Neil Gaiman's Novel Ocean at the End of the Lane: Echo of a Scientology Suicide?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by KlaatuBaradaNichto, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Neil Gaiman's new novel: The Ocean at the End of the Lane depicts a suicide involving a lodger which echos the very real Scientology suicide of Johannes Hermanus Scheepers, aged 29, found dead on August 31, 1968 in a car parked in Harwood's Lane.

    Scheepers was staying at the Gaiman home at Harwood House South, a mile from the headquarters of Saint Hill Manor where David Gaiman worked most diligently for Scientology. 1968 was the same year Neil Gaiman was regularly being interrogated on an e meter and was interviewed by the BBC about Scientology.

    A description of The Ocean at the End of the Lane:

    This description of Gaiman's novel echos the East Grinstead Suicide Verdict on South African Johannes Hermanus Scheepers. Neil Gaiman's father, David Gaiman, was questioned under oath. After denying that Johannes was studying at St. Hill, David Gaiman went on with his usual strange panache to dismiss a human life without an ounce of compassion by saying: "I assume that he came to gamble. That was the activity that took his interest."

    East Grinstead Suicide of Johannes Hermanus Scheepers

    Suicide verdict on South African


    Neil Gaiman Interview 1968 BBC

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  2. How thoughtful of him to put this in his suicide notes, he must have been a loyal supporter of The Church!
  3. grebe Member

    I know right?
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  4. It's almost as if David Gaiman had instructed him in dropping his body.
  5. Yes, he even cancelled his ticket.
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  6. Chipshotz Member

    Interesting, another scientology death I didn't know about.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like a fun household.
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  8. krampus Member

    So let me get this straight... When Neil Gaiman is 7 years old and his brains have been scrambled for two years, Scientology student Johannes Hermanus Scheepers stays at the Gaiman house for 2 and 1/2 months in Harrow's Lane. Scheepers leaves a convenient suicide note stating Scientology is not to blame for his death, cancels his plan ticket, then finds a car (The Gaiman's car?) and offs himself (with exhaust pipe affixation, a tried and true method used for Scientology murders suicides world-wide.)

    After the guy dies horribly, David Gaiman smears him at the inquest, saying he's a "gambler" and a "debtor," supplying the inquest with motive to declare the death a suicide. When asked directly why Scheepers came to the UK, Gaiman says he assumes he came to gamble.

    Then David Gaiman continues the dumb act, checking to see if Scheepers was registered at any Scientology establishment in Britain, even though he is a member of the Guardian's Office at Saint Hill, only a mile away.

    Lodger is a nice touch... Like a ne'er do well instead of a pennyless Scientology exchange student staying at your house, then dying... horribly. Possibly using the family car to off himself.

    I wonder if they dumped Johannes Hermanus Scheepers in a pauper's grave or shipped his lifeless body back to his parents in South Africa?

    I wonder if people look up the name Johannes Hermanus Scheepers now and then and find David Gaiman's epitaph... he gambled, he had debts, he was foreign.

    I doubt Neil Gaiman has the capacity to even comprehend what his father was...

    a monster.
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  9. Malory Member

    So this South African enters the country by pretending to be a Scientology student, although he's really here to gamble, then heads to East Grinstead and just happens to find lodgings with David Gaiman?

    Would he have needed to lie on his entry visa?

    Why come to the UK to gamble?

    Did the Gaiman's run some sort of lodging house or did they just house a strange foreigner who knocked on their door?

    If the man was lying, why take pains to exonerate the cult in his suicide note?

    Were the police and coroner dropped on their heads as babies or just too fucking retarded to ask questions?

    Seriously, the whole thing stinks worse than AFP's skanky gusset.
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  10. grebe Member

    So it was like, "Goodbye cruel world. It wasn't Scientology that killed me. Plus I wasn't a Scientologist anyway. Check and you'll see I never registered at any Scientology org in the UK."

