Neil Gaiman's Scieno Front

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by KlaatuBaradaNichto, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Pique Member

    Here's the thing for me Ogma. I agree with you that probably NG thinks scientology is personal opinion. But he dare not say it because it would upset his little apple cart life. Probably some family money too. Fair enough. Folks around here understand all too well that half-in/half-out routine. They've seen hundreds of examples. And it helps keep the cult chugging along. And continuing to abuse others and break up families.

    So he falls off my radar. I don't have enough time in my life to read all the books I want to and believe me NG's are not at the top of that list.

    It seriously is NOT like saying "I don't think I'm going to be Catholic any more." And if you don't get that then you do need to lurk moar.
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  2. slobeck Member

    You're repeating yourself over and over and not saying anything new or anything to indicate that HE is funneling his money HIMSELF and not that his wife is simply funneling her share of the corporate earnings and whatever divorce settlement to the cult. That she donates money derived from her ex husbands work DOES NOT EQUAL "Neal funneling money to the cult HIMSELF". She's kind of entitled to spend whatever of her share of the company's profits are REGARDLESS of who's "work" the company profits from.

    So congratulations, rather than get wwwp'ers all excited about some newly discovered evidence of a prominent ex still supporting the cult, you've got people basically excited over whether or not you've actually presented anything of any interest art all. I think it is not.

    And IDC about Neal. If he's not in this fight... so fucking what? Most ex's aren't.
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  3. slobeck Member

    You stil need to prove that this was NEAL funneling the money or if it was his wife's money derived from HER interest in a company which profit's from HIS work.

    tl;dr DOX.
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  4. Your prediction was correct.
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  5. slobeck Member

    Ohai thur! I'm the "lulz" of which the Jackie speaks. I agree that I don't have much respect for ex-es who keep silent when they know there are massive human rights abuses being committed against so many --From extortion by "ethics cycles" to straight up disconnection and "fair game" attacks-- BUT, I too find the assertion made by the OP to be dubious. More connecting the wrong dots and spin than straight up fact. It kind of reminds me of Fox saying that Obama wants to turn the country into a Marxist utopia because he wants to fund public schools or mental health programs.

    So I'm afraid I haven't any lulz to bring to TT :(
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  6. AnonRanGER13 Member

    Yeah, don't worry, it's always dox or gtfo. ^^
  7. Anonymous Member

    You can't have looked in the right places. Do a search on Purification Rundown.
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  8. telomere Member

    He's still on my radar, but fairly low for the reasons:
    • spawn of Guardian Officer Extraordinaire - David Gaiman
    • product of the lovely Greenfields Academy
    • close family members (ex-wife, sisters) that are very, very active in cult shenanigans
    • still in close comm, ARC with all the above
    • appears to have blown teh clut, but got pulled back in
    • continues to donate mega-bucks to IAS
    His writing (the books I've read, anyway) seem pretty damn good evidence that he doesn't drink the kool aid.
    I have stopped buying and stopped reading his books though, because money he earns from his writing does still get funneled into supporting the IAS, and the Scientology scam.

    If he stops cutting checks for Scientology, I'll feel a whole lot better about cutting him slack (and moneys).
    If he starts actively shilling (even very quietly) he'll go back on my radar as a high-priority "target". :(

    But the day he pops up on ESMB with his real name instead of hiding behind 9 proxies,
    will be a day I celebrate.
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  9. slobeck Member

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  10. OSA Member

    I am actually scientologists, but intrigued by your ideas, including the m/us.
  11. Anonymous Member

    I don't think anyone really thinks Klaatu is onto anything.

    However, this thread has now moved to a member of the Gaiman Internet Defense Force kicking a hornet's nest.

    I'm also intrigued by claims made ITT that this thread is high up the Google Rankings.
  12. Pique Member

  13. Ogma Member

    I think there's a serious moral problem with posting unfounded, unproven allegations (let alone a legal problem). Roughly what's in the OPs post is being cut-pasted and posted in a lot of different places. The Leveson Enquiry has just started here in Britain: even the evidence presented so far,which relates mostly to newspaper harassment, gives a few clues about why the famous don't bring libel proceedings about everything untrue written about them - even in the press, let alone on every blog and thread. It also sheds a lot of light on what I think of as the bandwagon mentality. Even as innocent people who had lost children were giving evidence to the inquiry they were eviscerated in social media, by people who have been manipulated by the tabloid press, and the ensuing waves of some sections of public opinion. (I hope not to start a discussion in detail about the people concerned, anyone can go to the Leveson site and read all the witness statements and watch the videos of evidence being given. The place for it isn't here.) It shows how far a bandwagon can go and how ruthless it can be (why I use this example). It's a very dangerous thing, to say the least.

    As to the allegations, again as must be getting clearer there is no real evidence other than tittle-tattle and supposition, and, me having a good lit-crit type of mind, it didn't ring true to me at all. At some points the level of inquiry reminds me of the kind that concludes the moon landings were faked, and the like, unfortunately.

