Neurology and Child Abuse

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Silent333Eyes, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Oh I did some of this type of research as well, this is exciting! I am not sure but I have a theory on my mental health. Since trauma can cause physical symptoms I have concluded my migraines to be a part of that trauma while growing up. ANother factor is that since my family has depression genes that the bipolar was started because of that as well. There has been research that says most people with bipolar have migraines. I also have had sleep issues since it first happened. Psychologically there are the trust issues of course and the intimacy issues. But what really interest me is the trauma in the brain. I currently do not have anything to back me up because I am a bit excited talking about this research but I will get back to this forum with something to give you.
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    I'd be happy to have further discussions about this topic, but we should probably move it to a more appropriate place. General Discussions will do well, I am sure, and I will keep an eye out for you..;)
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    That sounds like a good idea, however, I am still new to this site and am not sure how this works with moving conversations. Sorry :(
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    You ask a mod.
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    Thank you Dis...
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    The number of young children who
    have suffered from maltreatment has
    risen in recent years. This paper de-
    scribes the negative neurological, psy-
    chological, and cognitive effects from
    this maltreatment. Interventions that
    can prevent abuse and neglect and pro-
    resilience in the child victims are
    examined and discussed. The paper
    concludes that concerned citizens need
    to advocate for preventive efforts that
    promote resilience in the child victim
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    That's some really good info there Disambiguation. I find it curious though, that sexual abuse victims didn't have the same rate of learning problems, as those kids who were neglected or beaten...
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    I'd heard that somewhere- the worst thing you can do to a child is ignore her. It makes sense I guess, its hard to be a person when you learn you don't matter.
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    Anyone interested in OpInnocence book club? There is a lot to discuss in these papers.

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