    It is a bit beside the point, the registering at Scientology orgs part. So yeah, smells like lying.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    More to the point, why come to East Grinstead to gamble?
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  12. Malory Member

    Precisely. I've had a look and Brighton did have a casino in the 60s but there were an awful lot more of them in London. When was the Org in Brighton founded?
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  13. krampus Member

    There seem to have been a series of Scientology lodgers at the Gaiman household. Fifteen years after this incident, Mary Therese McGrath also came into the UK as a student and stayed at the Gaiman household where she became pregnant. This incident led to David Gaiman's declare and fall at the Guardian office for calling people turds, sexually perverted conduct, failure to handle suppressive acts and squirreling tech.

    David Gaiman's full Declare

    There are no documents showing Neil Gaiman was ever declared. Neil Gaiman married the pregnant Mary Therese McGrath and went to work in Clearwater Florida before moving near the Minnesota Org (where Mary Gaiman made half a million dollar donation in 2010. See Neil Gaiman's Sceino front). David Gaiman and Neil Gaiman were later forgiven for their crimes and their regular donations reveal a close involvement with the cult. Neil Gaiman and Mary Gaiman divorced in 2008, which leads to more of Neil Gaiman's bizarre lies since in 2009 Neil and Mary Gaiman are listed as giving $35,000.00 to the cult, a year AFTER their divorce.

    Gaiman Divorce Documents

    Here's a great article on David Gaiman in his hay day and documentation of his chronic lying:

    Who knows how many Scientology "lodgers" stayed at David Gaiman's house or what happened to the poor blighters.

    I think the only gambling involved was giving all their money to Scientology, rendering themselves as useless to Gaiman.
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  14. In 1968, there was a war going on in East Grinstead, between Scientology and the town which was slowly being consumed by the cult. This is the same year Johannes Hermanus Scheepers is found dead on the Gaiman's street, probably in their car.

    East Grinstead vs Scientology

    Nov 15, 1968 Scientology: A growing cult reaches dangerously into the mind — Life Magazine

    Sep 14, 1968 Hubbard dream ship — Herald (Australia)
    Sep 5, 1968 Suicide verdict on South African — The Times (UK)
    More: link

    Aug 1, 1968 Britain curbs activities of cult of Scientologists // Refuses to admit Americans known to be followers of the semireligious group — New York Times
    More: link,

    Aug 1, 1968 British bar Scientology 'students' // 'Socially harmful,' authorities claim — New York Times
    More: link

    Aug 1, 1968 Government curb the growth of Scientology // Council call special meeting — East Grinstead Observer
    More: link

    Jul 31, 1968 Scientologists stopped at airport — East Grinstead Observer
    More: link

    Jul 30, 1968 Scientology man banned to family — The Times (UK)
    Jul 28, 1968 A town they took over — Sunday Mirror (UK)
    More: link

    Jul 28, 1968 Scientology leader may be banned — Sunday Express (UK)
    More: link

    Jul 28, 1968 Scientology: Sex, hypnotism and security checks — Sunday Mirror (UK)
    More: link

    Jul 27, 1968 Scientology prophet silent as 'orgs' dig in — The Scotsman (UK)
    More: link

    Jul 26, 1968 Government clamp down on cult of Scientology — The Scotsman (UK)
    More: link

    Jul 25, 1968 House of Commons // Official report // Parliamentary debates (Hansard)
    More: link

    Jul 25, 1968 Public inquiry made history // Scientology development appeal heard — East Grinstead Observer
    More: link

    Jul 25, 1968 Talking points... // We are growing tired of their antics — East Grinstead Observer
    More: link

    Jul 18, 1968 Estate agent hits back at the Scientologists — East Grinstead Observer
    Jul 18, 1968 Many objectors to Saint Hill development / Appeals by Scientologists — East Grinstead Observer
    Jul 18, 1968 Regarded after theft as 'a suppressive person' — East Grinstead Observer
    Jul 17, 1968 Planning inquiry hears Scientology views on opponents' 'crimes' — The Times (UK)
    Jul 11, 1968 Scientologist youths told to leave the country — East Grinstead Observer
    More: link

