,000.00) You will find them listed in CAPS because they are Patrons with Honors ($100,000.00)

    2006: Impact magazine #114 DAVID & SHEILA GAIMAN UK Silver Meritorious ($750,000.00)

    Neil Gaiman also sent his children to the infamous Greenfields Scientology School in East Grinstead.

    Greenfields | Brainwashing Scientology School | Independent Day and Boarding School | Forest Row, England

    Most recently, somebody leaked photos of Gaiman at Wealden House in East Grinstead.... he seems happy as a CLAM.


    The Gaiman Faimly are Scientology elite who have collectively donated millions of dollars to the CULT and have unfortunately created a revenue stream for Scientology through G&G Vitamins.

    Scientologists operate like vampire nests...There is a web of interconnected "artists" who are either covert scientologists, probable scientologists or in the case of Gaiman have a clear money trail to Scientology; Gaiman, Palmer, Tori Amos and Jonathan Ross (each has a house outside of Clearwater that Gaiman frequents) and Ben Folds are all possible scienos.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman's not a Scientologist, but ..... (was "Neil Gaiman's Out")

    Neil may not believe scino BS and may well be fully aware of what the cult is all about, money, and yet he still funds the cult. Which is worse, blindly giving to something you really believe in or supporting something you know to be wrong?

    Of course the way CoS works and the way his family is likely make it difficult for him and CoS may have some shit on the guy which he believes could ruin him. The guy is in a difficult position but is that justification for giving the scilons the most important kind of support they want, money?
  39. Re: Neil Gaiman's not a Scientologist, but ..... (was "Neil Gaiman's Out")

    I agree.

    There comes a time when you either stand up for something or you stand for nothing.

    Gaiman can't be bothered to take a stand. The cult gave him his first opportunities and connected him to the people he needed in order to succeed and he's returned the favor by feeding them money and supporting the cult and his family members ever since. Great men stand up to tyranny but Gaiman is either just an immoral, self-indulgent fop or a true believer who defends the cult and acts annoyed that anyone is questioning him.

    The New Yorker story on Neil Gaiman mentions Scn - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

    The fact is Neil Gaiman was an auditor and case supervisor. He interrogated people, wrote knowledge reports on them and was instructed in all the nasty techniques and dehumanizing ways of thinking that all upper level Scientologists are taught. Gaiman is a master of propaganda and was insulated from insult by the cult. Amazingly, Gaiman has the audacity to try and pass himself off as not being involved with Scientology, when he clearly funds them, and only addresses this issue because the facts were brought to light on the internet. When Gaiman does address the issue it is with arrogance and irritation, not compassion for Scientology's victims, in fact in the above quote he implies that Scientology is being persecuted. In Gaiman's world, you're supposed to stay on the topic of his glory, not bother him with pesky questions about a deadly cult. Once Gaiman inherits the G & G vitamin empire, which will no doubt come with conditions, he will be a source of wealth for Scientology as will his children, for generations.

    Gaiman is too lazy and greedy and corrupt to stand up against them. He obviously believes the Scientologists are being persecuted unfairly and that everything on the internet is a lie. I am always amazed that Scientologists can compartmentalize their thinking the way they do.... Gaiman often defends lying which he does fluently, then cries persecution when he is asked a simple question by a reporter. He continually takes down any Scientology references on his Wikpedia entry in an attempt to control the dialogue. Gaiman spends all his time managing his image, and he is in damage control mode now.

    The Gaiman family have always been leaders in the cult so they have not had to endure the suffering of someone like Lisa McPherson. They are arrogant and feel they are superior to the Wogs.

    Scientologists lie, that's what they do. Scientologists need to be held up to the same standards of human behavior as all men. Gaiman is a coward, a hypocrite and a liar, he doesn't deserve to be anybody's hero. He can join the Marquis de Sade and a number of other scumbags who can write.

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