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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by r3bus, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. r3bus Member

  2. eclipsael Member

    Re: run by a Scientologist?

    Kinda really old news but I suppose it's still important for people to see who just joined Enturb.
  3. Whitehat Member

    Re: run by a Scientologist?

    They were attacked by some Gaiafags a few days ago.
    From what I heard however, it wasn't related to the CO$ thing.
  4. Re: run by a Scientologist?

    I'm pretty sure scifags don't run neopets anymore.
    Or is it Earthlink? I know one of the two isn't run by scifags anymore.
    Unless neopets is run by ERFLINK then, you know, neither or both.
  5. Dux0r Member

    Re: run by a Scientologist?

    On a side note, how about asking to run an article on Scientology? They are constantly adding new content and are always reliable and factual. I think many people would be interested to hear what Howstuffworks has to say about Scientology.
  6. Re: run by a Scientologist?

    Particularly how auditing works (or, more precisely, doesn't).
  7. Whitehat Member

    Re: run by a Scientologist?

    That sounds like a plan.
  8. Re: run by a Scientologist?

  9. Re: run by a Scientologist?

  10. womanonymous Member

    Re: run by a Scientologist?

    You're right, Viacom bought it in 2005. I'd be interested to know whether they're still using Hubbard "tech" though, currently ... I wonder if $cilons stayed in management after the buy-out. The info on the links from OP seem to be from a few years back.

    On a sidenote, Doug Dohring, who was the CEO of Neopets and is also a $cilon, is the father of Jason Dohring, who played Logan on Veronica Mars. All of Los Angeles seems to be one big rabbit hole of scientology ... it makes me so very tired. And furious. :evil:
  11. Re: run by a Scientologist?

    I guess it kinda owes to Los Angeles' culture- I remember the stereotype being that there was always a new religion springing up every day, so naturally you'd have a lot of people who would see all the new age pseudoscience and write it off as harmless.

    Tool wrote a song called "Aenema", which was basically one big rant about how much Los Angeles sucked. "Fuck L Ron Hubbard and Fuck all his clones, Fuck all these gun-toting hip gangster wannabes.... And I'm praying for tidal waves....."
  12. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: run by a Scientologist?

    I really need to know whether neopets is still shilling the Scifag crap onto the employees, cause I have a premium account with those dudes. (Yes, I play Neopets, shuddup). If they are then I'm takin' my dollars and walkin'.
  13. womanonymous Member

    Re: run by a Scientologist?

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but according to this page, Doug Dohring is still CEO of the company. The page also mentions being a subsidiary of Viacom, so it seems to be current. Also, I found the COO and EVP shown on this page in the $cientology completions lists ... they're in pretty deep. Sorry, dude. As for me, I will continue my unintentional neopets boycott. :wink:

    HA. I'm a SoCalfag so I can't say I'm hoping for a tidal wave ... but it's definitely true that people here are, I dunno, more open-minded to stuff other parts of the country might tend to be a little more skeptical or suspicious about. Where I'm from (midwest) people are more leery of shiny new religions ... :lrhmoney:
  14. Dux0r Member

    Re: run by a Scientologist?

    I've submitted a request for How Scientology Works, I encourage you to do the same from here: ... t=feedback

    You're only allowed 400 characters but I think that's enough to give a basic overview.

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