net neutrality, what does this mean?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by laughingsock, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. laughingsock Member

    Is this as bad as it sounds?
  2. OTeleventy Member

    Yes, if you're in the US, it is indeed as bad as it sounds. Other countries, however, do honor net neutrality.

    But, hey, GO capitalism. Rock on free market. Hoorah, let's regulate nothing. Because even though it screws you and me, it MIGHT help us one day when we become ├╝ber rich.
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  3. laughingsock Member

    I feel like I'm about to get a learning.
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  4. Net neutrality was killed the day when every man and their dog decided to censor it. All the letter agencies to be specific.
  5. laughingsock Member

  6. Kilia Member

    Disgusting, absolutely disgusting!!
  7. laughingsock Member

  8. Kilia Member

    I'd like to give them a swift kick in the ass!
  9. Kilia Member

    Alaska Communications Service (ACS) gives me a whopping 1M/320Kbps, unlimited, for $69.00 per month . Is this good or bad?

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