    Jul 11, 1968 Scientologists place 22 businesses out of bound — East Grinstead Observer
    More: link

    Jun 15, 1968 [Report on Scientology] [exact date unknown] — CBC News
    Jun 13, 1968 Scientology 'brainwash' // JP's comment as ex-student is cleared of theft — East Grinstead Courier (UK)
    More: link

    Jun 13, 1968 Scientology is slammed in court as 'evil cult' — East Grinstead Observer
    More: link

    May 23, 1968 Why council had to send 500 letters — East Grinstead Observer
    More: link

    May 16, 1968 Scientology appeal date postponed — East Grinstead Observer
    More: link

    Apr 18, 1968 Scientology appeal may last two days — East Grinstead Observer
    More: link

    Feb 8, 1968 Major Scientology plans opposed — East Grinstead Observer
    Jan 1, 1968 The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard (TV) — Granada Television (UK)
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  15. Anonymous Member

    They didn't give $35,000 in 2009, that was a cumulative threshold they passed between them after 15 years of donations.
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  16. krampus Member

    $35,000 is only the Mary and Neil Gaiman donations. There are also The Gaiman Family donations which make them patrons of Scientology so six figures of accumulative donations, the Mary Gaiman donations, the G&G Vitamin donations, the David & Sheila Gaiman donations, the Edwards donations and the Calcioli donations.

    Bottomline: Scientology does not list donations from supressives. Only members in good standing.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    None of those are Neil.
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  18. krampus Member

    Dox please. The Gaiman Family are Neil Gaiman's donations, making him a patron of Scientology. The Mary Gaiman donations from 2010 are Neil Gaiman's money and he is clearly still doing business with her in 2009. Mary Gaiman has never worked and she isn't getting half a million a year from him.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    No you.
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  20. I find it truly pathetic that I present the death of Johannes Hermanus Scheepers, a human being who deserves a voice, who died horribly while living in the Gaiman household and all you can manage to do is to come on this thread and defend Neil Gaiman's indefensible donation record, a record he is not even willing to refute himself.

    Johannes Hermanus Scheepers was found cold and flushed at the age of 29 years old, possibly in the car of a man who was supposed to be helping him, David Gaiman, head of the Guardian Office, who spent his time on earth persecuting people and torturing his own children, not to mention the child victims of radiation poisoning from Chernobyl, Russia, for which he was kicked out of that country.

    David Gaiman was a pathetic, weak, scoundrel of a man. He was inhumane and cruel. He persecuted Paulette Cooper and countless others. We have no idea how many people stayed at the Gaiman household or what their fates were. David Gaiman had no respect for human life and no humility. It's clear from his testimony he found Johannes Hermanus Scheepers to be nothing more than a bug under his shoe, a nuisance to be disposed of without remorse.

    Well I am here to stand up for Johannes Hermanus Scheepers, to say what happened to you is unfair, unkind and tragic and should not be reduced to a tawdry memory by a man of no character at an inquest. A man who denied your humanity and labeled you broke and a debtor while lying to cover his own ass.

    Johannes Hermanus Scheepers is unable to present his side of the story and died so hopelessly brainwashed he wrote letters allowing Scientology off the hook. Shame on the members of the inquest who let this death be swept under the rug.

    Neil Gaiman is nothing more than another casualty of the cult who is just as brain-washed as Johannes was and has now written a novel and sold it to Hollywood reducing a human being who died under the worst of circumstances into a "lodger who unleashes forces attacking his family." Neil Gaiman is a coward who cannot face the reality of his heritage and chooses to live in denial and ignorance.

    I'll be damned if I'm going to allow David Gaiman to write Johannes Hermanus Scheeper's epitaph.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Get away with your obvious multiple identity posts and your pompous use of Johannes Hermanus Scheeper's death. (Which was an obvious cover up by the cult.)