    As for ex-scis not devoting their life, or a great deal of it, to fighting the cult they have left, I don't think most of us are in a good position to judge, if anyone. You can't know what the person knows about their own situation. Based on everything I *do* know, I reserve judgement. It would be a strange world if we were morally obliged to behave according to the pattern suggested here, and as slobeck says it's not typical.

    Response to comments in no particular order: I don't know why this thread was high in the rankings. It might not be high in your rankings for the obvious search because I am in the UK and Google results are now tailored. / I didn't mean to kick a hornets' nest, if I have, I don't really think this is an issue, but I'm sorry if that's caused any problems for anyone. / I'm grateful for slobeck's comments. / I don't count myself a member of a defence force but sometimes am moved to comment on things when they're obviously problematic, nothing very systematic about it. I've never commented on this before and probably never will again. / I'm afraid I didn't understand OSA's post. I was exasperated at the point I suggested agent provocateurs might be posting, which probably explains why I posted that. / I don't know what ESMB is and would be suprised if what was said there was true. / I did search for Purification Rundown and a a few other things. / Thanks for the link about Alan Moore someone, it's good. ( Always worth reading an interview with him. (Difficult to imagine a commited Scientologist tweeting this too, of course.)

    Response to comments following this post: 1st - The facts you mention about NGs family being Scientologists are known to everyone. They're on Wikipedia. The part about "how he has to behave" seems like tittle-tattle. There really is no evidence there. / 2nd - Gaiman has read practically everything there is to read in the fields of fantasy and SF. He has written two million words of blog full of references to authors. *sigh* Recently he wrote something about his view regarding reading works by artist holding questionable views, but I can't find it unfortunately. This quote about Battlefield Earth is 26 years old, and says that it's pulp and good value. Since it's 1000 pages long and $2.95, both of these may be true. I detect a bit of humour in it actually, which is allowed. We're also missing the context. / 3rd - Thanks for the post. When I said I'd found nothing, I meant in relation to NG. I'm still in the same place on that.

    This thread I linked to earlier: was closed and archived as there was nothing more to say. Perhaps this would be appropriate for this one too - at best?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    No we have some evidence. We know that Neil Gaiman's family is in the cult and making a tidy profit off Hubbard's crazy health notions. And we know how Scientology works. Gaiman can tell the wogs anything he likes, but around Scientologists he's got to behave like an insider.
  15. Anonymous Member

    And we know that Neil Gaiman has really shitty taste in Sci-Fi:

  16. jensting Member

    You could probably do a bit more research...

    NG's parents have/had a company, G&G, which supplies vitamins to fellow victims of the criminal organisation known as the "church" <sp0it> of $cientology.

    What could possibly be wrong about that?

    Well, the dosis are too large, is what's wrong. The amount of Niacin taken on the Co$ "purification rundown" is dangerous for anyone with a liver condition, and is so high that literally thousands of normal sized pills needs to be consumed by people doing the "purif." The G&G solution is to offer higher dosis pills.

    The dosis is so high that the pills are only available as prescription medicine in France and the French order of pharmacists successfully complained in criminal court that selling these pills amounted to illegal practice of pharmacy and six $cientologists were given criminal convictions in 2009 (one of these $cientologists did not appeal, so at least one Paris $cientologist is criminally convicted of this offence).

    From the very good coverage of the Paris trial, we have a page about the pharmacy angle:

    About one aspect of the $cientology quack medical treatments, the "Purification rundown,"

    So, what's the connection between all this and Neil Gaiman, I hear you ask?

    A good question, and I'm glad you ask. The vitamins illegally sold were from an company named as "G & G" [1].

    I'm not saying that this has anything to do with Neil Gaiman. I am saying that $cientologists, dangerous dosis of vitamins and the Gaiman family are interlinked in a financial sense.

    Best Regards


    [1] page 26 of "N° d'affaire : 9835623114 Jugement du : 27 octobre 2009, 12eme chambre/1" aka the sentence in the 2009 Paris trial of the organisation itself for organised fraud and illegal practice of pharmacy
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  17. Tits or STFU!

  18. P.S. As a longtime lurker, NOT NOT NOT generally inclined to agree with herro, but Amanda Fucking Palmer > you. Whatever you think of her (or Neil's) art, give it a fucking rest, they're not $cinos; at most, they're trying to avoid disconnection.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the necromancy. Apparently your butthurt wasn't big enough to be contained by a mere Amanda Palmer thread.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Ahh, I mean to large to be contained. It is late here and I am wasted, hahah.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Neil, I hate to break it to you,
    but your father really IS Darth Vader.
  22. Herro Member

    I think I've figured it out, this has all been part of an elaborate plot to get AFP to post tits. Klatubaradanichto, you sneaky bastard. Well played sir, well played.
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