[Net Neutrality] Translators needed

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Honigdachs, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Honigdachs Member

    We're working on a Video Project which is Pro Net neutrality.


    it is basicly an Animation-Video.
    Since Net Neutrality is a global issue, it needs to be translated from English to other languages.

    German and English are done, all other native speakers and translators, report in pl0x.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Bump for time zones :)
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  3. genoramix Member

    french speaking reporting. Actually native language. How much work are we talking about?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    A short script to accompany a 5 or so minute video afaik.
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  5. Honigdachs Member

    yes that is right.

    I'll give you the details
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  6. Polish speaker reporting
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Super, I'll PM you for pad access details.
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  8. genoramix Member

    Okay I don't mind a short script
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  9. Honigdachs Member

    Thanks for all the Help.
    Maybe we have some Spanish, Portugese or Italian native speaker here, too.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. moarxenu Member

    Gee, I am having deja vue a la 2008 all over again :)
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  12. Honigdachs Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

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