    Dox that all those donations trace directly back to Neil Gaiman, the G&G and David & Sheila Gaiman ones in particular. Or STFU.
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  22. Why don't you move along to a thread where Neil Gaiman's endless donations to Scientology are being discussed? Here, we are trying to gather intel about Johannes Hermanus Scheeper's untimely death.

    Anyone with information about Johannes Hermanus Scheeper... your information would be greatly appreciated.

    And one more thing, bro. Stop accusing members of impersonating each other and stop discussing our identities. Many members of Anonymous are in precarious positions, many know Scientologists or have been Scientologists and we don't need you speculating about who we are. Your speculations endanger all of us. I have provided all the documents anyone needs to see a pattern that would be accepted in any court of law.

    I don't see you providing anything at all, so toddle off and sell crazy somewhere else.

    For newbies, let me list the Gaiman donations one more time. The Impact magazines are public docs available to download here:

    Here are ALL the downloads... again:
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  23. Malory Member

    Yes, there's something about that which literary theorists would have a field day with. There's a good story here if someone could get the right journalist interested.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    There are many Gaimans. Neil's relatives aren't Neil, and it's dishonest of you to list their donations as his.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I agree.
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  26. Malory Member

    For the love of Xenu, please keep the bickering about donations on the other thread. The OP is a great find and a good story so let's not stink the thread up.

    Also I hate you all for making me whine like this.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    David Gaiman was a total high-level shit for CoS. It wouldn't surprise me that he was involved in a Scientology suicide cover-up. At this late date, is there any way that we can shed more light on it, uncover more details?

    Also, since I'm not going to be buying any Neil Gaiman books, could someone post a comparison between the suicide in his book and Scheeper's?
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  28. Malory Member

    Right, is there any way to get more details on the case? Can all the exes start passing this around in case someone remembers something?
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  29. the eye would be interested - and the daily fail love to bash the beeb, however tenuously...
  30. pedrofcuk Member

    Another carbon monoxide Scientology related death.
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  31. Perhaps by publishing this novel now, Gaiman hoped to unleash the forces of Anonymous without pissing off his family too badly.

    Or maybe he hoped nobody would notice, and the forces he's unleashed will take him totally by surprise!
  32. Malory Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Another list for RightOn to work on:
    List of carbon monoxide Scientology related deaths
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  34. Scientology students were being told to leave Britain shortly before this suicide happened:
  35. Neil Gaiman refused entry:
  36. Malory Member

    So if students were being refused entry, its strange Mr. Scheepers was allowed in without any checks.

    Would it be possible for someone whose name and address are already known to the cult to get a copy of the death certificate on the off chane it might have a next of kin named? I'd really like to see who registered the death.

    It's legal to get a copy of anyone's death certificate in the UK, you don't have to be a relative. Here's a link to where the application should be made.
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  37. He came in a few months before they started denying Scientologists entry to Britain.

    It's a shame they started letting them in again in 1980 :(
  38. DeathHamster Member

    Bare-Faced Messiah, p.289
    If David Gaiman is to be believed (LOL!), he first met Scheepers two and half months before the end of August, say June, before the ban. When he actually entered the country might be significant. I presume that by the end of August 1968, his Scientology student visa would have been canceled and that he was forced to leave the country (and not just because "his gambling system broke down").

    Speculation: Scheepers was a Scientology student, and a total addict to it. When he has to leave the country and be cut off cold turkey, he decides to end cycle, writes a totally believable suicide note, and offs himself. After the fact, David Gaiman lies his face off about the gambling, not being a student, being away for two months in Brighton, and destroys all records. The being broke part was probably no lie.

    Optionally: If Scientologists discovered the body, the suicide note could have been added after the fact.
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  39. DeathHamster Member

    Sinister speculation: A broke student/worker who has to leave the country but has no money for the trip. Tell him to end cycle, book a trip in his name, after he ends cycle, cancel the trip and collect the refund.
    "Oh, I think I'll commit suicide. Whoops, I better call up BOAC and cancel that ticket, 'cause I won't be needing it!"
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