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    GOP targets net neutrality despite court ruling

    By Mario Trujillo, The Hill, June 22, 2016


    House Republicans are not backing down from their attempts to blunt the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, even after the rules were fully upheld by an appeals court this month.

    The lower chamber on Wednesday is slated to debate and vote on the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act, which contains provisions targeting a number of FCC rules.

    The bill would prevent the FCC from enforcing its regulations for internet service providers until after the lawsuit challenging the rules is over.

    While the FCC prevailed in court earlier this month, critics can still appeal.

    The bill would also prevent the FCC from regulating the price that internet service providers charge and require the FCC to publish the text of its rules three weeks before a vote.

    “The appropriations process should not be used to overturn the will of both an independent regulator and millions of Americans on this vital issue,” the White House said in a veto threat.

    Aside from the net neutrality rules, the bill would also stall the FCC from completing its planned move to open up the TV set-top box market. It would delay the rules until long after a study is completed, pushing it to the next president.

    The set-top box proposal has gained a lot of pushback in Congress and even some FCC members say it needs changes.

    While the bill itself has no real chance of being implemented, it could act as a jumping off point for negotiations for a year-end spending bill.

    Seventy amendments covering a wide range of issues have been filed in what looks to be an all-day round of debate on the appropriations bill.

    One amendment offered by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) would prevent the FCC from enforcing its rules that regulate the privacy practices of internet service providers. Those rules are an extension of the net neutrality authority the FCC gave itself last year.

    Another amendment by Democrats would prohibit government funds from being used for action that violates a section of the Communications Act that deals with broadcast sponsorship identification.

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    Trump Names Two Opponents of Net Neutrality to Oversee FCC Transition Team

    By Michael Nunez, Gizmodo


    President-elect Donald Trump has appointed two new advisers to his transition team that will oversee his FCC and telecommunications policy agenda. Both of the new advisers are staunch opponents of net neutrality regulations.

    Jeff Eisenach, one of the two newly appointed advisers, is an economist who has previously worked as a consultant for Verizon and its trade association. In September 2014, Eisenach testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee and said, “Net neutrality would not improve consumer welfare or protect the public interest.” He has also worked for the conservative think-tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and in a blog post wrote, “Net neutrality is crony capitalism pure and simple.”

    Mark Jamison, the other newly appointed adviser, also has a long history of battling against net neutrality oversight. Jamison formerly worked on Sprint’s lobbying team and now leads the University of Florida’s Public Utility Research Center.

    Both Eisenach and Jamison are considered leading adversaries of net neutrality who worked hard to prevent the rules from being passed last year. For the uninitiated, the rules passed last year prevent companies internet providers from discriminating against any online content or services. For example, without net neutrality rules, internet providers like Comcast and Verizon could charge internet subscribers more for using sites like Netflix. The FCC’s net neutrality rules would protect consumers from paying exorbitant fees for internet use.

    President-elect Trump has also been a vocal opponent of net neutrality.

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  3. The Internet Member

    Wait, what? Net neutrality is the opposite of crony capitalism.

    Crony capitalism is when something of public value protected by government regulation is handed over to private concerns for profit at the expense of the people. Usually this doesn't happen unless corporate cronies are in government positions.

    I cannot stand when people do the oppositie thing.

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